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A Second Chance At Love – Season 3 Episode 13


Andrea so full of doubt and fear makes her way to Brandon’s private room, she doesn’t know why but deep down she’s so scared to her bones that she doesn’t know how she’s going to face him given he can’t stand a sight of her, she first had to stop at the door to take a deep breath before she walked into the room and boom he was alone and facing the wall but he turns to look at her the Moment he heard the door make a sound, she stop and stands still

“Hi Brandon” she nervously greets him

“Miss Andrea” he calls her name and she makes her way to him, she stands by the side

“I asked Dad and Linda to leave us alone so we could talk, just you and me…. I hope you don’t mind”

“Not at all, how do you feel now?”

“Obviously there was an unexplainable pain in my leg but after the Doctor doing his magic, the pain has reduces someone but looks like my heart won, the pain I feel here is much more intense that it’s freaking the hell out of me” he has traces of tears and Andrea feels so bad that she wants to reach down to wipe his face but she has to remind herself that she can’t do this, that he doesn’t like her

“I’m so sorry Brandon…sorry that this had to happen”

“No you’re not, it’s not your fault or is it?” He questions her looking her straight in the eyes

“Of course not, that’s why the last thing I would ever do is hurt you or your sisters intentionally”

“Good, if you’re really the honest, kindhearted and good spirited friend my sisters would throw their mother to the gutter for, you would be so honest with me and tell me the truth….. Did you know about Mum’s affair, did you and my Mum know each other from before? I mean before she left us and went back to los Angeles?” Andrea takes a deep breath

“Please be honest with me”

“No…. The answer is No, I neither knew your mother nor your father or even any member of your family before not until recently”

“But you knew about mum’s affair with that man?”

“Yes somehow but only a few days ago”

“Were you spying on her or something?”

“I would never do that, of course, I have no reason to do that…. What happened was that your mother and I had no appointment that day but some how she came to my office, it’s not the first time she ever did that”

“To bother you?”

“No we finally agreed to call a truce that day only because we wanted what’s best for the three of you, I have nothing against your mother because when I met your father he was a single father of three children but somehow always the ex and the current girl don’t get along…… So the day we agreed to call a truce, a man came to my office asking to talk to me, a man I’ve never seen or met in my life. I thought it was business usual but no, I was wrong, he had come to see me concerning his girlfriend”

“My mother!”

“Yes your mother, that’s how I found out, that day your mother and I had another argument about whether she should tell the children or not… even after calling a truce and the day didn’t end well”

“Did you tell Dad?”

“No… He arrived when your Mum and I were still at it with each other but no I didn’t tell him anything, That’s where my point of saying your happiness and that of your sisters matter to me comes to place……”

“You could have run to Dad with the news but you didn’t, you could have used the Information to get back at me after all I’ve not been anywhere close to the word nice to you”

“I know I could have done all that but that’s not me, I would never do that, I wanted it to come from her, it wasn’t my secret to tell to start with” more tears coming down Brandon’s face, but this time Andrea comes closer and wipes it off

“I think you need to rest now, you deserve it, the Doctor said you needed not to stress yourself too much”

“I can’t sleep until when all this puzzle is solved”

“The only way this can get solved is by you talking to your Mum which I think and know isn’t a good idea right now but the quickest way to get done with it is by accepting it has happened and try to live with that reality”

“So easy huh!”

“No…. Not at all, I’m telling you this, you’ll never heal from this until when you talk it out with your Mum, trust me on this…. Your mother loves and cares about you, this isn’t easy for be too, she’s a definition of wreck if you see her now” Brandon breaths and takes his time before he speaks again

“Andrea, why are you so nice to me anyway, because I don’t like you” Andrea smiles

“You like me, just not enough to accept that I’ll be you step Mum which to me is very understandable…..”

“What if I don’t”

“I’m positive one day you’ll learn to see me as a friend, I am not pressuring you but if it will make you feel any better, I’ll tell you my story and you’ll understand why I’m the way I am but for now you really need that rest, the Doctor will be in here soon” she kisses his forehead and stands up

“Good night Brand” she begins to walk out

“Miss Andrea” he calls and she stops, she turns to look at him

“Thanks for being here but can I ask for a favour from you?”

