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A Second Chance At Love – Season 3 Episode 12


Andrea and Linda walk into the mansion, everyone is very tense and obviously waiting for update, Julio must have mentioned something but they don’t exactly have an idea of what really happened to Brandon, Nanny Lucy seems to be the most affected and she’s standing

“Linda” she calls on seeing her come in


“Thank God you’re here, what happened to Brandon, how is he, has he come home with you, is your father here too”

“My brother had an accident but he’s fine now, he only needs to spend a few days in the hospital to completely heal”

“What? How did it happen”

“Relax Nanny! he’s not critical like we all thought at first like I said he’s okay now”

“Thank God my boy is fine, I don’t know what I would have done if something worse were to happen to him” Andrea walks up to her this time, no one had paid attention to the fact that she’s here too

“Please let’s not think negatively, Brandon will come out of this all strong, we were told he’s fine before we came here” Lucy ignores her and I walks away from her too going to Linda instead

“We are here to pick up a few things for Dad and Brandon” Linda lets them know

“I’ll just pack up for Blake and Brandon” Lucy says and begins to walk upstairs but Linda calls her and she stops, Linda walks to her

“Help me pack a few things for Brandon instead, Andrea is here to pick Dad’s…. I’ll just show her to his room and you can wait up for me in Brandon’s” Lucy takes one look at Andrea, she doesn’t like the idea but she nods before walking away, Linda walks back to Andrea

“Come with me Miss Andrea, we don’t have enough time” Andrea follows Linda up stairs, it’s the first time she’s going this part of the house, she has always just stopped down…. The mansion is everything, very breathtaking is an understatement, everything in this house is upstairs, the kitchen etc… the only things that are left downstairs are the main dinning and living room plus gyms and few other rooms that are empty, they get to a long halfway on the second flow and Linda turns left, it’s as if the whole house has been built again but in a different style on the second flow

“This place is big and confusing” Andrea says

“Sure it is confusing especially for people who haven’t been here…. But for you it isn’t going to be a problem”


“It’s simple, our room are in the middle, meanwhile the kitchen is on the right along with the the servants quarter but dad’s room is on the far end on the left, he’s a king… That means you just have to walk until you can’t anymore…. Come with me” Andrea smiles and follows, they get to a door on the far end just as Linda said, Andrea looks down and the street is visible, the view of town can’t be missed either, this night it’s even more clearer and beautiful but that’s not the only beautiful thing here, just at the door, there is a mini flower filled space that’s more like a garden, it’s not very small and not too large either, though it has no green grass like the outside, it is filled up with rocks and stones to give it the garden feel, with broken pots carrying green glass that are hanging in the air with the planted glass almost touching the ground… the place is hanging in the air, Linda grabs Andrea’s arm and pulls her there, Andrea is all so terrified that she holds her chest and Linda is laughing so hard

“This place isn’t safe Linda”

“If that was the case Dad would have died many years ago”

“Blake stays here?”

“Yes especially when he comes home with extra work and needs space to do his work without any disturbance from any body but that used to be frequent when Mum was still in the house” Andrea nods, she looks around and there is dinning table set there too

“Do you dine here too”

“It used to be when dad and Mum had dinner dates but now some times it’s just us the children who dine here especially when Dad has travelled and we want to feel his presence, his Cologne smells up to here and it always feels like he’s around”


“And see the chairs, you’ll just feel like you’re in a totally different world, nothing else matters here but hey! Enough for today, come with me” Andrea follows suit and they walk back to the door, Linda opens it

“Welcome to the only private living room in this house”

“Wow…. Private?” Andrea is mesmerized by the beauty, the living room is so equally huge like the one downstairs but with a more romantic touch to it

“Why would one want such a huge space” she asks

“It was mum’s idea but with time Dad fell in love with it too, Dad isn’t a luxurious man and he’s not into these things… but you haven’t seen his favourite place in here yet….”

“His favourite?”

