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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 16



The seat I was offered was a very comfortable one but I did not enjoy its comfort at all as I sat anticipating my results for the two tests done earlier that week. Doctor Milan, a Swiss by nationality, is the one who was attending to me. He was so generous and accommodating; he offered me a seat in his office while he was still attending to some more clients in the treatment room. In front of me was positioned a nice flat screen TV, and an action movie was on.

After a couple of minutes later, Doctor Milan came back, put off his white coat and hang it on some kind of a hooker erected in the wall. He called me to join him on his office desk which was just right opposite my seat. After a series of mere jokes he cracked one after the other, we got chatting real brass tasks. He set the ball rolling;

“Lt. Jay, this world is never free from challenges; struggles; diseases; illnesses so on and so forth. When you see people moving up and there you would think all is well and very fine, yet each one of them is pressed differently. It is just to learn how to live with these challenges for we cannot completely run away from them. One great philosopher once defined life as a series of complications, one after the other. Impotence is not something which must incite others to be harassing one. It comes in various ways, of which some are born with disabilities which render them in that way or others develop it at some point in life due to various things that happen to us. Let’s say for instance, accidental emergencies, certain trainings which involving intensive and overstretching of muscles, especially under novice trainers thereby leaving someone more like castrated. Let me quickly run through some of the prominent signs of infertility in males; to begin with, there are problems with sexual function, for example, difficulties in ejaculation or small volumes of fluid ejaculated. In other words, I mean low sperm count. The other prominent sign is reduced sexual desire, or difficulties in maintaining a strong erection. This is also known as erectile dysfunctional. In this case, the male member is too weak and hence cannot penetrate and deposit the seed nicely. Having said this, the next sign is experiencing pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area. Apart from this, there is recurrent respiratory infection on the victim. Be frank here with me, Lt, have you experienced or are you experiencing any of the aforementioned signs of infertility?”

Without any level of doubting, my answer was an emphatic no. Truly, not any point did I experience any of those signs of being dysfunctional. I was essentially well and strong. I wish I could boast how Sepiso was commending me every time we knew each other.

Among the tests I went through were; hormone testing, post-ejaculation urinalysis, genetic tests, specialized sperm function tests, and trans rectal ultrasound. It was kind of a torture and torment just for me to ascertain my standing.

Doctor Milan gave a beautiful grin exposing his gold incisor on the upper jaw. He removed his reading specks, wiped them and put them on again. He starred at me and said, “I took time to analyze all the conducted tests carefully and diligently. Even if is be witchcraft which you believe in here in Africa, I am categorically stating to you that you are very fertile and you have no challenges or chances of failing to impregnate a woman. Tell me now, are you married or intending to marry?”

With the genuine excitement of finding out I was fertile and functional, I grinned and then glared, Doctor, to be sincere with you, I have been married for more than sixteen years and with four children; two boys and the same number of girls. I am only here for some underlined obvious reasons. You know in this world, with some people, the truth is so rare. So may I be advised here, Doctor, how do I get to know and prove those children are mine and not any other man’s?” I gained confidence and asked him.

“Well, on that we need to do DNA tests on you and the children then we will be able to know whether the children are yours. Each child will have his or her results because we shall simply collect samples for each one. It is simple and I am glad you have told me the truth about it and that gives an impression of what we should expect. Put yourself together and let me know,” he charged.

I neither had time to wait nor waste. So I went home to rest a bit and then brief my about the results. I briefed the lawyer the same day and she advised I followed up the program before I could lose its track. In the evening I called the head teachers for the schools where my children were admitted and I initiated audience with the school management.

Doctor Milan is not a not doctor to joke around with; he did all the most needful to my satisfaction and expectation. This exercise was of high profile. As such, I kept it privy to all my guys. I did not want premature outcomes. On the proposed day, I got the doctor and went round all the schools so as take samples for the tests to be conducted. Luckily, all the head teachers cooperated with us. I don’t know what the understanding of the children was but my main concern was having the tests done successfully.

It was after 14:00 hours when all was done and packed nicely. I left my samples too in his office. The results were expected to be ready within the same week depending on the schedule he would have. Moreover, I emphasized he needed to do it all by himself unlike engaging or delegating anyone else.

