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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 8



Failure is never my portion; no matter how tough a situation might seem, I always strive to excel in it. I hacked into their phones successfully thereby giving me access to their chats on Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and WhatsApp. The next move I initiated was getting to know who Benjamin was, what his career was, where he lived. For Maggie, my main interest was only discovering where she was residing and if she was together with Benjamin.

The introduction of technology has eased a lot of things in our day-to-day lives. I was able to read the chats the two had with other people. It was quite interesting that the two love-birds were on the other hand cheating each other with multiple partners. This was worrisome though owing to rampant sexually transmitted diseases we are surrounded by. I installed various apps in my smart phone to help tracking the guys.

His full name is ‘Benjamin Bulendo’, a bonafide member of some water and sewerage company. He was the Human Resource Manager. He was in possession of a diploma in Human Resource Management – a paper which he obtained from National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA). According to his National Registration Card, he was quite older than I was. I wondered what a woman so young was seeing in such an old fellow.

There was need to study Benjamin’s steps and tracks in town. I set my trackers and everything was set to monitor him. In no time, it was discovered he was based in Kabwe’s High Ridge Compound. Going by and analyzing his chats, he mainly spent his weekends in Lusaka town at his residence. It was clearly noted he was married there in Kabwe though he led a playboy kind of lifestyle. In Lusaka he owned a house where he took different women and ravished them. I made a list and record of phone numbers and names of all of those close acquaintances he had both in Lusaka and in Kabwe. In case I lost trace of him at some point, these were to be probed and would help in pinning him down.

One fine afternoon, I borrowed a workmate’s Benz which I knew very well Benjamin could not suspect it was me in it; it had tinted glass. I got Zulu and Joshua to escort me out. We refueled a full tank and strode to Kabwe following him. The tracker was guiding us his location. When we reached Kabwe town, for a moment, we lost his track. I got worried thinking maybe he had noticed someone had his system and location hacked. However, all of a sudden, it showed us where he was; somewhere opposite the big tree. I instructed Zulu to drive there slowly as I paid much attention to the system. Well, wherever he was going, we by-passed him closely and we all ascertained he was the one. Zulu parked somewhere by Zambeef where we kept an eye on him.

Benjamin came out of a wholesale shop he entered. Then he entered his Vitz and drove heading to the roundabout, made a turn at Chitanda House and joined Shoprite road, he did not stop at Shoprite. He went through and joined Kwame Nkrumah University road, passed by Bankers’ Nest without stopping. Upon reaching Levy Mwanawasa University sign post just before Kabwe Secondary and High Ridge Secondary School sign posts, he turned to the right on the bumpy gravel road. We pursued him at a reasonable distance making certain he did not notice our unguided driving.

He was so ignorant of us pursuing him. So he went into his yard (which was not wall-fenced) and parked by the house. We slowed down to witness the next move; two young boys dashed out of the house and welcomed him. He entered the house without noticing us on the road. The mission of knowing his residence was accomplished.

The next mission was tracing Maggie as well. I went around in Lusaka tracking her in the company of Zulu and Joshua. They came to cherish the act of tracing and tracking people. I was hero-worshipped daily by them. It only took us a few hours to establish exactly the house she was occupying. We drove and parked right outside the grass fence just to ascertain it was the one. Since there seemed no presence of any human being, I assigned Joshua to go there and spy.

I drew a plan as well as a questionaire for him; when you reach there, pretend you are familiar with the place and you are flabbergasted finding a stranger or strangers in the house. Talk to them gladly and later on tend to wonder whether Jessy, whom you are after, is around. Tell whoever you find you are a bearer of good news to Jessy… pay much attention to see if the children are right there and diplomatically inspect the security levels of the house so that we will not find it difficult to raid it. Should they try to be unco-operative and seemingly wanting to fight you, quickly dash out so that we will offer reinforcement … Joshua nodded in affirmation. He walked there majestically. I just loved his innocence and courage.

We remained back in the car while keenly watching him from behind. There was no room of doubt that he would fail the assignment. My intelligence lessons were not falling on deaf ears.

About twenty minutes later, the main door was opened, Joshua emerged out first. Behold, Maggie clad nicely in one of her favourite attires followed suit. She escorted him to the entrance giving us a clear of her. I felt my heart beating in a different manner. It was more like something very awful had happened to me. Plans of getting out of the car and wage an attack on her invaded me. Some inner spirit whispered calming me down. I had to wait until I got full details from my guy, Joshua.

Joshua narrated everything as found in the house. However, the sad part of it all was that Maggie was living in that house all by herself. She had no child and or husband. He went further narrating how he then interrogated if she had a family or she was just by herself like that. Fortunately, she was friendly enough to disclose that she had four children but they were all at school and in boarding. This was enough for the day. Therefore, he did not bother her further. The challenge which gave me a headache was getting to know the exact school she had taken them to as there are so many schools in the city. If it was true the children were in school, one day though it might take long, I was destined to come by them and get them back home. How wonderful and beautiful it was to be with them in the house! Truthful speaking, having my children around me in the house was more comforting than being with Maggie. My heart was ever burdened and aching whenever I had a flashback of what transpired there in the lodge.

