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A Second Chance At Love – Season 3 Episode 11


“Mum what’s happening” Brandon asks his mother but Harriet begins to stammer

“Is this some kind of joke?” He asks again

“No Brandon” Michael cuts in but Harriet charges forward, he grabs Michael’s hand

“That’s enough Michael just leave” Michael yanks his hand off

“Why don’t you tell the boy all the truth… Why don’t you tell them? They deserve to know” He point to Linda too

“Just leave, there is nothing to tell” she has had enough so she grabs his arm and pulls him out of the hallway to the exit door, Brandon watches so helplessly and so terrified at the same time, he’s not reactive and at this point, Blake arrives

“What’s going on?” He asks

“Dad” Linda calls and she wants to say something but Andrea cuts in

“Your son needs your comfort more right now… Just do that and ask the questions later” she says and a very clueless Blake hugs Brandon, it’s like the boy just needed this to charge his Brain and feelings, finally some tears begin to fall, he’s still in a state of denial as he repeatedly says no and shakes his head

“Calm down son, you’ll be fine, Daddy is here now”

“Dad… Please hug me tighter…just tighter please” it’s the only thing he says and Linda walks to them hugging him from the other side, she too is crying and it’s only Clair who is unaware of everything that’s going on because some how she knows when to pop up in adult business and when not to…. Meanwhile Harriet is going nuts as she tries to rush Michael out of the building

“Why don’t you tell your children the truth, maybe he’ll understand, you should be relieved and happy that I’ve done what you couldn’t master courage to do so yourself, Harriet turns in circle as she tries so hard to control herself from hitting him but it’s like this isn’t working

“Do you think this is okay? Do you think my son is okay with this? Did you see my son’s reaction…. You don’t just get it Michael, my son is hurt and he might do something stupid” she has finally bursted in tears

“Look what you just did, I’ll never forgive you for this Michael, I hate you so much” as this loud drama is going on, every one is now listening and Blake is finally able to understand in bits what is really going on, Michael steps closer to Harriet this time, he lifts her face up so she can look him in the eyes

“You never really gave us a chance huh! Did you?” He asks and she calms a bit, looking him straight in the eyes too

“There was never US Michael, there has never been and there will never be…now leave, leave and never come back because right now I’m this close, this close to hitting you, I hate you Michael, you disgust me” Michael nods, a tear falls down his face and he wipes away, he’s really hurt

“Harriet, it was real, at least for me but if you say there was really never us, I can only say this to you…. I’m glad I did what I did, I hope your children still see you the same way after betraying them for two years” she gives him a slap across the face but he takes all the pain in with dignity and bravery

“Such a nice closer Harriet, see you never” he says and finally walks out, Harriet wants to scream in pain and agony but she leans herself on the wall, she collects herself with all the tears in her eyes before beginning the walk of shame towards her family, Brandon watches her come, he’s trembling and holds into his faster so tight with every step she takes…..

“Son” she calls and Brandon doesn’t let her touch him

“Son please I can explain, it’s not what you think”

“Don’t touch me….” He says but Harriet is so determined, she tries to touch him again but Blake puts his hand forward, he looks aside

“Don’t get any closer” he says, Harriet is dying of tears, Linda equally is being hugged by Andrea

“Let me just talk to my son alone” Harriet tries to plead with Blake

“No I don’t want to see or talk to you” Brandon say before getting away from his father, he runs out of the room, Harriet tries to go after him but Blake holds her back

“Let the boy be…. You have enough to say to them but not now” Harriet looks defeated but at this point she finally shifts her gaze towards Andrea, Linda is in tears in her arms, Harriet makes her way to Andrea

“You witch, you trapped me, you made me work with you saying it would benefit my son only for you to turn around, stab me and hurt him this much…. You set me up with Michael for what? So you can have total control over my family”

“What’s going on?” Blake asks and Andrea leaves Linda before turning to face Harriet

“My God! Harriet you really think it was me who did this? I would never stoop so low, it was never my intention to hurt your children much less your son….”

