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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 13



Sepiso explained in length how her day and shift had been that day. The conversation was prolonged as we had a lot to talk about. By the time she allowed me to sleep, it was half past midnight. But before she could hang up the call, she volunteered herself to offer a prayer. In her prayer, as if she knew what was actually going on in mind; about murdering the children so that the fight over them could come to an end, she rebuked any evil intention in me. She further rededicated me to the throne of mercy. She bade good night, and I slept meditating on the word of God. I wondered how she managed to preach the gospel to me through prayer for the first time ever.

Prior to Sepiso’s call, my plan was to have all the children poisoned that same week. In case any other overzealous family member also failed to keep his or her peace, I could not regret seeing him or her bidding farewell to the world of the living. I remained turning on the bed while seriously pondering on the prayer which I was offered to free of charge. Eventually, I gave in to the prayer and in no time I was in the dreamland.

As per custom, around 05:50 hours, I was awake. I sat on the bed with my legs swinging down and nearly touching the floor. I reached for my KJV Bible and glanced at a verse for the commencement of the day. I perused the Bible randomly and I came across this verse: “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Psalms 37:23. I read it repeatedly and I was engulfed by guiltiness. It was more like David, the Psalmist, was speaking to no one else but me. I don’t know if my understanding and interpretation of the text was correct but one thing I was so sure of was that God delights in man’s good deeds. How about the abomination which I had in my mind? Were my steps being guided by God?

I turned over a few pages while still meditating before going on my knees for a prayer posture. Hey, wait! This text caught my attention too: “But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth,” Psalms 63:9. I threw down the Bible as I felt so terrified then. I knelt down while holding on the bed and opened wholly my sinful heart to the Lord. In the prayer, I invited the Holy Spirit to possess and use me mightily. I further implored the Holy Spirit to decrease me so that Jehovah God alone could be increased and magnified in me. There was no need of me wrestling with mortal man. Besides, there was no need of me fearing to be torn apart by mortal for the scripture encouraged and strengthened me that whoever sought after my soul would instead be the one to go down the earth. Killing my children would be the worst sin I would ever commit on earth. If anything, for me to discover what Benjamin and Maggie had been doing behind my back was the work of the Lord. The Lord protects the just.

I got in the bathroom and took a warm bath while still pondering on what had just transpired. Having done that, I was invited for breakfast in the dining before I drove out to work. As I was eating, Stain came to greet me, he was followed by Marjory then Peggy and lastly was Lweendo. I gazed at him and shook my head in both sadness and disbelief. How innocent the kids were to be poisoned!

Having driven to work for a reasonable distance, I spotted an open space which looked like kind of some roundabout. I drove there and parked while the parking hazards remained flashing. The main reason was to call Sepiso and hear how she was doing that morning. I knew I could not disturb her because she was off duty that day. Amazingly, she was already awake and picked up the call. Right after exchanging our pleasantries, I just opened up to her and testified my evil intentions on the children. I narrated it in details up to the terrifying morning devotion which I just had. Sepiso was dumbfounded on the other end of the conversation. I could tell by the way she was breathing. I quickly confessed to her that emotions had almost led me in decision making but I was truly recollected and resolved; nothing stupid I could do to my children, actually, even anyone else. I just wanted peace to prevail in the family then.

“I am happy that you have noticed that what you elected to do could not do you any good but more harm. It has never been the case to pay evil for evil. Only Visigoths would do that. My dear Jay, be lest assured that no matter what rough and ugly situation we are going through, God is there for us. If I advised you to surrender the children at will to Maggie, you would misinterpret it that it is my way of trying to get more time with you without the interruption by the children. Frankly speaking, allowing Maggie to have the children cannot cost you anything. Now, my advice is simply this, take this issue to court and seek their redress on this issue before one is lost,” Sepiso advised me.

I listened to her advice and truly it sounded mature and genuine. I thanked her and off I hit the road again.

Regression is one of the things I hate in my life. I had to consult some of the few knowledgeable people around me so that I could not regret at the end of it all. I raised dad and mum to sell out my intention of summoning Maggie by the court for their redress over the children. Well, both parents were in support of it. I thanked them and cut the line. Finally, I raised my lawyer, to be informed of the new arrangement. Edah was always a straight forward person; she listened attentively to my suggestion. When she asked whether the family was aware of the plan at hand, I affirmed.

She agreed to take the issue to court and challenge Maggie and Benjamin as to why they wanted us to be living a cat and dog life. She commended me and wished I passed by her Law Firm in town by lunch time. For sure, at lunch hour I drove to her firm and we discussed a lot in length. Indeed, I was blessed to be surrounded by such people of integrity and insight. She was going to lodge a complaint in the court of law. I was more than glad to have Edah’s speedy reaction.

I met Edah, my lawyer, and we discussed how fast and best we could do to have the matter lodged in the court of law. I took a low profile as she took centre stage. I drove to the court where we took the matter. This time around we used a different magistrate court and not the one where I took Benjamin and Maggie for adultery. This was so because of the ruckus which conspired that day when a certain renowned politian had his case being heard; the behaviour by the police officers manning the court premises was just so disturbing.

