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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 5


I spent years both locally and abroad studying how to gather information, setting forensic research and other kinds of research such as Mass Education. At work, I earned rapid promotions and I ended up working at the headquarters in the National Intelligence Information Services. Why would I fail to gather information about myself, yet capable of gathering information for others?
That was nothing but an insult to me and my profession.

Therefore, I embarked on probing the information from my children as well as my workers. I knew very well Memory should know at least one or two items that would pertain to the mischief of my wife. If anything, Zulu should not be spared as well; he might have noticed, let alone suspected some foul play by my wife. The last person on the list of those targeted for probing was my son, Stain.

I crookedly came up with an urgent trip to town. By then, Zulu had already knocked off. So I requested Stain to accompany me. He gladly accepted the offer. On the way, I diplomatically brought out the issue of his mother but in a positive manner just to entice him for comments. I saw a wide smile on his face after hearing me speaking good about his mother. I ignored and then told him I missed her so much and I needed her back the day we were to appear in court. In other words, she was going to be pardoned and come back with me. Stain nodded in agreement and yearned to say something. I did not give him chance to do so. I just asked him if at all he knew the man his mother was in crime with. He revealed that actually everyone knew him at home including Peggy. When asked how much he knew him, he said Benjamin had been coming home frequently except he was not finding me due to my busy schedule and errands. Besides coming to my house in my absence, Stain disclosed that Benjamin used to visit him at school and spoil him with lots of groceries and money. Moreover, I wanted to argue or peradventure I did not believe his revelations, so, he challenged me to ask Marjory since he had been doing the same to her. The pressing question then was what relationship my children thought was there between Benjamin and them?

In the first place until the year prior to their misfortune, Maggie had been cheating them that Benjamin was their uncle. But in the process of time, something happened at home when I was out in North Western Province on a tour of duty. Stain caught his mother together with Benjamin in the house. They gave him lots of money and blackmailed him not to reveal what he saw.

Having revealed enough data to me, I asked again what he thought would be the best to do with his mother. He was mute for a while and then maintained I forgive her because she would not repeat it.

The following day I managed to probe Memory and Zulu over the same assignment. How I wish I had done it earlier. The probing was done on separate intervals but the information I collected was deafening. None of the three had negative response. Memory was even ready and willing to testify in the court of law if they continued denying the fact that they were committing adultery for so long. She sympathized with me that she had always been waiting for a day when I would catch them on my own. Heartbreakingly, she confessed many were the times Benjamin was seen sneaking in my house and bedroom in the evening and only left in the morning after having breakfast.

After lunch, I sent Zulu and Memory to take the children in town for shopping. I gave each of them some reasonable amount of money. This move was to facilitate some enough free time for me together with my parents who were then preaching against divorce and how God hates it. My blood was almost exceeding the boiling point. I called for a caucus meeting immediately I saw Zulu driving out of the yard. I played all the recordings I made one by one. I repeated the action twice for the sake of clarity. Both mum and dad had their jaws dropped and dressed in somewhat wan smiles.

I was breathing fire; my blood was boiling. I had to control my anger so much that I could not disrespect my parents. I needed their guidance and presence more than ever before. For a reasonable moment of time, I was mute.

My father was one of the most courageous persons I have come across in this world. He got startled after listening to the audios, and I wondered how much more it would take him to be silent but one thing I was certain with for sure was the fact that the moment he speaks, he would speak nothing but the actual and anticipated reality. Let me simply say by then I was shattered. I would also say that my brains almost abandoned me. Life can be so rough at times.

My mother was the first one to break the heavy silence which swept across the room. She started by clapping in her bare palms and bemoaned the behaviour and manner in which her daughter-in-law had been living her life. She shook her head and gave a mournful countenance. Things were really getting berserk.

My father could not waste much more time other than rescinding the decision of me accepting my wife’s seemingly sincere apologies. He categorically stated that Maggie was not a marriage material any more but a threat to my life. He further apologized for having sympathized with her in the first place because he did not know the extent at which she had advanced in her promiscuity. If my child, together with my workers, could have that information while being interviewed on separate intervals, then my wife was so absorbed in prostitution and very deadly. Letting her back in my house would mean giving her a leeway to see my downfall if not death. She was no longer seeing marriage in me at all.

