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A Trip To Knt – Season 1 Episode 4

Around 5am in the morning, I’m woken to go and pray, its like this people want me to swear on them, they supposed know that I’m tired nah, me that in Oyo, the time we pray in the morning is 5:50am even sometimes 6am, but here I come praying at 5:00am sharp.

After praying, I went back to sleep, its around 9:00am that I wake up, I check my phone and I have 15 missed call, 5 missed from Dad, same as mum, three from Zeenatu and two from unknown number.

I called dad and I speak with them all, I intentionally don’t call Zeenatu cuz i don’t want talk much this morning, just then she called, I pick up and…

Me: hi queen

Zeenatu: good morning, you too like sleeping o, I’m sure you just wake up

Me: yeah, you know I’m tired from yesterday trip. How are you doing

Zeenatu: fine o, I don’t have much credit just call to ask when should I come

Me: come around 4pm or are you going to be busy at that time ni

Zeenatu: no but why can’t I come this morning? Or you are expecting someone else ne

Me: no nah, just want to visit my uncle and aunties, I’m sure before that 4pm I will be at home

Zeenatu: OK bye..sha send me credit

Me: inkin zo kenan(that is when you came)

I drop the call, take my breakfast, shower and called my friends to take me out.

After going to and fro greeting them, we drive home and the time is 3:30 when we got home, I called Zeenatu and told her to come over but not in our family house ,I ask her to come to Babsloow house( because he live alone and his parent are working in Minna so if they are not around the house is ours) after eating, we drive to Babsloow house but before we reach I ask Elzeez to stop by a chemist cuz I want buy some stuff.

Me: bro park over here I want buy something form that chemist

Babsloow: if nah CD I got it at home but buy some sha make I no disappointe you when we get home cuz it seems it just remain two of it.

Me: owk.( I went inside the chemist and bought a dozen of CD and I make sure I colect the number of the sales girl cuz she look pretty)

We drive home and meet Zeenatu waiting for us( I mean me not us… lolz )we all went inside, I make sure I perform my asr prayer before even sitting down( I don’t play with prayer, cuz I fear what will happen LIFE AFTER DEATH) (its only God that can forgive my sins cuz have done things)

Zeenatu: hope you are not that tired sha

Me: yeah, you look beautiful

Zeenatu:(blushing) thanks. Where is my promise

Me: hmm that is all you know, where is my this where is my that, sha collect the recharge card I bought,it 500hundred own

She was happy and kissed me, I stopped the kiss and asked her to Go and shower before anything.

She went inside the bathroom and asked me to come help her with something, I don’t think twice, I jumped in.

She asked me to baff for her so I collected some soap and started with her right hand. I scrubbed and massaged the right hand down before moving over to the left. I ignored her two big melons staring at me with her dark hard Tips pointing out. My war machine down there was hard and threatened to explored. I ignored it

I got down to her waist after scrubbing and massaging her back , I got more soap and
lathered her bum, yes her huge bum. I turned her to the
wall so that she will be relaxed while I worked on her
bum. I massaged and kneaded her butt, while she started moaning out

Oh yes ,like that I love it like that don’t stop. I ignored her.

I do slipped my finger
into her butt crack and touched her k—y lips while she pushed her butt back wanting more. It seems she’s enjoying it so I stop just for her to beg Me to continue. She look down at me with a pleading eye. I don’t want to make it hard for her so I got more soap and washed her laps down. Before I could finish with her laps, she was already on cloud 9 as she was mumbling some things which I don’t care to know.

I want to give her the pleasure that in her next life, she will beg the angel who will choose her husband to direct her to me.

I bring my face down to her and kissed her and I whisper to her to go down on her knees. She understand what I mean, she removed my short and bring out my long lasting war machine starred at it then take it straight in her mouth.

Zeenatu know how to give BJ, the way she handle my governor felt so much great. She even look more cute while doing it. I pull her up open the shower and the water washed her down then we went out of bathroom.

As we step out of it, we started kissing,it a hot passionate kiss. I took her to bed lick her from up to down then insert my governor inside her. She moam out loud. I use the remote beside me to increase the volume of wizkid song that was playing (medicine)that sung gear me up cuz I be her doctor and I they give her medicine. I went in her to and fro, slowly then I later increase my speed.

I f**k her in all position I ever known till she start begging me to stop. I ignored her. She has c-m three times aready while I haven’t . I f**k for about 10mnt more then I started feeling my c-m coming. As she noticed that I was already at the verge of
Cuming from the way I was shaking, she asked me to stop and put my governor in her mouth. she started
lubricating it for like thirty seconds. Still massaging my Joystick, She commanded
me to f**k her bosoms and I obeyed
without resistance and started f**king her bosoms.

I started thrusting slowly before I increased the speed
of my t—-t. I kept thrusting up and down so
fast with both of us moaning like people influenced by something.

I felt my Pour building up and announced it to her. she shouted “Pour on me baby,
spill it all over me hun” I gave like ten more t—-t and
started erupting. The first shot aimed at her face. She released my Joystick from her Bosom and took it
into her mouth as I continued erupting while she was s—–g and gulping it down. She take all my c-m in her till there was
nothing left.She stood up and kissed me. I could taste my Pour in
her mouth.

I checked the time and its almost 8pm, she went inside and shower, I gave her transport fee and she left.

My friends came in and I gist them a little.

Elzeez: the name chiller indeed fit you , I know that girl will come back tomorrow for more

Babsloow: if only he haven’t break that wall down, with the way she’s walking home I don’t think she will come back again cuz this guy will just kill her

Me:(laugh) but that girl swaet o and.. (Just then I received a call and guess who is calling)

Guess who is calling

I indeed love my welcoming package…

Episode four loading…

Mr.chiller’s story..

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