The matter was successfully registered by my lawyer and I was confident everything would go well Because in as far as interpreting the law is concerned, Edah is not someone to joke with. She can fix one to an extent that one loses the case, witnesses, wealth and jokingly including the sim cards. In the matter, my main interest to the court’s attention was to guide us on how we could treat and live with the children. If the court gave a biased ruling that all the children go to their mother, then I would succumb to it and keep quiet while leading a new lifestyle. If the ruling was to share the children, I would demand that it be clearly categorized that Maggie had no control over those I would get. Apart from this, the amount of money I was made to be contributing towards their upkeep needed to be revised.

From this background, I advised Edah to be a bit flexible in the commencement of the case so as to get Maggie’s overall intention of the whole matter. Moreover, she also advised me that if they take away all the children from me legally then I had a chance of being pardoned on the monthly contributions by simply citing I needed some time to find another suitor.

I could not call the day’s task done until I dined with my lawyer. So I took her to one of the cafeterias with high standards. She could not wait to sip some champagne being her favourite wine. We pressed an order together for dinner. I ordered some ice cream and some cupcakes for my sweet course after a well packed plate of nsima and fresh fish, chinese cabbage and some eggplants. By then, I had graduated from beer drinking and I was looking forward to joining some baptism class at church. If it was only for the same issue of the stubborn and arrogant Maggie, change in me was clearly noticed. Meanwhile, my lawyer was busy sipping and gulping the French wine. It was clear and indubitable she was well known in the city just judging by the greetings she was receiving from different people entering the cafeteria. I was slowly getting frustrated and uncomfortable being spotted out with her.

Eventually, she tapped on my shoulder and demanded we leave the place for her peace was threatened. The goodness with her is that she’s so strong and resistant to beer. Only a few signs are notable that she has taken something while her steps remains the same and she doesn’t stagger at all. I agreed to her demand and I escorted her home.

On my way home, I thought of calling mum and dad in order to brief them about the task they had advised me to take. Fortunately, the both of them were at home as I called thereby making it possible for me to kill two birds with one stone. It was not safe at times for me discussing matters of that nature which demanded high levels of secrecy while I am at home for I would not know who exactly was feeding Maggie with information happening at home. They expressed gladness hearing the extent of the matter and wished me nothing but the best out of it at the end. Mum sympathized how restless the happenings had been for me. She was looking forward to seeing a day when I would be able to call her and only have a casual chat unlike always reporting and complaining about my failed marriage life. For dad, he was candid enough to challenge me that out of all his married children I was the only one giving him headache from time to time over marriage. Hey, this was quite embarrassing. But what could I do when it was not my fault? Mum left me with a homework that she was busy looking around for a well nurtured village woman for me. This homework sent and left me in a hysterical state.

The summon was successfully delivered to Maggie through the engagement of court messengers. According to them, Maggie gladly received it and did not exhibit any signs of regression or sadness. They wondered what kind of a woman she was who could not be moved by the receipt of an unexpected summon. Upon receiving it, she read it through and assured them that she was ready to face me in court without fail.

We were to appear in court after two weeks from the day I lodged the matter. Though at first sight, I liked the court environment and the members of staff we found there.

Schools were reopened and I managed to send back all the children including Lweendo and Peggy whom I took to a different school and in boarding so much that they could not be disturbed by the happenings characterising unrest at home. I just wanted them to be free from all the dirty fights over them. Whoever was pronounced and legally approved one to take care of them, would find them at school.

Exactly one week prior to my appearance in court, Sepiso had a unique surprise for me; she had organized a tour and picnic for the two of us. This tour and picnic was earmarked outside Lusaka Province. Eastern Province, to be precise enough, Mfuwe, which is in South Luangwa National Park, was the place to be at. I had vast knowledge about it since many were times when I operated my duty roles from there. However, it still remains a mystery to me how Sepiso came up with such a great choice of a recreational place for our four to five days outing because she had never been to Eastern Province of Zambia. I tried to turn it down but I could not achieve much other than succumbing to it.

Early in the morning,we traveled there because I did not want rough riding in an attempt to beat time. I got a land cruiser which did not have a Government of the Republican registration number. This was one of the cars I drove on missions outside the city.

Romantically, I drove on the Great East Road while humming along to country, slow, and reggae music. Prominent artists on the playlist were Phil Collins, Donald Williams, Lucky Dube, Senzo Irene and Siddy Rank. Phil Collin’s One More Night track sent us into gazing and admiring one another as the vehicle went accelerating and decelerating.

By evening, we arrived in Mfuwe and we were walked around by the members of staff on duty. My lovely Sepiso was so exhausted such that she could not agree to go for game viewing. Instead, she elected we play a few games just at the lodge we hired a room. I took time to teach her how to play pool table, a physical one and not that one on phone or computer. Food was ordered and taken to the room by some waitresses. Before I could get to munch the food, Sepiso came from behind and hugged me lovingly while rubbing my chest. I turned around only to find she was loosely clad in a new white bathing towel. The touch and feeling of her virgin sharp pointed breasts on my body was so irresistible. I faced her head-on and reciprocated the hugging. Slowly and carefully, she went on caressing my starved body. I laid and pressed my lips on her soft and chocolate ones while unaware of her reaction. We immediately started smooching even as her towel fell off.


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