“Who commits that kind of adultery in the sight of her children and workers? Maggie is not a wife but a knife! I would be the craziest if I allowed my own son, whom I carried in this womb for nine months, to wallow on bed again with such a stupid prostitute! Should she call me on phone again, she will receive the greatest shock of her life. I regret having sympathized with her. I must admit I was not wrong but only foolish. Please, my son, forgive me now,” my mother pleaded.

I pardoned her and urged her not to waste time apologizing instead of considering the way forward for that was the most important aspect as things stood. Dad nodded in agreement with my suggestion. And I felt I was really in the right track. So dad counseled on how we should go by the issue. And there was no relenting. The court should be told I was resolved and composed; divorce was the best solution then.

They urged me not to be easily bribed by her seemingly sweet and charming talks for she was a snake in grass. My father was greatly moved and did not want to talk too much. He asked my mother not to take Maggie lightly whenever she dared calling or texting her. If anything, he offered to speak to her so that he could put things rightly.

After being blatantly rejected by my mother through the phone, and of course seeing tables had been capsized, she dared me by first of all texting numerous texts randomly but without an answer from me. She gathered her courage and opted calling me. I viewed her call without picking it. Thoughts and advice from my lawyer flashed in my mind. I remembered very well how she counseled and advised me. There was nothing much wrong in answering her. Therefore, I grabbed the phone and answered her. She only said a few statements and broke into audible crying pleading that I forgive her. Moreover, her plea was that I allow her to meet me either at home or anywhere else I would deem conducive. She complained about the reiteration she suffered from mum. I had no remorse or regression but to tell her the facts that I had no time for her drama. Enough was enough. The only thing I was up to was the court to grant me divorce; nothing more, nothing less.

That night I had to switch off all my phones just to ensure I kept away from her unnecessary calls and texts. I informed my lawyer about all the troubles and advances she was attempting on, she repeatedly told me to simply ignore her and remain focused. Her plea could nowhere be close to truth.

The following day, in the morning, my father summoned me that I create some time with him so that we could discuss a few things even before I appeared in the court of law a day after. My prayer was that he had not been compromised by Maggie’s persistent pleading through my mother. If only my father sold out that idea of pardoning Maggie, I would cause havoc in the house because that would mean playing with my mind.

Thank heavens, the issue he called me for was only to find out in whose names most of the prominent property were registered. I produced my diary and showed him all my acquired property one by one. He was happy all of them were registered in my name and I was in possession of the necessary documents. His interrogation and concern confirmed to me we were speaking the same language. He confided in me that he was indeed afraid Maggie would do anything possible to eliminate me just to conceal her adultery with Benjamin. An extra marital affair that is publicized is so dangerous and needs not to be condoned. I think my parents even wondered if I had not just been charmed so that I could not be seeing my wife’s dirty dealings. Although my father did not talk about it directly to me, my mind had that conviction he discussed it with my mother. How would I know if had been charmed and blindfolded? On the other hand, how could someone have the audacity to be visiting my children at expensive boarding schools where I took them? Does going out with my wife, when I am still alive, mean also taking care of my children? If he is so rich to support some children in school, why did he not target those who are less privileged, orphans etc? Was I failing in any way to fully support the children in school for him to start taking groceries for them? Indeed, Benjamin had taken it to another level. And that was pure insubordination.

I shed some tears just to cool myself from the heartache. There might have been some plotting against me being orchestrated between my wife and her boyfriend. There was no way otherwise Benjamin would have all that Dutch courage to be ranting in my house whenever I was out. Memory disclosed that she even wanted to help me catch them but for the warnings and threats she had been receiving from her boss.

There was wisdom in what my father supposed of the two illegal partners. I went to bed heavy loaded upstairs. I wished mum had not warned me against beer drinking. Sleeping on sober mind was more like adding salt to a wound. However, nature is nature. No matter how troubled one might be, there comes a time when nature takes its due course and rules over every situation. I slept like a baby and only to wake up to the knocking of my father. He was calling me to hasten in my preparations because Zulu was already outside waiting to take us to the court. Oh my goodness! I sat up and wondered how I managed to sleep despite all those thoughts I had. I was also perplexed how I woke up without any signs of headache or tiredness. This was rare. Maybe mum was right when she said even sleeping sober would still make one wake up fine the following day.

