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A Simple Life On Paper – S01 E16

By the time I got to the end of my story, Tintin and
Rahina were as mute as a dead log. The whole revelation
made me feel weak, but it also made me feel free. I went
through that whole narration without getting emotionally
attached to the storyline.
Somehow, the two ladies were speechless to the point
that they just took the plates to the kitchen, washed them
and left to Tinuke’s flat after hugs and good nights were
shared. That made the best environment for work to be

I went to work the next day with mixed emotions. I
wanted to see the actors of the drama that had
happened, but I didn’t want to be in the middle of the
drama. To my surprise, everyone was keeping their cool.
Uzi and Bunmi came greeted me, unpacked their bags
and went straight to work.
Greg however was dodgy. He would come in and run out
without much of a reason. His head was a bit messy
with cotton and bandages interrupting the shiny surface
that used to resemble a semi-popular Mr. Wellington’s. I
felt small bursts of pity for him, but he did not look
remorseful for grabbing her. He only looked scared of
losing his job.

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As usual, the boss came around ten. He called them to
his office thirty minutes later and they came out thirty
minutes after that. The two ladies went calmly back to
their seats, but Greg was far from calm. He was
sweating like a crab in a soup pot. He was always on the
phone and sometimes I saw him in intense discussions
with groups of our colleagues. He was definitely tense
throughout the day. What a pathetic fellow.
Work went on smoothly on my end…until Greg asked to
talk to me outside. He went on and on talking about how
the boss was not being fair in his judgment of the small
incidence and how the boss was so weak minded on the
matter that he gave Maryann no punishment for bashing
his head in. He then went on and on about how as
brothers in the office we should stick together. I was
getting tired when he came out with his request; he
wanted me to beg Uzi on his behalf to drop all charges
against him or at least allow him to transfer to another
state. The messed up part is that the arrogant nitwit was
not asking me to help him but telling me it was my duty
to do so…as a fellow guy.

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It seemed like a trivial matter at first, but a S#xual
assault report by an IT student would be handled by two
bodies, the guys who oversee IT students’ activities and
the federal civil service disciplinary board. What that
means is that our boss couldn’t really ignore the incident
if Uzi raised dust about it because if he did and the IT
body comes to see what was done about her report, he
would be held liable in a cover-up. All that paperwork
just because a horny guy grabbed a nicely shaped bum.
To avoid any more office drama I agreed to ask for her
forgiveness on his behalf. Talking to her at work was my
plan but she was packing up by the time the rambling
prick let me go back into the office. I tried to talk to her,
but she just smiled and told me she will come over to
pick me up for dinner. She was in a rush to go home for
something. Bunmi’s attention was drawn to the
impromptu appointment…she wasn’t smiling.

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