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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 15



One Month later…

Everything was going on well and smoothly for me. I became a free minded person for once. Even though they say self-praise needs no recommendation, I strongly feel I deserve that unless one was looking at it from a blue eye point of view. The lost peace in my home was once restored. I started gaining body weight in the long run. Most of my close friends started appreciating my appearance. My soft jeans could fit on me just like those days when all was so well. Moreover, the potbelly was back in its posture.

An idea clicked in my mind that it was ages since I checked and monitored Benjamin and Maggie’s chats on the phone. I knew there was just that need. I got the phone and started going through their chats one by one. Hey, wait! They had filled the inbox such that it was quite difficult for me to quickly get to their initial point. In spite of it being hectic, it was worth it. I was finally there and I started following the conversation nicely. You will not believe it that Benjamin was more than updated with the case in court proceedings. On the other hand, he was the main advisor of Maggie.

The time I thought the two could be partying ways was the time I was learning they were actually rekindling their love affairs. Maggie was not giving up on him. He was equally not getting fed up of her. Actually, he was intending to send away his innocent wife and marry Maggie.

Scrolling further, my eyes rested on something that was so breathtaking; here is a text I found: “I have always been insisting that we terminate that boy but you have been acting so defensive. Do you think I have anything to do with him? By virtue of taking him as one of the two children shared upon, I am now getting convinced it was not even a mistake to conceive him. Truth be told, you did it out of love for Jay. Okay, fine. Then of what benefit is he to me now that you have gotten him along with Peggy? Do you think I am so novice that I can bring up someone’s child whom I clearly know is not mine?”

I had to read it repeatedly and I nearly thought English vocabulary had abandoned me because it was quite difficult to fully comprehend it. Here is an excerpt from Maggie’s response: “I know you can say all those stuffs just because you are outside court but try putting yourself in my shoes and see how difficult it was for me. There is nothing wrong in taking care of the boy. Don’t you realize I will also have to take care of your children who your wife will leave?”

I was shattered and blank after reading the texts. I felt very low. I did not know what to do then. The challenging aspect was; why was Benjamin not condemning taking care of Peggy? Meaning, he was the biological father. What else?

Thoughts can drive one mad all of a sudden; I went further reading their chats steadily despite getting more emotional by what I was seeing. To be precise and concise, the whole information anchored on Lweendo had proven proof that he was not Benjamin’s child. However, they did not mention it anywhere if Stain and Marjory were his children or not. I searched here and there but my searching was unyielding.

In no time I felt a sharp ache on the right side of the head. My head started pounding eventually. I tried to ignore but it was just way too difficult to overcome. So I reached for a full glass of water and took two painkillers at once. I lay on the bed negotiating to sleep.

I think I was very right when I reached that painful decision of poisoning the children because soon after that I would have no further attachments with either Maggie or Benjamin. I wondered how I could sort out the ordeal then. Even though some people’s careers and professions allow them sorting such issues, one might get fed up with one’s cases. Why should it be me always? I hated myself and I was so hurt.

The thought of loaning ideas from my lawyer was inevitable; I called her and made an arrangement of meeting her in the evening at her residence. She was soft hearted, she welcomed me without hesitations. At exactly 19:00 hours, I was in her living room. I explained the whole ordeal except how I tapped into Maggie’s account. For convincing proof, I allowed her to read the chats herself. Having read all the chats with the needed information, Edah dropped her jaw and looked at me sympathetically.

“Dear Lt. Jay Muloongo, the matter has now advanced and reached the most critical stage but for us, in the legal system, this is the most fertile part of it because this is the climax and it means the dust shall settle soon. I smelled something fishy in this whole ordeal a long time ago except I considered time to take its due course. Do not worry at all for I am always there for you. My advice here to you is that you need to act so professionally and take heed of my counsel,” she paused to take some juice then she continued, “It is not a question of dragging them to court again but just as I said earlier on, you need to act professionally and smartly. This is a smart game now. You will have to undergo some fertility tests coupled with Deoxyribonucleic acid tests (DNA) at the hospital. After that has been done, since the children are still in your reach, samples will be taken from them too so that we ascertain if what they are chatting behind the scenes is the truth. That will be our backing and pivot even as we drag them to court.”

I went home feeling so low that evening, I could not feel myself even as I drove going home. Maggie is not a woman to live with. She is both dangerous and deadly. Moreover, she does not deserve forgiveness from any normal and upright human being. I did not mind whatever dad and mum could say when they heard I was running around for DNA tests for it was a serious matter.

I called Sepiso to find out whether she was still at work or not. In her response, she was just about to call a taxi driver to pick her up since that day she had not gone by her personal vehicle. I grabbed the chance and told her I was on my way to meet her so there was absolutely no need of using a taxi. I sped off from home to meet Sepiso at her place of work.

She was still chatting with her friends when I parked outside waiting for her, she bade farewell to two of her friends and came over with one. That day Sepiso looked even more beautiful than ever before. I took some time to admire her as she walked to me. Her uniform revealed her true shape. It was more like I had never touched her body before. Seeing her coming directly to the driver’s seat, gave me a correct impression she wanted a hug, so, I quickly opened the door and emerged out. Wow, she threw herself in my arms and we hugged warmly.

“Boi, meet my Jay the one I have had been telling you about. Darling, meet Miss Tamara one of my workmates who has turned out to be my sister from another mother,” Sepiso did a quick introduction. Tamara was only brought to see me and we left her there.

As usual, I acted secretive and did not want Sepiso to know the pressing issue I had at hand. Sepiso hastily prepared and served me supper thinking I would go back but after eating I told her I would spend a night with her. I bet she was the happiest woman in the entire city. We could not waste much time in the living room; she invited me seductively to the bedroom. It was marathon after marathon. Finally, she requested we sleep.

Early in the morning i woke up and drove away hurriedly to beat time. That day I received so many messages from Sepiso. Surprisingly, she was busy commending me up to then she was still satisfied, and she really enjoyed move we did. She did not know how troubled I was getting every time she sent a text before what invaded my mind was the question: “Am I fertile?”
Anyway, I went again in the evening for a sleepover. Who am I to refuse an offer of eternity?”

Sepiso knew every procedure of testing someone’s fertility but I avoided engaging her for obvious and security reasons. I just had to engage professionals who knew nothing about my struggles over and above failed marriage life. It was not even difficult for me to scrutinize the credibility of hospitals around in the city. The goodness of investing an issue when some people think you are doing so as part of your job description is that no one suspects you are the one burdened. Therefore, even my colleagues at work were in a better position to advise me where to go and how best to go about it.

Someone once said that if you go for a DNA test while you are trying to deny responsibility over a pregnancy, chances are high to lose the claims. It was from this background I had to do it diplomatically without disclosing to any personnel at the hospital about my prime target. Actually, I seriously duped them I just came from intensive military training from the second phase of training in the United States of America where I obtained a black belt in taekwondo. My fear and worry was that some of the training equipment used were deadly and highly believed to have adverse impact on someone’s fertility levels. My identity card only was self-convincing.

My intention was to get tested at least in not less than three well renowned hospitals then I compare the results. Afterwards, I would get advised by my lawyer to embark on. I drove around going to the three earmarked hospitals which included one public and two private owned ones. Money for paying and booking doctors was nothing to talk about.

In the same week I successfully did the tests and it was only a question of waiting for the results to be ready then I would take the matter to another level. All this was done in secrecy to my family members and friends. Only my lawyer was aware of it.

On a fine cool afternoon, I received a call from a strange caller who identified himself as one of the doctors who did the first fertility and DNA test on me. He invited me in his office.

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