I rushed in the bathroom within the master’s bedroom and took a quick bath. It was unusual of me having breakfast every time we were going to the court for I always lost appetite due to the anxiety at hand. Mum always suffered pleading with me to eat. But that day I went direct to the dining table and had my breakfast.

Before heading out of the house to the car, dad suggested we pray; two powerful prayers were said by my parents. I was then reminded they were still grounded in their regular Christian faith and standing. Off to the court Zulu drove.

The court premise was overcrowded that morning. We all wondered the hell it was for all those people to hover around like that. Heavily armed state police intercepted my car by the entrance gate. It called for my action to face them at the moment after seeing Zulu failed to express himself properly for us to be let in. I saw one Sub Inspector giving Zulu a U-turn signal or he would face some charges for failing to comply with the police. I asked myself whether the officer knew what took us there or not. I was so sure he was so ignorant of our being there.

Angrily and impetuously, I disembarked from the car and faced the police officers blocking our way. In the first place, they thought I was either a common man or a cadre belonging to the ruling party. In no time, I was surrounded by close to seven uniformed cops with their short battens. I repelled all of them and avoided any body contacts. I presented my Identity Card for the army, I saw everyone freezing instantly. The sub Inspector apologized to me and further explained to me that one of the most powerful and influential Ministers was appearing in court hence the crowd of cadres fighting to gain their entry in an attempt to pay solidarity to him. I am sure I did not even hear myself when I shouted and challenged him that that was one of the consequences of depositing all the powers in the hands of illiterate cadres. Moreover, I added on that the country’s leadership had been given to dogs which had no crew on the gentle running of the country. Who could insinuate when my physique was visibly revealed by the attire I wore?

All other cases were only attended to after the Minister’s case was done away with. Although I had no interest in knowing its outcomes, I could easily tell he was acquitted because exhilarations I saw were so deafening. They chanted stupid slogans, whistled, ululated and shouted in hoarse voices as they went out leaving the police officers aimlessly.

About five cases were heard before mine was. I bowed down and beat my chest in gratitude. Honestly speaking, I thanked the inner spirit which whispered to me that I don’t skip my breakfast because hunger was going to give me a timely lecture that day.

A long awaited pronouncement was made; we took our positions at that moment. One thing struck my attention though; Maggie appeared so feeble and in a confused state. Don’t think it was because I was somehow sympathizing with her. It is something which every sane person under that roof observed.

The case was on and lively. My lawyer maintained her stance of divorcing Maggie without any favour whatsoever. I refused to be compensated by Benjamin in any way the court would permit. All I wanted was to part ways with her. I saw her breaking and almost collapsing but my decision was as final as a referee’s. The no nonsense magistrate granted the divorce that day after getting satisfied I was not harbouring any further intentions of getting back to Maggie.

My learned lawyer submitted a request that even property be shared that same day since she had a record of all of them with her. The magistrate therefore told us to appear back in the court in the afternoon session for the final segment which was applied for.

We went outside to stretch ourselves for a while. Edah, my father, my mother, and I went in town for some refreshments before the afternoon court session. I needed some quality time with my lawyer. There was joy in my parents’ faces as we ate our fine meal at Hungry Lion outlet. Edah was not a simple lawyer to play with. She fixed difficulty people and ensured they eventually became co-operative.

We were back in the court of law; real brass tasks only were entertained. The submission of the acquired and owned property was analyzed by the jury critically. A few questions were asked before the ruling was made.

A ruling was made for us. Property was shared according to the stipulated guidelines. She got one of the cars, one of the houses and a lot of house utensils just to mention but a few. I requested that I remain with the children since she was not yet certain with where to live. However, this was just a strategy of getting them because I would not let another man start taking care of them when I was still there. I vowed within myself after my request was granted that no one and nothing could separate me from my children. Even if I died, I would still leave a signal that my brothers get them and not letting Maggie get even one of them.

I went home a happy man in spite of being hit by a heavy blow of losing property to her and also being ordered to be giving her some percentage of my monthly earnings.





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