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*A Stranger In The House* – Season 1 Episode 10



That day they went out to kidnap the children at school, I was so anxious of the outcome. I sat in my office thinking out loud thereby creating an urge that could not allow me work well. In other words, let me say I had divided attention due to the desperation for my children. I was engaging Joshua in text chats from time to time just to have a hunch of what was obtaining on the ground. We chatted much especially the time they were still outside the school premise trying to gain entry as the guards also played their delaying tactics in allowing them in.

However, with the passage of time, they were allowed in and immediately without any further delays, the guys started initiating the deal. It was this juncture when Joshua had to put me on hold and concentrated on real brass tasks at hand.

Trying to save face from my colleague in the same office, I tried gallavanting here and there. Switched on and changed channels on the television set while paying no or less attention to the happenings. Sitting down for so long was equally problematic for me. I moved around in the office aimlessly. In a fraction of less than thirty minutes, I found myself sipping two different soft drinks and a bottle of chilled mineral water, all served right in front me on the table. Ecstasy reigned in me than on any other day.

So I got thinking hard after sending a series of unanswered texts to Joshua: could it be that they have been rounded up? Why is he taking so long to reply to my texts? Have they failed the operation? Why can’t he just call me for advice while they are still in the campus so much that I can rush there and have them reinforced? They cannot enter the campus and only start the operation but fail to accomplish it, I strongly object that! This time around if they draw blank I will unleash my deadly venom on them. It will be a rough and memorable day for them. They think I am here for jokes!

While I was still pondering on those questions, my phone rang; I checked it. Only to find it was Joshua calling. I also failed to control my breathing, my heart raced so fast. Why is he calling instead of simply sending a text? Is he trying to confirm they are incapable of the operation? I picked up the call impetuously and very ready to shout at him immediately he made mention of failure.

“Boss, we are on the way heading home with the kids. It was a bit tricky though to successfully head out as one of the guards nearly sensed we carried someone illegally. Therefore, it took my courage to blast him and later on wave the loaded gun at him threatening to blow up his big head. I saw him relenting while opening the gate for us. The kids have since been told we were taking them home to their father and nowhere else. How happy they are to see you after a long dry spell,” Joshua reported to me without pausing for a breath.

This was the best news ever that day in my life. It engineered that inevitable feeling of victory just as politicians feel when they triumph in an election. I excused myself from my colleague citing I was getting something in town urgently. I just had to go and see my kids. I drove at a considerable great speed and we arrived at the same time with the guys. We shook hands even as I hugged my children. Tears of joy dropped from both the father and the children. We sat on the sofa while embracing each other like never before.

Memory alone could not manage to keep an eye of security and inspection on the children in the house considering the fact that anything could happen following the kidnap. So I allowed the other guys to leave while Zulu and Joshua remained behind watching over the situation. They were to call me in case of any uncalled for eventuality. I could not let even the police get my children from me. How could they be allowed to do so if they could not help in retrieving them?

I went back to the office in very high spirits with a sigh of relief and triumph. My colleagues could see the expressions of happiness written all over my countenance that afternoon session. Sepiso was the first person I called to inform the legal owners of my property were back at home. I did it carefully because she was not aware of all the staged kidnap.

Only death is the inevitable intruder which I can bow to and admit the separation between me and my children not an individual person, who is constantly challenged by his or her own challenges and has failed to rule them in, to challenge me. This is an emphatic no and obviously a technical knockout. I remembered all those days I had no one to take out for either ice cream or a mere drive around in the beautiful city of Lusaka, Zambia.

That evening Lweendo and Peggy were rescued from their school, I could hardly wait to call for a unique dinner which I dubbed ‘welcome back home dinner’. My six gentlemen were all in attendance. Of course, it is an obvious fact Sepiso could not afford to miss such a unique event in the family.

It was only a pity that Stain and Marjory missed out for they were still at school writing end of term tests, of which I could not disturb. For this reason, I laid aside yet another feast which they could also feature in. We just had to celebrate the recovery of Lweendo and Peggy stylishly.

Sepiso came a bit late in the evening as she was on an afternoon shift. She dressed to kill for the unique dinner. It was more like she was coming for outing for the two of us. The attire she put on could not go past any sane person without complimenting her; it was a nice long, light and almost see through dress which slightly covered all the calves down there, revealing her true shape thereby leaving two strong sharp pointed virgin mounds on the chest, the curves at the back were nicely and almost exaggeratedly revealed. Her black and naturally long hair was perfectly done and pushed overcast the left eye. Her face was perfectly adorned with a mere slight coat of makeup. Her smile alone was prompting to respond thinking she was calling you.

