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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 11



They say time heals everything; indeed, everything was going on well and I was slowly forgetting about their baseless threats. Nonetheless, I could not disarm myself regardless of the situation seemingly calming down. I made sure my pistol was loaded and always in my reach. I was ready to either strike or block whatever came first.

From time to time, Sepiso was joining us at home and we went out as a family. During our interactions at home, what struck my attention the most was the bond between Peggy and Sepiso. They were getting along very well and fond of each other as though they had known each other for so long. Sepiso was always keeping Peggy closer to herself and she was receiving lots of presents. Well, she did not know how much I was appreciating her for helping me making the children forget about their mother. Eventually, the other three children became friends with Sepiso and they respected her so much. I was so moved one day when I intercepted a phone conversation between Sepiso and Peggy. I pretended as if I was ignorant of what was going on, yet I was all ears and heard almost everything. I got in my bedroom just for introspection; I questioned myself why I took long to propose love to Sepiso when all the possible signs were readily given to me. On a second thought, the children would be the best judge to examine whether Sepiso would make a good wife for me or not. I was glad she was keeping them close to her – a move which would make it easier for them to tell if she was good or not.

If mum visited at a time the rapport between Sepiso and Peggy was at its peak, I would simply play a role of a dumb guy and let her be provoked by it.

The school holiday was coming to the end. All the groceries were already bought and packed in the house.

They had just finished having their lunch; Zulu was in town watching a live football match at Heroes Stadium, Joshua was at work. Besides, his role was over and he was no longer coming for sleepovers. Memory and Marjory were seated outside in star grass contemplating on washing dishes while the rest of the family members including Memory’s daughter were in the house watching wrestling. Roman Reigns was taking on that stubborn wrestler whose name is always out of my mind for whatsoever reasons.
Suddenly, the gate was opened and a car entered the yard disorderly. It screeched brakes right in front of the main door of the house. Immediately, two middle aged young men clad in camouflage hoodies disembarked from the car while Benjamin remained on the steering rod as Maggie was seen giving commands to the young men. They entered the house rudely and ordered everyone to surrender or they would be blown up into pieces. Stain was handcuffed and shoved into the car. Marjory, Lweendo and Peggy were pushed out of the house against their will and thrown in the car to join Stain who was by then bundled on the seat behind the driver’s.

Benjamin reversed the car a bit to allow for making at least a reasonable angle to turn on his left and head out. The gate was left open as there was no one to close it. Prior to this, Memory was threatened and warned to stay out of this ordeal if she treasured her dear life and of course that of her daughter. If she persisted, she would join her ancestors earlier even before those in the fight were knocked out. She obeyed their order and exhibited no level of persistence. In no time, they disappeared as Benjamin was driving at great slaughter neck speed.
Clever Memory, remembered how I threatened and warned her to lose employment if she continued being quiet on Maggie’s dealings. So she got her phone and raised me. I picked it up on first attempt. Memory explained the whole trouble at home to me. I was at loss of words over and above actions. I shook myself to verify I was dreaming or not. But alas, I was wide awake and at work in the office.

The first person who clicked in my mind was Zulu. I thought he was nearby but Memory corrected me that he was instead at Heroes Stadium watching a live football match. Notwithstanding this, I called him just to inform him of his failure to adhere to my instructions that he needed to be keeping an eye on the children as they were at the verge of being kidnapped my enemies. He answered that he was actually driving home and was within the vicinity. I commanded him to rush and meet the kidnappers, I did not care whether he was armed or not for what mattered the most was rescuing the children. He promised to manhandle them and he swore they would not make away with the children on that day unless God betrayed me and helped the enemy. At least I felt relieved even as I drove out of the premise going to offer reinforcement.

Having driven for about eight minutes, I reminded myself to have an intensified manhunt for the kidnappers. Therefore, Joshua and all the other guys were needed to be incorporated so as to round up the enemies without fail. I quickly dialed their contacts and informed them of the fertile field to labour on that afternoon and part of the evening. Gladly, the meticulousness is them was incredibly awesome.

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that all those who met me or I overtook on the way had a story to tell about my rough and speedy driving. Did I even think of the so called speed traps?

Memory had given me a description of the car they used that day; it was a Harrier and presupposed to be owned by Benjamin. I got a Land Cruiser for I knew it could chase after them nicely. Zulu called alerting me he had seen them and he was trailing behind them though their speed was quite difficult to catch up with. I was interested in knowing the road they were on and not speed and any other related stuff. I turned and joined that street. It did not even take long for me to see the mentioned car. It was heading to my direction, I read the registration number while afar off and I confirmed it was the one.