“I think you should just take one day off from work now that he’ll be by Brandon’s side at the hospital to come around, I’ll show you to the kitchen next time and also to teach you how to make his favourite food”

“What’s his favorite food”

“Shrimps scampi”


“Don’t you like it?”

“As a young girl I always thought shrimps eat poop” Linda makes cute faces before laughing…. they finally get to the Master bedroom and Andrea just can’t pretend she can take it all in any longer

“This is a mini heaven”

“More like a paradise”

“We don’t have all the time miss Andrea but let’s do this” Linda walks to the closet on the far end and opens it

“You won’t find any headache here, Dad isn’t exactly a very organized and neat fella so putting a few things together won’t be an issue, the trousers are on one side and the shirts on the other, he doesn’t care if his stuffs are mixed up, it’s always a disaster until when Nanny Lucy takes a long trip to this room”

“No worries, I’ll be fine Linda”

” I’ll just check up on Nanny, I’ll be back so we can leave already, uncle Julio must be waiting for us”

“It’s alright baby” Linda finally leaves Andrea alone and she can now breath her dilemma in peace, looking around more she now understands so perfectly well why it’s so hard for people to accept her relationship with Blake and for Harriet to quickly judge her, their worlds are not only apart, Blake is way beyond her league and she’s no where close… If someone had told her this before or she had gotten a chance to see this before, she would have rejected Blake and stay very far away from him to start with but now what, she’s into this up to her neck and she already said yes, there is no way out, thinking about this makes her sweat and tremble…. she walks to the closet and picks up three jean trousers, she throws them on the bed, she picks three t-shirts and some other shirts plus some casual shots before walking to the bed, she sits down and remembers she’s getting married in a few weeks time now she can’t help but ask herself if she’s really ready for this, she can’t believe she will be sharing this bed with Blake, a king sized bed, all of a sudden she begins to feel so heated up and she’s sweating, she loves Blake, she has known him for this long but their relationship hasn’t gone past kissing, and the thought of getting intimate with him scares her to death, even at 25 she’s still a virgin and now getting married to a very experienced man and what’s more, they haven’t even discussed this topic…..she snaps out of this thinking when she realizes she’s going to take more time just thinking about it

“Andrea” Linda’s calling brings her to her senses

“Are you done? Uncle Julio is waiting for us downstairs” Linda walks in

“I guess I’m all done” Linda checks the things she has packed up and smiles

“Good but you forgot one most important thing”

“No I don’t think your father needs more than this”

“Certainly not but he can’t be wearing one underwear all throughout”

“Oh! Andrea is embarrass and Linda laughs

“You’re cute when you do that but don’t worry, I used to pack up for Dad when he has a trip and he’s coming home late from office” Linda leads her to the second closet

“Pick a few from here and we go” Andrea nods with a smiles

“You’re so cute too Linda and I love you”

“Don’t say that near Dad, he’ll kill me”

“Don’t worry this is our bonding time, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind”

“Dad….” Brandon calls his father the moment he sees the door open up and Blake step in, the boy has tears in his eyes, it’s obvious he has been crying Blake isn’t smiling as he makes his way to the bed, he sits down

“The Doctor says you’ll be moved to a private room any moment from now” Blake is avoiding Brandon’s eyes as he talks because he’s so mad at him right now, as humble as he can ever be, Brandon collects every courage he could to say what he wanted to say next

“The Doctor also told you I asked to see you right?” He asks and Blake finally gives him the look

“I know I shouldn’t be mad at you for this but I just can’t help it”

“I’m sorry Dad, I’ve been so stubborn and so disrespectful especially to you”

“How did this happen”

“I don’t know, I just don’t know how I got into the accident but was never my intention to make you all worried”

“We’ll talk about that later, just focus in getting well first, that’s what matters because everyone is so worried about you, your mother hasn’t stopped crying too”

“I don’t want to see her…. It’s all her fault that I’m like this”

“Easy, your mother is aware of that too, I’m sure she can explain this better, she must have a reason”