“It was only you who knew about this and you have everything to gain from spilling this secret, I even begged you to not say a word, but no, it’s always you first”

“It wasn’t my secret to tell…. Yours Harriet, it is your problem and deal with the consequence, you always look for someone to blame for all your decisions but no, I’m not taking this one” Andrea says and walks away, Harriet wants to follow her but Linda stands in her way

“That’s enough mother, can’t you see Brand isn’t the only one hurt by this deception, have you no heart and soul?”

“Baby I’m sorry” she wants to hug Linda but the girl gets away from her too, Harriet slams to the ground, Blake walks after Linda who has now gone back to fetch Clair

“Baby” he calls and she just walks straight into his embrace

“I’m sorry baby”

“Daddy please go after Brand, he might do something stupid” he nods before kissing her on the forehead

“I’ll call uncle Julio to come take you both home” he runs out

“Love” Andrea calls him and he stops

“Not now Andrea” he sounds some how upset and she nods as she steps back, Suzie walks to her and gives her a hug

“It will be alright…. Let’s just go home”

“No I can’t Suzanna, I can’t leave him all alone”

“I know but that witch is blaming you”

“I couldn’t care less what Harriet thinks of me” they watch as Blake gets to where Harriet is still wailing on the floor and she calls him, he stops and they get talking soon his phone rings and Andrea watches as he freezes in shock…

After walking out on his mother in anger, feeling of betrayal and bitterness, Brandon couldn’t hold in what he was really feeling anymore, it was choking the love out of him so he just let our his frustration hitting everything he came across on the streets not caring how people were looking at him

“Yes Brandon, you should know the truth. I’m here to tell you the truth… Your mum and I know each other… I’m her boyfriend…. I’m her boyfriend…. I’m her boyfriend….” The voice keeps repeating and repeating in his head, his brain begins to hit up and he doesn’t even know where he is at this point, it was beginning to get dark that’s all he knew, he had hoped in on the available cab he could get not knowing where it was going but only crying openly, ten minutes later, the cab man pulled up

“Hey dude, you can’t be crying out all through and refuse to tell me where I’m supposed to drop you at anyway”

“Excuse me!….”

“Where are you stopping, you’re scarring the hell out of me here with all this crying”

“I’m sorry” that’s all he could say

“What really happened to you?” The man asks softly this time

“Nothing, never mind, I’ll just get off from here…. Thank you” he pays him and opens the door and comes out…. He say down by the road side not thinking straight, the only thing that was on his mind was the bitter truth that his mother has a boyfriend and all this while she has been Lying to him and having an affair, he remembers all that he has been doing, pushing on for his father and mother to reunite, hating his father so much for having an affair thinking he doesn’t love them when in reality it’s been their mother who doesn’t love them, what was he expecting from a runaway mother anyway, why did she just have to lie to them like this, he doesn’t get it, what did they do to deserve this especially him…the more he thought about it, the more tears he shed

“You lied to me, you led me on and I hate you mother, o hate you for this” he didn’t know he had said this out loud, he gets up and just walks in the busy street without looking, this was the last thing he remembered before he totally blacked out……. Meanwhile back at the party venue, Blake receives the incoming call as Andrea makes her way to him

“What?” That’s the only thing he could say

“please I’m on my way, just send me the address” he drops the call and Andrea walks faster, Harriet too gets up on her feet

“It’s Brandon” he says

“What happened to my son?” She asks

“Let’s go…I’ll explain on the way” that’s all he could say before taking off, Harriet takes off after him, Andrea follows running but by the time she gets out, the car had already sped off, she comes back inside running

“What happened? Linda asks, she too was following

“Where is my phone” Andrea asks before diving for it, she begins to call Blake but he doesn’t pick, she’s super worried and going round in circles

“Andrea calm down what happened?” Linda asks again

“I don’t even know, can you call your father or mother, he’s not picking my calls”

“Relax! Just try to calm down, this isn’t helping Linda either” Suzie says to Andrea, Linda at this point Dials his father, the call goes through but just like Andrea, Blake isn’t picking, Linda ends the call after the second attempt

“What happened?” Andrea asks

“The same story… Dad isn’t answering his phone” Linda says

“Call your Mum instead” she says and Linda heeds, she gives her mother a call right away

“Baby” Harriet didn’t waste any time in picking the call

“Mum what’s going on?”

