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A Simple Life On Paper – S01 E14

Michael Tank! Michael Tank!!” I heard a familiar voice
call my nickname in university. I turned around and
before me was the very cheerful Rahina. She was a year
behind me in school, but we were close. She would never
be found at night in her mates’ studio. She was always
in ours seated right next to me. My ex (Pamela) had
successfully chased off all my female friends except

As she came over to hug me I realised that the Rahina I
always thought was just cute was actually HOT!

That realisation was probably due to the blindfold I had on
because of the way I loved Pam. The Rahina I knew in
school looked good enough to be my little sister. The Rahina I was looking at could model NYSC’s khaki outfit
on the cover of “Penthouse”.

We were doing the usual make up chat when she
mentioned she was one of the first people to get their
letters and that she was posted to the federal secretariat.

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The CLO had come in with his entourage with buses to
usher them to town but said they were going to go after
everyone else had gotten their letters. I looked at the long
queues of rowdy graduates and knew she would be
waiting for a long while so I told her to get her bags from
the hotel so she could follow us. Since Tintin had to
return me to the secretariat, I saw no harm in her tagging

Luckily for me, Tintin came back in a good mood and
agreed to have an extra passenger on the ride back.

To be honest, I didn’t tell her the gender of the friend that
was tagging along.

I let both ladies sit in front while I sat behind.

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They were
sharing stories of their camp experiences. I was shocked
that Tintin had stories to share from her stint in camp.

The way they were gusting was surprising to some
extent. They were talking on the same frequency.

I think I
had inadvertently created friends!

They dropped me off and drove off to other parts of the
secretariat. I went to see what I had missed at work and
to pack up my bag. It was one of those days where you
work in a boring office, but all the exciting stuff happens
when you miss one day…just one day at work.

Apparently, since I was gone, the IT guys were asked to
report to Greg. Uzi went to get some direction on the
work she was doing and the guy grabbed a chunk of her
backside. Then he winked. She responded by delivering a
turbocharged slap on his face that effectively knocked
him out of his chair and on the ground. In a fit of shock
and embarrassment, he got to his feet and charged
towards the retreating Uzi but was intercepted by the
base of Maryann’s empty Mirinda bottle connecting to
his skull.

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While the ladies were reporting the bleeding Greg to the
boss, he staggered his way to the clinic.

Surprisingly, his
usual clique in the office did not try to make sure he
didn’t pass out on the way. What ticked me off most
about what I had missed was the fact that I came back to
the office AFTER our boss told all involved to go home
and come back the next day with a statement explaining
what they had all told him. So I was left with second-
hand accounts of the drama!

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