“Anything you want” she walks back

“Can you come help wheel me around tomorrow, I need to hear your story….. And I’m saying yes to your wedding….” she smiles and touches his face, she now has tears in her eyes

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” She asks in tears and Brandon has tears too

“No Miss Andrea but it’s the right thing to do… I won’t stand in your way…. So can I count on you for tomorrow?”

“You didn’t have to ask twice, I would gladly do that baby”

“Please don’t call me that, only Linda and Clair can accept that cheesy stuff” he says but smiles, it’s the first time he’s smiling ever since he woke up from a hospital bed even with all the sadness in his eyes

“You’re a good boy”

“Thanks but I’m sorry that I can’t accept you and my Dad”

“It will take time but it’s gonna be worth it, don’t just say yes to this because you’re so mad at your mother, I understand you my dear” she finally walks out and Brandon looks so longingly after her until when the door fully closes

“Linda and Clair are so right about you for one thing, you’re so kind and so understanding but why can’t I accept you? Why??” He squeezes his eyes with tears

After spending more than an hour staying by his son’s side and shifting him to a more comfortable private hospital room, Blake all so tired finally comes out for some fresh, he intends to go look for Linda who is at the hospital chapel saying some prayer for her brother, he heads towards the waiting area and Harriet stands up on seeing him, he’s a little surprised to see she hasn’t moved an inch

“Blake, how is our son, tell me he he’s alright now” she asks

“You and I need to talk” he’s looking serious and somehow angry and this time Harriet can feel this isn’t going to be good especially for her

“Okay but at least can you tell me how my son is doing”

“Your son is doing fine but he obviously doesn’t want to see you that’s for a fact”

“I know he’ll change his mid once he sleeps over it….I’ll just have to give him a chance to take his time but don’t even ask me to move out of here because I’m not going to” Blake walks past her shaking his head, he heads for the couch and sits down, Harriet follows him to sit down too somehow close now Blake turns to her

“I know I shouldn’t be asking you this because I have no right but when it comes to my children and what makes them unhappy and sad, I have every right to know no matter how intimate the matter may be”

“So I guess this has everything to do with Michael right? What has Andrea told you”

“We’ll come to the what has Andrea told me part but you’re surely admitting you and that man know each other?”

“Yes, for a few months back…I won’t lie about that”

“By a few months you mean to say two years?”

“Yeah, something like that but things are just not entirely the way you’re making them look like”

“I’m not doing anything about this Harriet, I had not even opened my lips about it right from when it blew up in your face…. Did you and Michael know each other even when we were still married?”

“Are you in any way insinuating that I cheated on you?” She gets defensive

“I know you would have never done that but that hasn’t answered my question”

“Well fine, I met Michael when I went back to LA, his family and mine have been friends for a very long time, he helped establish me in the family business since Dad couldn’t do it”

“I see, he’s the reason why you asked for an annulment of our marriage?”

“Not at all”

“But during that time I had travelled to talk you into coming back to your children”

“You are making it sound more shameful that way Blake, I know I made a mistake but do you really have to rub it like that, I’m already paying for my sins that’s why the relationship didn’t just work out”

“But that’s not what it seems like to me”

“I asked that we end things but I guess he fell way too deep”

“Why didn’t you tell the children?”

“For the same reason we are here tonight, I couldn’t bear seeing children suffer that’s why I didn’t want to break and tear them up with a news like this, you saw how Brandon reacted when the story about you and Andrea came out”

“How come I don’t believe you, you don’t do anything for anyone Harriet, it’s always about you” Blake’s voice is getting loud but Harriet is keeping her cool

“I can see you’re super tired and would use a massage Blake, why don’t you call your little girlfriend to come do it”

“You will not insult Andrea especially not in my presence but now that you have mentioned it, care to explain this, how did Andrea know know about you and this Michael?”

“I think she’s the best person to answer this question because I also don’t know I refuse to talk about her” there is some silence but Harriet talks

“But I just hope she doesn’t poison my son’s head with lies”

“Andrea would never do that”

“You know her that well and trust her too huh!”