I was back at work although my heart was fully far away from the body. I was working while paying particular attention to what would happen next as the doctor could invite me to collect the results. Two days passed without hearing from him. On the third day I rang him in the evening but I pretended I only wanted to check on him. After exchanging our pleasantries, he voluntarily informed me the results would be ready for checking the following day any time after midmorning, I had to pass by. Curiosity and anxiety invaded me immediately. I had to seriously strengthen myself lest I failed to do anything reasonable.

At home I almost lost appetite had it not been for Memory who noticed I was not myself, and she diplomatically persuaded me to have my supper. I wondered how she managed to notice I engulfed by somewhat feelings. I ate to please her while praising the traditional dish of rape mixed with pounded groundnuts. I ate it even as I abandoned Hungarian Sausages which was so appetizing and inviting. Memory is one woman who could feel so offended once someone avoided her dish.

In an attempt to calm myself and try to rub memories of what awaited me the following day, I asked Memory’s daughter to pause the movie we were watching so that we could have an evening devotion before we all retired to bed. I remembered those olden days I was a member of the Adventist Youth, going for camping and other related aspects. I used to be a lead singer. So I thought of reviving my long forgotten talent; I fought for my favourite track, number 64 titled ‘Tell it to Jesus’;

Are you weary, are you heavy hearted?
Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus;
Are you grieving over joys departed?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus,
He is a friend that’s well known
You’ve no other such a friend or brother,
Tell it to Jesus alone.
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Do the tears flow down your cheeks unbidden?
(Tell it to Jesus) (Tell it to Jesus)
Have you sins that to the world are hidden?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Do you fear the gathering clouds of sorrow?
(Tell it to Jesus) (Tell it to Jesus)
Are you anxious what shall be tomorrow?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Are you troubled at the thought of dying?
Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus;
For Christ’s coming Kingdom are you sighing?
Tell it to Jesus alone.

Having sung it up to the last stanza, we were on our knees in prayer posture. I opened up my heart and cried out to the Heavenly Father. I am sure it caught Memory by surprise that I could be that holy and religious.

By 11:00 hours, I was the next client to meet Doctor Milan in his office. Like always, I found him so preoccupied in his office but that could not bother. In Tonga they say, “Meso abacula takongi bateka meenda” literally translated as the sight of frogs cannot scare away those fetching water. My instincts clearly dictated to me the doctor could tell by my facial expression things were no longer at ease.

I was really anxiously and eagerly looking forward to receiving the results. He called me to his desk where he counseled me briefly before breaking the ice.

“Lt. Jay, sometimes certain things may happen to us in a way no one of us can fully grasp it. It is so inexplicable how bad things may follow a good person. Being a senior soldier means being a person of integrity. I would therefore urge you to be strong and calm… the results are showing that among the four children only one is certified and confirmed yours. I have tried to repeat the tests as many times as I could possibly, but hey, the results are coming out the same way. Stain, Marjory and Peggy are not your biological children. But for Lweendo, there is no disputable fact, he is all yours, Lt,” he paused.

I felt like tearing myself down and apart. There was no need of continuing living in this world of betrayal. Innocent and honest as I was, my wife betrayed me and bore children with another man or men. I vividly recalled the times when Maggie fell pregnant for the first pregnancy, second, third and fourth. I was around and not away or abroad. Yes, there were times when I went abroad, but does that give Maggie a leeway to sleep around with other men?

I felt the urge to fight and kill the hell out of Maggie and her lover, nothing else was in my mind apart from just that. I wanted to excuse myself but the doctor humbly persuaded that I stay a little while as he had a few words for me. I looked at him rudely and stubbornly showing him he stood no chance of winning a fight with me.

Following continued pleadings the doctor made to me, I got back and offered to give him a listening ear. Meanwhile, my blood was boiling closing up 100®️. I unbuttoned up my shirt to allow for some fresh air. There comes a time in one’s life time when one stops fearing anything or anyone. Using his well acquired knowledge in counseling, Doctor Milan did his best to me. I was surprised to learn that I spent an hour in his room attending counseling session. Finally, I thanked him earnestly for all the work done diligently and I left. However, he promised to check on me some time later. Was that even necessary?

How I wished some something stupid could happen to me right there on the way as I drove home so that I could disappear from this world for good. I cared for no one not even myself. The pressing question was; how do I clear Maggie and Benjamin completely from the face of this earth?


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