“It’s your brother”

“What happened to Brandon”

“He got into an accident”

“What? How is he?”

“We don’t know but he was brought to the hospital by someone, we are on our way”

“Which hospital”

“No baby it would be better if you and your sister just go back home”

“No mother I can’t do that until when I know how my brother is doing, I want to see him myself”

“Alright, i know you won’t change your mind so I’ll just text you the address” Linda ends the call

“What happened?” Andrea asks right away

“I don’t know, Brandon got into some accident and he’s been brought to the hospital but she doesn’t know how serious the accident is…. But Andrea Mum was crying” the text comes in at this point

“She has sent the address” she says and Julio walks in

“Miss Linda, the car is ready to bring you and Clair home” he says

“No Uncle Julio, I’m coming to the hospital, bring Clair home” she says

“I’m coming with you” Andrea says

“I’ll bring you both” Tom says and Suzie joins too…..

“Just don’t tell Clair what’s going on”

“Alright, please drive safe” They all rush out of the room to the car, Tom hits the road right away but in the car, the mood isn’t the normal one, it’s all quiet and so intense, Linda is being held carefully by Andrea…
After like ten minutes of driving, Linda breaks the silence when she asks Andrea a question

“Did you know about this Miss Andrea? How come you were keeping it from us?” Andrea knew the.children would ask her these questions but she just doesn’t know if it’s the right time for it but she can’t down play it either

“Truth is I just found out about it a few days ago”

“How? How come it was you who found out about this first, do you know that man?”

“I don’t know him but he came to my office, your mother too was there but Linda, just like you I have no details, I didn’t want to know…. But your mother can best answer this, I’m already caught up in the middle but I just hope you all give her a chance to explain this confusion” Linda can’t hold her tears

“I’m not really surprised but I hope Brandon forgives mother for this….I’m in pain Andrea, I don’t know why but this hurts, she has hurt us again this time by lying about everything”

“Let’s not think about that now, just focus of your brother right now, let’s just pray the accident wasn’t serious and he gets well soon, you’ll get through this, you’re a strong woman”……

Blake and Harriet finally get to the hospital after what seemed like eternity on the road, he was so mad at Harriet for causing all this but he couldn’t leave her behind when the news came, he’s their son after all and Brandon loves her a lot, he couldn’t think of anything else back there when the news came and all throughout the journey Harriet was crying and somehow he started feeling so sorry for her, more than once he wanted to reach out and hug her for comfort but he had to remind himself that he’s not supposed to do that, they get to the hospital and he pack up the car, he didn’t wait up for her as he runs in

“How is my son” he asks the available person he got at the counter

“Calm down Sir, the Doctor will be out soon”

“Just tell me how my son is doing at this moment, that’s all that I want to know because I can’t calm down” Blake is panicking

“I was the one who called you sir, we found his phone on his pocket, he was actually brought in here by some people, they claimed he carelessly walked in the road and a car hit him….luckily his phone had no pattern and it was so very easy to get to your number from there”

“You’re not getting a thing nurse, how is my son?” He asks and he’s losing his patience and he’s trembling all nervous, Harriet at this time catches up with him and holds his arm

“Please Blake you need to calm down, you’ll break down for nothing, let’s hear from the Doc first before you lose it totally”

“I can’t calm down until when I see my son…you can’t ask me to calm down”

“OK I get it….. Come with me then, you’re freaking out these poor nurses” she holds his hand and pulls him with her leading him to sit down

“You’ll have to take it easy”

“How can I possibly do that”

“Just breath…. Breath in and out…. That’s it…. Do it, you can do it” Blake tries doing so and calms down a bit……..