“Why wouldn’t I? Andrea is everything any man would hope for”

“I was once that woman too Blake, don’t ever forget that” she stands up and walks away leaving Blake high and dry with all that he wanted to say

Andrea opens the door to step out finally after what seems like a long talk with Brandon, she made sure she’s so careful not as to attract any attention, she has been holding up her tears all this while and now she thinks it’s the perfect time to let it all out and no one can stop it, she just wants to be alone and let it all out but first things first, she dips her hand in her small purse and retrieves her phone after leaving it there for all this while, it’s coming to 10pm, she realises she has so many missed calls from her mother, it occurs to her that she has not called her mother after all this while and she must really be very worried about her, she walks out so quietly and when she gets to the waiting area, there she sees them talking and sitting together all so comfortable, she didn’t want them to see her so she walks away making sure they don’t catch a glimpse of her, making her way to the chapel and she coincidentally meets Linda coming out of there too so he stops

“Miss Andrea”


“You don’t look yourself what are you doing here?”

“I’m very fine baby, I just need to say some prayer for Brandon… He really needs that”

“Did he finally accept you?”

“We’ll just talk about that tomorrow, I’m sure your brother would appreciate you sleeping by his side tonight, if I were you I would go there before he falls asleep”

“You’re right… I better get going miss Andrea” they hug and Linda walks away, Andrea makes her way in, she stops at the door and squeezes her eyes and walks in, she makes her way past the back row pew heading for the alter, she gets up there and kneels down with tears glowing down her face, for once she has failed to say a prayer out loud but in her heart it’s all loud what she really wants from God, she just allows the tears to freely fall the way they want… her phone rings and she’s districted somehow, thank God it’s her mother when she checks for the ID

“Mum” she answers

“Andrea, thank goodness you have finally picked up your call, I’ve been trying to reach you if not for Susanna we wouldn’t have known what was going on with you….you got us all worried”

“So sorry Mum, Blake is not well after what happened to his son obviously, I had to go grab a few things for him from home since he’s gonna be staying and my phone has been on silence all this while but what do you you mean we?”

“Yes Andrea by we… I mean your grandma and, she’s here, she’s been waiting up to talk to you”

“Granny is here to see and talk to me?” Andrea can not believe is

“She obviously has come to talk to you, she looks sound and jolly though I can bet this is all working out good” in normal days Andrea would have screamed for joy for this piece of news but for some reason she just doesn’t and her mother thinks it’s kinda weird she’s not herself

“Baby are you there? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know Mum, Blake confuses me and now this is all making it so difficult for me”

“What?… Baby, did you two fight?”

“No but it seems he rather confides in his ex and be with her than with me….”

“Is this about the boy”

“Yes they are here together, I saw them together mum, they were hugging each other, he was he was hugging her, he didn’t even seem bothered about it but that’s not all, when the news about Brandon’s accident came he picked her instead of me Mum…we were all there”

“Andrea daughter listen to me, this is exactly what we talked about when I said it was not going to be easy, you chose this road and chose to love him despite every pointing reasons that suggested otherwise….. You’re feeling jealous and you can’t afford that right now Andrea”

“But I love him mum, I’m so scared I’m going to lose him”

“Don’t you trust your man?”

“I do but why am I so scared all of a sudden?”

“Because you’re insecure daughter, you still can not come to terms with the fact that he chose you and that’s not good, you should understand that when it comes to the kids, Harriet has to say something if not most things, it’s not in your position to stop that, but you can only come in when invited by Blake or the children, you can’t meddle in, that’s not your job”

“But I love those kids maa”

“That’s where the problem is, you love them which isn’t a bad thing but you have forgotten that they have a mother and no matter the case, she’ll always be their mother, you’re falling way too deep, they are not your children please Andrea, those children aren’t your children…..”

