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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 7



I drove around in the city of Lusaka searching for my children. I went to all the compounds I thought Maggie could be residing in. It was soon after midnight when I realized the mistake I made of pursuing her using a car she knew very well. She could recognize it just by its sound without even looking at its registration number. On this realization, I parked outside a certain night club which was still open. Sex workers thronged to me but I simply locked the doors and remained inside. They knocked from time to time but seeing I was not responding, some hurled insults at me and walked away.

Maggie’s phones were all off. I sent her a lot of text messages while seated in the car. I cannot explain how I fell in a deep trance. I was only awakened in the morning around 07:00 hours by some early risers who were passing by and making noise. Thus how I grabbed my phone from the dashboard and found three text messages from Sepiso who wanted to know where I was by then. Oh my goodness, I realized she needed to be at work by 08:00 hours for the morning shift. I strode home so fast.

Sepiso was seated on the sofa watching some documentary on DSTV the time I entered the house. Zulu and Memory were standing outside the house perhaps catching up on some stories. Sepiso rose from her seat and gave me a warm welcoming hug. Yes, it was truly warm because it warmed my cold body. She asked Memory to prepare a hot cup of tea for me. However, I tried to resist it because I wanted to take her to work for she was late. To my surprise, she refused and told me to take my time. I was bewildered for there were barely 15 minutes left before 08:00 hours. And her reporting time was 08:00 hours. Moreover, her uniform was at her home.

She held me by the hand and led the way to my bedroom. We sat on the bed as we went on chatting about my unsuccessful hunt. She tenderly sympathized with me. I was very much concerned about her missing or being late at work. Little did I know how smart she had played it; a colleague was arranged to stand in for her that day. She would work the other day. As for me, being late was not a problem as I was the senior most in my office. Besides, I would even say I was working from elsewhere in town since my role was quite an itinerant one. Sepiso explained to me how she slept in the bedroom she was offered by Memory after getting tired of waiting for me.

Having chatted for a reasonable time, Sepiso rushed in the bathroom and prepared warm water for me. She emphasized I needed a warm bath so as to get rid of the coldness that had rained on me night long. My bedroom was a self contained one with a high performance geyser. After setting the water nicely in the bath tub, she came and removed my shoes, unbuttoned my shirt and saw me off in the bathroom.

We had breakfast together in the dining. Sitting close to Sepiso and chatting with her for some hours made me feel married again. She was romantic and cheerful. I have heard certain ones saying beauty is an asset and element associated with ladies, but I have all the reasons to castigate it and say Sepiso was simply the true definition of beauty. I wanted to say her beauty could not be compared to Maggie’s but since it would be perceived as demeaning, I withdraw it. She could not leave me that day and she could not let me go to work. She cited I was confused and troubled. Therefore, working could not be any easy for me. When it was time to prepare lunch, she worked with Memory in the preparations and served me the best dish.

Meanwhile, since Zulu had no one to take to school, I assigned him to help in searching for Maggie’s residence. You know drivers know townships more than citizens do. In the same vein, Memory was equally assigned and equipped with some enough talk time to be trying and engaging Maggie in calls so that her whereabouts could be traced.

Plans of reporting Maggie’s conduct to the police invaded my mind inevitably. There was serious need to have the police engaged and informed. I did that successfully. Coming back from the police station, I stopped by the schools for Stain and Marjory to check on their safety. Luckily, they were so safe. I could not hesitate to record another caution on allowing strangers free access to my children. If anything happened to them, I would not tolerate the teachers but have to them dealt with accordingly. Those teachers from Peggy and Lweendo’s school were lucky the children were kidnapped outside the school premises and at my own home. I had thought of firing Memory for not contacting me when the incident transpired at home. Her defence was that she feared causing me some panic while at work or in town. What a lame excuse! I had to think twice otherwise she attracted an instant dismissal.

One week, two weeks, three weeks, one month later…

There was neither a record of success nor trace of the kidnapped children. Apart from assigning Zulu in the search, five more were paid and engaged. I was buying fuel for them but the search was unyielding. Moreover, her phones remained off. There was a possibility that Maggie left Lusaka to some unknown places. My reliable searchers reported to me.

Another thought of tracing Maggie smartly was hatched; I engaged teachers to alert me in case a visitation was paid to the children who remained in school. They had to keep her waiting for me to reach there and have her arrested. I did not mind paying them to carry out the task for me. Sadly, there was yet again no success. My money was just lost like that.

Maybe something terrible happened to the kidnappers just after making away with my children. What would have constituted to her silence? Moreover, both Lweendo and Peggy knew my phone numbers. They could care calling me even once. I was so bewildered on how they could be separated from me for a month without daring even to beep me. I lost a lot of weight due to the pressure exerted on me.

It was a cool and beautiful Thursday night right after having supper when I comfortably sat in my study room working on a presentation which I was to present the following day at State House in a high profile meeting. Suddenly, my handset buzzed on the table for a text message. I grabbed it immediately and entered the password.

The text read as follows:

“This battle is not for immature and novice people like you. You can try as much as you can but be lest assured that you will achieve absolutely nothing in it. You are simply chasing the wind. I have met you in various places where if I wanted I could have simply ambushed you in order to put this to an end. Those boys you have engaged in tracing me cannot achieve the task. The children are very safe and so I am. If you continue chasing after me, my next move will be both historical and destructive! Surrender my children and live a peaceful life!”