Seeing Sepiso leaving the car and heading to the door, I stood up and rushed to meet her, she threw herself in my arms and we got locked right there. She was so electric and magnetic. I appreciated her dress code even as I welcomed her to the dining table where everyone else sat enjoying either beer or drinks. A seat adjacent to mine was reserved specifically for her, next to it was Peggy’s. Wine, as well as a cake, was served in her presence. Peggy and Lweendo were perturbed and itching to know who that lady really was, especially to me. Nonetheless, the introductory part was purely to be done by me. We filled our glasses with wine to the beams and from time to time reached for cheers before sipping.
It did not take a week for Maggie to learn the children had been whisked out of school. The school administration called her at school to be informed of the matter. It so happened that they tried to engage some overzealous taxi drivers, who the guards found outside the school campus, to pursue my gentlemen but owing to the way the plan was schemed they achieved nothing. Maggie explained to them that it was a battle for the children her and me – a situation which made the school administration to relax and feel relieved as they got to know they were not taken for evil purpose such as ritual killing or even as a ransom for their parents to pay something.
Maggie embarked on her usual ranting of texting me at awkward times trying to threaten me over the children. I took heed of my lawyer’s advice to avoid responding to her on personal ground. If she was courageous enough as she postulated herself, I was looking forward to seeing her in person so that we prove her masculinity she was always thrasonical about. She sent more than fifteen text messages speaking of which I suffered not to respond. Worse more, she advanced to calling but all the same my feedback was maintained. With the passage of time, I blocked and blacklisted her contacts. I just needed to live a life whereby I could not have anything to do with my former wife. It was enough of her drama and foolishness. My phone had a true caller app installed to be allowing me access to anyone who tried to call me. All other phone numbers she tried using on me I could straight away identify her and did some justice immediately.

I was about to knock off from work when I received a text message from a strange phone number.

The text read:

“Trouble is and should be eschewed by all means. Anyone who constantly invites it, it is either he or she has nothing much to do in life or is just a fool. In as much as life is becoming tougher and tougher in these hard economic times, every sane person is busy with serious business which in turn helps putting something on the table. It is from this background that I would like to say high time you refrained from tormenting Maggie and focused on developmental issues. If you need the children to your name, my humble advice to you is, take Maggie back as your wife. Failure to that you will have strife and unrest. Bye! Benjamin!”

Seriously, the courage in Benjamin was indescribable and remained a mystery to me. I got in my car and drove away without replying to his text message. Face to face was what I needed not just sending me 50 ngwee worth texts. I was resolved to beat the hell out of Benjamin for it seemed what I did to him at the lodge was not fully appreciated. I bit my tongue and glared a glow on my face as I negotiated a corner off the main feeder road heading home.

All public and private schools were closed as the academic term came to the end. As usual, Zulu went round the schools to collect Stain and Marjory. I was at work but my mind and heart at home, paying particular attention if nothing horrid happened to the children. Remember, this was the week they intended to kidnap Stain and Marjory. I even went home for lunch that day to ascertain all was well despite Memory having called to confirm the children were safely brought back. After lunch I went back to the office, of course I left caution they were supposed to be indoors and alert.

A week passed without any attack on them and I was slowly getting glad they were afraid of tempering with them. My parents also affirmed the plan might have had fallen through for fear of being manhandled. They supported me, yet they were the ones who not long before suggested I move on and forget about the children. They ought to admit I am a true warrior and I always triumph for failure is never my portion.

I was reminded of the feast I planned for Stain and Marjory. I could not just fail to keep my words. Honouring a promise is impetus. I instructed Memory to make a budget for yet another unique dinner since the two boarders missed out in the first one. I approved the budget and all the items were bought and brought in the evening. Then I extended an invitation to my friend of all seasons, Sepiso. We fixed the date on a day she was free.

The feast went on well and almost better than the first one because the entire family was present and took participation. However, the aftermath was quite horrid; the children rose against their father protesting to know who really Sepiso was and her role in the house. My guess was clear they were being influenced by their fugitive mother. It was noticed she still had direct communication with the children and they were feeding her with information and other happenings in the family.

My own children have and can never the audacity to question my personal decisions, let alone choosing who ought to be my friend or not. That is tantamount to gross indiscipline. A child should have total allegiance to parents and not thinking that he or she can have the mandate to dictate to him what to do. That I can’t allow. It is all futile. I strongly warned them to desist from that uncalled for melodramatic behaviour. In fact, I made them apologize and promise they would never do it again. They coacted immediately.



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