“I know Mum…. But it’s just way too painful because I know Harriet is just using this as an excuse to stay close to Blake”

“Why don’t you just concentrate on your wedding instead…. I’m sure Blake would appreciate it if you don’t doubt him, men love to feel loved but they can’t take a jealous woman because your jealousy will bring nothing but mistrust, when there is mistrust, fights will begin to happen, I’m sure that’s exactly what Harriet wants to happen”

“You’re right mother, I’m sorry I worry too much some times”

“It’s okay my dear, just go back and give support to your man, understand that right now nothing else matters to him except his child’s health, it’s not about you, it’s not always going to be about you”

“Thanks a lot, I’ll not forget this”

“How is the boy”

“Brandon is okay Mum, he just needs to be kept at the hospital for a while but he finally said yes”

“Really! That’s the best news I’ve heard today….and Grandma coming here means she’s going to give her blessings too…. I’ll just try to be happy….”

“Good night my dear, go be with your man”

“Thanks Mum, good night, tell Granny I’ll be home in the morning”…
Meanwhile Blake has left the waiting area after being left in the middle of a talk by Harriet and he’s about to walk back to Brandon’s room trying to see if he and Andrea are still talking because he hasn’t set his eyes on her, he has remembered she’s been here for him all along but he’s been too occupied to the even remember that

“Dad” Linda calls him just as he was about to get to the door, he stops

“Are you going to talk to my Brand? I think I also need some alone time with him”

“I juts want to check if he and Andrea are still talking….she’s been in there for a long time and I couldn’t even spare her a minute”

“Andrea? She’s at the chapel Dad, don’t tell me you didn’t see her go there”

“Chapel? How did she get there”

“I don’t know but she doesn’t look too well, at least to me”

“Excuse me… I’ll just catch up with her, when you and your brother need something just call me on my cellphone” he says and walks back heading to the chapel, he has exited the main door but comes face to face with something he wasn’t prepared for, Harriet is sited on her car bonnet and crying, something tells him to walk past her but then he just couldn’t pass because she calls him, he stands and she begins to walk her way, she hits him hard in the chest

“What’s that for?”

“This is all your fault, it’s all your fault that I couldn’t stay” for a moment Blake is taken aback but he recovers soon, he grabs Harriet by the arm and gently leads her back to her car, he pins her against the car

“If you had been there like you should have been all this wouldn’t have happened, your ambition for a greater name blinded your eyes”

“Calm down Harriet, I know this isn’t entirely your fault but I had my own share of the pain too, I’m still carrying that guilt” she is just uncontrollable but she tries so much to calm down when she see Blake isn’t losing his temper too

“I’m sorry because of my ambitions you had to let go of your personal dreams just to keep our home running, I’m sorry I had given you such a hard time just to talk to me, to tell me your concerns, your fears….. I just stopped listening, I stopped being a Friend, I stopped being a husband even before you left that’s why I’m not holding this against you” she looks him in the eyes and she just fails to speak

“But I’m begging you Harriet, I would rather you stay away from the boy”

“Is this really about the boy or it’s about Andrea again”

“You’re just so obsessed with Andrea aren’t you?”

“How can I not when you have left me carrying all this baggage from the past”

“Like I said I’m sorry, Andrea and I are getting married and I shouldn’t cling to the past, it was good, it was great but we couldn’t make it work” he pauses to think, he remembers the day she called saying she filed for an annulment of their marriage, this somehow brings tears in his eyes but he fails to cry for something he has moved on from

“You’ll never find a woman like me anywhere Blake, because I know you, I know what you want and don’t want, you will never be okay with a woman who wears a big boy’s pant and wakes up every morning to go to work because you hate competition, you only want a submissive wife” she comes closer to him

“And Andrea, she will never give up her Carrier to run a house so big and and care for another woman’s children, this marriage will never stand the test of time” Blake shakes his head

“For all the reasons why our marriage couldn’t work out, I’m really sorry but I want to be a better husband for Andrea, I love her, I trust her” Harriet shakes her head

“Why have you changed so much Blake, where is that Blake I fell in love with and married for seventeen long years?…. Why have you changed so much?”

“Because you broke me heart Harriet, and I learnt to pick up my pieces on my own and I’m at peace with myself, I guess you just need to forgive yourself and find peace… Good luck” he walks away leaving her clinging to her heart and the tears come afresh…….to be continued

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