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A Simple Life On Paper – S01 E08

It was my turn to tease her body and I was in a seriously
relaxed state. I couldn’t rush even if I wanted to. So I
was gentle. I turned her on her back and started kissing
a straight line down to her chest. The see-through
negligee was not doing much to conceal the juicy
looking fruits under it. I grabbed one while it was still
trying to hide from sight. My hand that has no problem
gripping a basketball; was finding it hard to clasp a
single mound but it kept trying. My eyes tracked down
an elusive peak on the other mountain and my mouth
went for it. My nibbling and squeezing with the lacy
fabric had her whining like a snake on my bed.

Soft but
deep groans interrupted her breathing. Her eyes were
closed and her hands were searching for anything to
touch. I wanted to see all that could be seen. I was tired
of the veil. Without any ceremony, her only piece of
clothing was hanging on my bedroom door. I took a slow
survey of what was before me and went to kiss her lips.

She loved that. My hand left the comforts of the
mountain on which it roamed and headed south, to the
valley of pleasures unknown. In contrast to the forest that
surrounded my tower, the valley was a desert.

My fingers played with the keys of the gates.

They went in and out of the pool that had formed in the valley.
Two adventurous fingers went diving while their fat brother
kept the key occupied.

“Please” she whispered. Her breathing was deep, her
eyes pleading. By now, the one-eyed monster had been
reawakened by all that was transpiring and was eager to
partake in the festivities. I la!d on top of her, supporting
myself with an arm while the other brought a pillow to
prop her waist up at an angle. With that done, she guided
the one-eyed cookie monster into the cookie pot…it went
in slowly. She heaved a sigh of relief and so did I.
There was no way transit in and out would be fast. First
off, the tunnel was tight. It would have hurt if I forced my
way in. Secondly, the tunnels would be tightened during
exit. It was either we were in sync with our rhythm or it
was a pleasant coincidence. My lips never left hers for
more man a second. After a while (it’s not like I was
timing it), she came to the zenith of her journey. I could
tell because she lost control of what she was doing at
the tunnel, groaned loudly and seemed to have lost her
breath. That was good for her, but my soldier was not
close. He had been on sabbatical for about half a year!

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I grabbed her waist and pulled her bum to the end of the
bed. I stood up, positioned the pillow again, folded her
legs with her knees towards her chest and resumed my
exploration of the shallow depths of boundless pleasure.

This was a reboot to the whole event for her.

It was just
mind blowing seeing, feeling and hearing her respond to
each thrust. After a while, I felt an electrical wave of
pleasure flow from my back that headed to my groin and
I pulled out right in time before the volcano erupted. I did
not notice that she too had arrived a moment before I

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My mind really needed to shut down. My muscles were
relaxing. I looked at the damsel before me and all I wanted to do was kiss her before I slept. As I la!d back in
bed, she went to the bathroom for a second or two came
back to bed, kissed me again and rested her head on my

That was the best sleep I had in ages.

Every time I woke up and saw her next to me I would get
instantly motivated. She oozed a great level of
[email protected] that I could not resist. Each time I touched her
she would flare up with energy and partake in the
physical discussion passionately. Sometimes she even
took charge of take control of me and what was going
on. It was an experience took us to our physical limits.

By two in the afternoon we had no more strength in us.

She had cuddled up in the foetal position with her back
to me and I encased her with my body in the same

The raw fragrance of her sweaty body was
rejuvenating to mine but I had to leave her be.

The way
the last time went I suspect it was becoming more
painful than pleasurable for her. Since we had started
around six in the morning I had no doubt she needed
nourishment. So I gently let go of her, pulled the blanket
to cover her innocently fragile looking body and went to
the kitchen to see what I could whip up.

Twenty minutes later I was heading back to the room
with sizzling hot leftover meat, bread, jam, bread and
steamy chocolate drink on a tray. I kept it beside her on
a stool and went off to find shorts to wear (yes, I went to
the kitchen Unclad).

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“For a nice guy, you are a beast in bed,” she said.

Tinuke had a smile on her face as she wrapped herself up with
my blanket and ate. “Hope what happened today won’t
make things weird between us” she continued with a
mouthful of meat, beef and jam (not exactly what I had in
mind when I brought them to her). I did not know how to
take her last statement. Was this a one time deal? Then I
remembered the fiancée. It made sense. I was just a

That didn’t bother me. I was too riled up to be
saddened by the possibility that this was the first and
last I would have her in my bed.

We chatted about different things. Her plans while in the
state, how she would get to camp on Tuesday, her
arrangement to leave camp early so as to attend a
friend’s wedding, her employment offer and the host of
friends she planned to get in touch with. She wanted to
go but that negligee was not worthy of daylight so I
found a white jalabia for her to wear. I loved the sight of
her walking in it. The silky fabric clung unto her curves
ever so seductively. I saw her to the door as she cat-
walked across to her apartment. She blew me a kiss
before she closed the door. I smiled. Surviving six
rounds was something I had never done before, but
somehow, I felt I could have gone for more if she had not

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