Once a soldier, always a soldier; I pretended as if I was not after them but steadily joined their lane and allowed for a head on collision if their driver was not as skilled as I was . A head on collision between a Harrier and a Land Cruiser is not something to talk about. Imagine fibre against iron! I felt tired of fighting for the children. So even if death was the ultimate end result after the collision, I cared less. That would in fact an honour for me.

Steadily, Benjamin applied emergency brakes thereby subjecting the car to extreme inertia which made the car get pushed to mine and it almost hit there on. An offensive stench of burning tyres was all over the place. Two middle aged young men were the first ones to come out of the car menacingly. With one glance, I was able to tell though they were clad in the green buffalo combat they were pure civilians and moreover unarmed. I am not one of those men who can be easily driven and frightened by gym built muscles. Whether giant or slender, I know where to strike and surprise onlookers. So they advanced to my car and came to me. I let them come closer before I opened the door and stepped out. It is dangerous to have an enemy start a fight while you are still seated. To use a machete, hammer, axe or pistol got me thinking as they came pointing fingers at me. It was evident none of them knew me. All they had in their minds was to face someone who nearly caused a terrible accident.

I drew backwards one step just to allow for some enough room where I could freely showcase my fighting skills. I can’t remember very well how I thrust kicks on them rapidly. In less than ten minutes of confrontation, there lay down two gentlemen bleeding profusely from the cuts and sores I inflicted on them. Their vocabulary was instantly changed from insolence to pleading. I ensured I paralyzed them before advancing to those in the car.

Lucky enough, Zulu arrived and joined me. My children cried in the car pleading I do no cause any bodily harm to their mother for she knew not what she was doing. Looking at the multitudes flocking to witness the saga, I ordered Zulu to bundle the two young men in my car. His friend drove his car while he replaced Benjamin and we all drove to my residence where they would be no interruptions. As I drove, I was busy trying to come up with the most painful torture that would make them give up their act of kidnapping my children. It was just enough of that drama. There was need to move on and forget about it.

None of the people from the crowd dared following us behind. That is the goodness of the people in the city. Everyone is busy minding his or her own business. If it were in these other towns whose names I keep privy, multitudes would keep on thronging behind us. We parked in my yard safely and I ordered the closure of the main gate immediately. Behind my house there is a large poultry which has no partitions at all. All the four erring fellows were handcuffed and led in the poultry to receive what they deserved. I excused myself as Zulu remained keeping an eye on them. I went in the bedroom to change my office attire to a gym one. The children were let loose.
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Their hands were handcuffed and put in front unlike at the back. I commanded them all to sit up. They were helped to raise their legs above the handcuffed hands so that by the time they were ordered to stand up they would find their hands at the back. The main principle here was to avoid the aspect of being able to defend or rather block the beatings. It was from this background that I started inflicting pain in them one by one. Benjamin was the first one to start receiving it. I raised his shirt leaving him with a bare back. Then I started rubbing his back with my hard skinned palms. His skin was gradually changing complexion and getting bruised. Afterwards, I sprayed the back with deep heat and continued rubbing. His loud uncontrollable wailing was enough to scare his team. That is the best way to deal with stubborn souls; first of all, smash or torture their leader in the full view of the subordinates. Let them repent by what they see and not what they feel but of course they are no exceptional to the torture also.

It was a few minutes past 22:00 hours when we sat at the dining table to have our supper after inflicting so much pain in the guys. Killing them in my yard was very risky because the children would disclose the information to others and I would face arrest for murder. So we let them go following a thorough introspection I made. They sincerely pleaded not to ever repeat it. Beating coupled with pepper spraying is not a joke at all. Even the most uncooperative enemy can be as humble as a lamb being led to a slaughtering point.

I recorded a statement of warning to them in case by any means they attempted playing their dirty tricks on my children. They pleaded and promised in unison not to ever do it again. Their eyes were all teary, and their bodies were weakened.

Before Zulu left, he had something to confide in me: “Boss, no matter what, the best way of putting this to an end is killing their shepherd, I mean the mastermind. By so doing, the flock will scatter for their dear lives. Quite all right, I fully understood the repercussions of killing them from here. As such, there is need to stage and wage an ambush on them as soon as possible. I cannot bear this anymore. I cannot afford losing my employment at the expense of these weak bones. If we relent and give them time to recollect themselves, they might engage a team which will overpower us. I sincerely fear for your life because one day owing to what has been happening they might be prompted to completely put you out of their way. Let us simply have them ambushed since we know their homes. I am ready for it.”

I held my face in the palms and analyzed what my guy had to say. Honestly speaking, it was not out of fear he spoke but substance. What could be the reason for pitying one’s enemy? Sometimes death is the best separator of enemies. My peace and life could not continue being threatened by people who wronged me at will!



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