When I thought I was done with tapping data from people’s phones, I realized I was maybe half way gone into the act for what was more important were the children and not those two fellows. I sat on the bed so confused and thinking so hard on how best I could trace Lweendo and Peggy. Zulu advised me to simply report the matter to the police so that they could nab and have her tortured until she revealed where she hid them. His idea was brilliant but I could not just fall for it. On the other hand, sometimes I just liked cornering criminals on my own without the involvement of the police. So I appreciated him and promised to employ it if my scheming continued falling through.

I could have quickly healed from shocks of adultery and divorce caused on me by Maggie if only she did not rekindle it by kidnapping the children. Life became somewhat and dreamy. It reminded me of my workmate’s situation; his wife could behave so weird and callous. Whenever the husband disciplined her by some beating, she never hesitated to stage an escape. What was more interesting was how she escaped with some pairs of trousers and shirts for the husband – a situation indicating she still needed him. I remembered vividly laughing at him whenever he narrated the saga to me. But time came for me to be laughed at as well.

Mum advised me to stop panicking over the two kidnapped children since the information was emanating they were alive where they were. If she was the one in my shoes, could she elect to stay that way? The Bible teaches us about a shepherd who lost one sheep out of a flock of one hundred. He went around looking for the missing one. He left the ninety-nine in a sheepfold and went in the bush to look for the missing one. When he found it, he lifted it on his shoulders – symbolizing how happy he was for it. I saw no harm in disowning her advice. I am never a loser but a winner. The search had to continue and on an advanced rate. The time for Maggie and her boyfriend to pay back for their wrongs was maturing steadily. All the worries of being attacked or ambushed by the traitors disappeared. The information I had about them was enough to comfort they would not make it harming me. How could they do it because whatever arrangement they made on phone I had access to it?

If only they knew I was some miles ahead of their scheming / plotting, they could have surrendered and sought forgiveness from me immediately.

Peace starts within oneself and so does war. On several occasions I calculated how I could go round shooting them dead in one day so that if there is marriage in death they can get married legally there. I could easily get to Benjamin’s home and put at least two bullets in his head then follow Maggie in the city and do the same. In executing this mission, neither Zulu nor Joshua should be involved.

There is no one so accommodating than a mature female friend who is genuinely single; she can give you 100% attention. The bond between Sepiso and me was getting hotter than a brazier, threatening to reach the level of a blast furnace. I have never seen such a charming and loving Lozi lady before. Sepiso was simply on another level which would prompt even the devil to applaud her. She was more open and free to me than was my wife. Actually, if a competition of being faithful to a partner was called for and Maggie and Sepiso were competitors, even judges full of hatred would still rule in favour of Sepiso. She needed no time to explain that she was single. Her actions were louder enough to do all the explanations. Now, one wonders why such an angelic being could stay purely single in her life.

I found it difficult to introduce Sepiso to Memory and everyone at home. I only introduced her by her name and career. Within a short period of having known each other, the bond was already very strong. I could tell the young lady had feelings for me and falling in love with me could not even take her a day or so. She was already in love with me. I strongly guess she was only waiting for a formal proposal and then everything would be sown in fertile ground.

My parents’ counsel should not be let fall on deaf ears. Infatuation or love at first sight should not rule an adult like me. Love calls for serious understanding and critical analysis of issues. If I was in a hurry, I could have fallen in love with Sepiso way back the moment she came through as a sympathizer. It is good she came through at a time I had abandoned beer. Had it not been for that, I would have fallen in an inexplicable relationship. Sepiso’s hot beauty was just so difficult to resist. Eventually, she came to realize I was but still undergoing some healing process. A heart-break is not a condition that one would get over in no time.

I sat on my bed after whispering some prayer for the night. The visitation of my parents rekindled my religious faith and I started believing in prayer once more again. No single night could just elapse without me petitioning my supplications to the Heavenly throne. My principle was once I pray for the night; I do away with the phones and other stuffs that could easily sway away my consecration to the Lord. The thoughts of Sepiso invaded my meditation time. I tried by all means to rub them away but it was more rekindling them. Suddenly, my phone rang on the table. Little did I know I had not put it on vibration or better still, silent mode. I reached for it, and behold there was a text.

“This is a feeling that I have never felt before; a warm fuzzy feeling when your name flashes on my phone. The comfort zone we share is so pure and strong, life with you by itself feels like such a wonderful song. Good night, Lt. Jay!”

After replying to Sepiso’s text, I slept with my phone in the hand.

On Friday, after knocking off, I went home with Sepiso. She requested to spend the whole weekend with me. I could not resist her request because boredom was just beyond the bearable measure at home. Many were the times Sepiso could pull my leg by saying, “You ought not to be always eating and enjoying the dishes prepared by Memory alone. Sometimes trouble me so that I too can showcase my cooking skills. What manner of a Tonga bull are you?”



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