By the time I finished reading the text and tried to call her, her phone was off already. I repeatedly did the action but there was no success. I felt unimaginable rage in the whole body. How could a senior civilian refer me as a novice and an immature person? What battle can I lose to her with all those intensive trainings I did?
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Replying to her text would make me appear and be equated to her level. So I did not waste my time typing a reply to her. I wanted to talk to her and not through texts. My night was spoiled by her text. She says she has been meeting me in places where she can / could easily ambush me. Oh my goodness! Can I be ambushed by a woman surely in my good health? The truth of the whole matter is that Maggie does not stand any chance of ambushing me. Let her simply say she can hire some snipers to do it on her behalf. Or better still, let her say Benjamin is the one I am supposed to be afraid of. I concurred with my captain who once told me that my life had been endangered and I was to be careful with Benjamin for he was a threat.

So this is how ugly life could be at times; someone wrongs you intentionally, you avoid fighting such a one but the fellow opts to fight you as though you were not the one offended. I was further prompted to conclude that the battle line was drawn way back between me and Maggie. I think she was just looking for a way to have it launched.


I was in Eastern Province on a week tour of duty with two colleagues. Having successfully concluded the tour; as we were on the way back to Lusaka, we were called to straight away connect to Kabwe town for an urgent operation before the President’s visitation. It was so traumatizing but what could I do since that was my job description?

I was given two days off just after the Kabwe operation. That is when I discovered my other personal pistol was no longer there in the drawer. I thoroughly searched for it but I could not find it. Maggie was so rough in answering me. She challenged me if there was any day I could remember seeing her touching a gun. She accused me of leaving it at work or losing it through my carelessness. I was lucky it was a personal weapon otherwise I could bear the consequences had it been a government one. For the sake of peace to prevail in my house, I let it go like that.

This is the gun I was being threatened to be ambushed by; a gun which I acquired genuinely through my hard working.

The meeting held at Mulungushi International Conference came to the end at exactly 16:00 hours. Looking at the remaining minutes before knocking off time at work, there was no need of going to the office that day. I drove going home alone. It was a very freaking hot day which forced others to bath twice or more. I filled the bath tub with cold water and then I sat there soaking myself while chatting with friends via WhatsApp and Facebook. The temperature was so good and tempting thereby inciting one to remain in the bath tub. I remained there for an hour. Sepiso is actually the one who disturbed me by her call that she wanted me to pick her up from work. She had two weeks off and hence she thought of paying me a visit.

Sepiso was one of my sympathizers to the humiliation I was suffering. Being with her gave me more comfort because she really understood my situation. To intensify security at home, I asked Joshua to be coming for sleepovers. At work, they wanted to assign some junior officers to be guarding me throughout but I turned down the offer. I categorically stated it to them that looking at the way things stood, I was equal to the task and if either Maggie or Benjamin intruded in my home that would mark the end of his or her life. I was fully equipped and armed. Besides, my heart was never at peace. I was kind of a wounded buffalo.

While I was in Washington DC studying, a roommate shared with me some hints on how to hack people’s mobile accounts as well as systems. I remembered how he was interested in seeing my achievement in the act. However, I had little interest for I did not see its emergency value and need. At least, just to impress him, I mastered a few steps and I could hack some accounts as well as wifi passwords. The friend confided in me how he could hack accounts especially for prominent officials who were becoming a threat to the government by their advancements toward their desire to take over public offices. The threatening text which Maggie sent to me signaled that her line was still active and being connected to her email address, Facebook account, Bank account, WhatsApp etc. I only had to do a few rehearsals before executing the attack on her. The rationale was to get to know her whereabouts then start monitoring her and finally have her nabbed in my trap. I assured myself to quickly consult my friend from Bulgaria to offer me reinforcement should I fail doing it alone.

I was still waiting for an opportune time to do it when I received another life-threatening text from Benjamin this time around.

It read:

“Greetings to you, I confirmed that you are not a man enough just as Maggie had always been confiding in me. Honestly speaking, who handles such a case like that? You are so impatient and lack both intelligence and wisdom. Let me not waste my time with you; may I simply let you know that I need the remaining children surrendered back to their mother, Maggie. Good bye! Benjamin.”

This was incredibly unbelievable. What exactly did I do to deserve all this from an idiot who wallowed in bed with my own wife? Was I so foolish to refuse being compensated after catching him with my wife?

Confirmed! Confirmed! Confirmed! Maggie is not alone in fighting me. I called my parents and informed them about the threats which were being directed to me. I could not forget informing my lawyer as well. They all comforted and urged me to remain alert as a soldier. The only worrisome aspect in this fight was identifying Benjamin’s career. He knew me and my career too. This was so dangerous.

Okay, fine. No excuse then. I just have to hack both his system together with Maggie’s. They have to suffer the blow at once and I will handle them accordingly.

The only bird which can peck on an eagle freely is a crow; it follows it and starts pecking it but an eagle does not fight back. Instead, it flies so high into the atmosphere where the poor crow fails to survive and it is eventually killed by failure of proper breathing. The same eagle attacks a snake on the ground and flies with it so high in the sky and it dies due to pressure up there. Then an eagle enjoys it comfortably. It does not fight it on the ground.

The moral lesson here is not to fight an enemy in his or her comfort zone. Therefore, first of all, separate him or her from the comfort zone to your comfort zone and strike blows nicely!


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