“What reason does she have for lying to us her children?…. I’ll never forgive her for this” he begins to cry again and Blake finally gets closer to his son and kisses him on the forehead, Brandon cries even harder this time

“It hurts Dad, it hurts so much, to be hurt the second time by the person you love the most, even when Mum left us for three years I was not mad at her, not once because she made me believe that she left because you made her unhappy but turns out she replaced you real quick after just a year”

“Calm down son, this isn’t good for you”

“I don’t want to feel this pain Dad but I can’t help it, it hurts more than this damn injury…. Linda was right, I shouldn’t have been so hard on you Dad” he punches the wall but Blake is quick

“If you can’t calm yourself down, I’ll ask that they sedate you, you can’t keep hurting yourself”

“I hate her, I really hate her so much Dad, I hate her” he hugs her

“Calm down…. Calm down” he hugs him to himself

Andrea and Linda finally make their way back to the hospital after Julio dropped them, Linda comes down first

“Thank you Uncle Julio” Linda says

“I would want to see Brandon”

“I know but it’s late now, you can come back tomorrow, Brandon will be so happy to see you and he will surely understand that you really wanted to see him today”

“Please say Hi to him for me”

“I will do just that”

“Good night Miss Andrea”

“Thanks Uncle Julio, good night, and drive safe” Andrea and Linda now walk in back to the waiting area

“Linda…. Baby, thank goodness you’re back” Harriet calls Linda the moment they walk in with Andrea

“Mum where is Dad?” Linda’s indifference towards her mother hasn’t changed at all

“Your father is still in there with your brother I think he’s helping them move him to a private room but I still don’t know how he’s doing after the Doctor came out”

“I’ll just go check up on them…. I want to know how my brother is doing and help them move him comfortably” she turns to Andrea

“I’ll be fine here don’t worry” Andrea says to her and Linda takes Brandon’s bag and walks away, now it’s Harriet and Andrea again,Harriet is still in tears, and now her eyes are red and swollen, Andrea puts the bag with Blake’s clothes down and walks away, she takes close to five minutes and returns carrying two plastic coffee cups, she hands one to Harriet

“Thank you” Harriet says and the silence befalls them yet again and she turns to Andrea

“What are you trying to prove with all this”

“Excuse me!”

“please don’t try to act so smart with me because you won’t deceive me”

“Thank God that’s how you see this because even God knows you’re the last person I want to impress”

“Then what are you doing here? Are you afraid your boyfriend might forget that he’s engaged to be married?”

“Not exactly, I trust Blake and if I’m here tonight, it has nothing to do with you, I just want to be there for the man I love and the children”

“How do you feel now that my children are not happy with me, Brandon doesn’t want to see me, are you happy now?”

“Come on Harriet, I thought at first you were only under pressure because the whole thing bursted in your face but if you’re going to continue with this, I may be forced to say you’re really so obsessed with me”

“I’m not obsessed with you, why would I be? You have nothing on me”

“Exactly, you and I have nothing on each other, if I’m putting up with you right now, I’m only putting up with you because of your children but you trying to turn this on me will never work, I’ll not allow you to disrespect me”

“I know people like you, I’m not scared of you Andrea and I’m not surprised too because soon Blake will see you for who you really are, don’t think because of this my children especially my son will accept you”

“Well let me be the one to worry about that not you,in fact it had not even crossed my mind that he would accept me because whether he does or not, I’ll still marry Blake and he’ll finally learn to see me as a good woman with good intentions”

“You should because in the end when it comes to the children, Blake will always choose me, just as it happened a while ago”

“You or the children?don’t get it all twisted, those are two different things”

“Oh Andrea you’re a dummy” Andrea opens her mouth to say something but Linda comes out

“How is he” they both rise up

“He’s doing fine….he wants to see you Miss Andrea”

“Me?” Andrea is surprised

“He says he wants to say something to only you…..and Mum we need to talk” Harriet is terrified and Andrea is surprised but she makes her way to Brandon’s room….. To be continued

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