“Nurse…. How is my brother?” Linda runs in and Harriet couldn’t miss her daughter’s voice at this point, she looks towards the door and her eyes meet with Andrea’s, it was so convenient for her, he was holding Blake in some comfortable position for a man in a relationship with another woman, but seeing Andrea, she hugs him instead and does this on purpose, Blake hugs her back, he has no idea Andrea and Linda are already here

“Dad” Linda changes direction seeing her father and mother

“Baby” Blake gets up and walks away from Harriet to give Linda a hug

“Dad how is Brandon”

“I don’t know the doctors is still in there but just like you, your mother and I just got here” Andrea and Suzie haven’t moved from the door, Tom is still outside packing the car properly

“How is my brother” Linda asks again and this time he just hugs her

“Baby” Harriet calls and gets up to come to Linda wanting to hug her but she stops her with her hand

“No mother, this is all your fault and I can’t just pretend I’m okay with you when my brother is lying in there because of you and I don’t even know how he’s doing”

“But baby”

“No mother stop it, I don’t want to hear it” she cuts her short and turns to her Father, she walks away

“Dad, Miss Andrea is also here” she points towards Andrea and it’s at this very point Blake’s head begins to works

“Love” he calls, she’s obviously hurt but she has decided to toss her feelings aside and comes forward to give Blake a comforting hug

“It’s going to be all alright love” she says as she rubs his back

“I’m sorry I left in that manner love…I don’t mean to”

“You had us all worried but it’s alright love”

“I’m sorry” he sincerely apologises and before she could say anything else, Tom walks in

“Bro” she steps aside so Tom and Blake could hug

“How is he”

“The doctor is still in there, no one knows anything yet”

“How did he get to this side of the town so fast”

“No one knows but i think he just took the available cab he could get” the theatre door opens and everyone rushes over to the Doctor coming out

“Brandon Walker’s family”

“I’m his Father” Blake says

“Blake Walker?”


“And I’m his mother” Harriet adds

“Doctors how is my son?… What happened to him” Blake enquires

“He’s doing alright, he was knocked by a speeding car but thank goodness it wasn’t pretty bad, he has a few scratches on the head and it was stitched immediately, he has a broken leg but he’s stable now, very sobber but sad” Blake and everyone else takes a deep breath it’s a relief to hear he’s fine

“Can he talk Doctor?” Linda asks

“Yes he’s very wide awake and will be kept here for a few days, we’ll be transferring him to a private room and moment from now, he was able to give us his identity”

“Can we be able to see him?” Harriet asks

“Yes but he specifically asked to see his father and gave out a clear instruction that he doesn’t want his mother anywhere close” Harriet wants to faint on hearing this but she tries to stand brave…..Blake now turns to Linda

“You and Andrea need to go home and rest, Tom will drop you off…I’ll be with him tonight, you can come back tomorrow”

“No love, Linda can go but I’ll stay, there is no way I will leave you alone, Tom can drop Zuzana home too but you and I are staying” Andrea says

“I’m staying too Dad, I can’t go anywhere without seeing my brother first”

“It’s okay, it’s not as if you guys would agree any way”

“Glad you understand…. but since we’ll all be staying here for the night, I’ll just go home with Andrea to pack up a few things for you Dad, Uncle Tom can drop us home but Uncle Julio will bring us back”

“It’s alright, do whatever but please no one should tell Clair just yet”

“Okay Dad I asked uncle Julio not to say a word to her” Tom walks to him and pats him in the back

“Easy buddy, I would really love to stay but I’ll be back in the morning… I have some paperwork to finish up this night”

“Thanks for your support Bro I understand you perfectly well, I know I can always count on you…. Thanks a lot man” Andrea, Linda, Suzie and Tom all walk out but not before Blake makes his way to Brandon, now Harriet sits down in the waiting area, she’s not liking the fact that Brandon doesn’t want to see her… be continued

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