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A Second Chance At Love – Season 3 Episode 10


“She is my girlfriend” the word continues to sink in Andrea’s brain, she literally goes numb and she has failed to react, she knows it’s awkward, she tries to say something but before she could master the energy needed, Harriet grabs Michael’s hand and pulls him out of sight and eventually out of the building

“Wow…. Didn’t see this coming” that’s all Andrea could say to herself

“What was that? What just happened?” Maxine pops from behind asking this and Andrea shakes her head

“I don’t know Maxine, get back to work, this has nothing to do with Good Events” she says before walking back to her office and closing the door up…. Meanwhile Harriet is choking in anger after using all her strength and energy dragging Michael out of the office now she’s breathing through her nose, mouth and even her eyes, she’s shooting him daggers but he’s as calm as he has always been

“What did you just do Michael?…answer me what was that you just pulled a while ago?”

“Excused me, but I didn’t come here to see you”

“Were you following me? How long have you been planning this Michael, I’m not dumb…. What did you just do”

“Nothing, I just had to talk to someone since you couldn’t obviously do it, is it not what we want at this point?”

“Of all people it just had to be Andrea, talk about good timing huh! Interesting! How convenient! Congratulations Michael but tell me how do you feel after doing what you just did” she’s going madder

“Calm down Harriet, I told you I was gonna do something about us, at least this shouldn’t be a surprise to you… I had to do something about it, you weren’t going to fight for us it’s obvious” she searches her head

“You just don’t get it Michael or do you?”

“When it comes to us honestly Harriet, I don’t, yes I don’t get it because what I feel doesn’t always matter to you, what are you afraid of, what are you all so defensive, it’s been two years and God knows how many times I have tried reasoning with you to do the right thing”

“Do you even realize the gravity of what you have just done Michael? No you don’t because if you did you wouldn’t have come here to start with.. But what do I expect, it doesn’t affect you in any way but ask yourself this do you think Andrea will just keep her mouth shut after learning this”

“What? She’ll run to Blake and snitch on you? Oh come on Harriet, open your eyes Blake has moved on and that’s precisely the reason why I had to see and talk to Andrea, maybe she can help move this faster, maybe she can understand me better”

“You’re forgetting one thing here Michael, apart from the very fact that she’s going to marry Blake, Andrea is also very close to my children and we all know right now her target is to win my son who doesn’t approve of her relationship with his father, what better way than to use this”

“Precisely why I had to tell her Maybe you can stop using your children to hide what you really feel for their father… You’re still in love with Blake admit it” this statement earns Michael a slap in the face, he turns his face away and takes in all the pain before turning to face her again

“Get out of my sight and my life Michael…. I don’t ever want to see you” Michael isn’t moves by her threats so he moves closer to her and takes her by the arm, he gently pulls her to himself

“Harriet I love you but I’m not stupid, you still love your ex husband and you’re hurting because he has moved on, you were only using me back in LA to keep you satisfied and to fill up the void in your heart and life after realizing you made a mistake but now that the reality is starting to hit you, you’re beginning to show your real colour but let me shock you today, it doesn’t matter if you love me or not but this isn’t over until when I say so, you better get used to me introducing myself to your people on my own to make it easier for you”

“Get out Michael”

“Easy” he kisses her nose and walks way to his car and drives off, Harriet is so shaken and so weak, she can’t even cry, Michael has got nerves….she turn to take a deep breath before walking back inside to have another word with Andrea concerning this latest development

Andrea sits down in her office and tries to put everything that just happened all together, from when did Harriet get involved with this Michael man to why she has been acting all mighty and saintly when it comes to Blake and their relationship, the more she tries to understand the reason behind why she was concealing this affair, the more it becomes more and more confusing, her phone begins to ring and it’s Blake, she picks the phone up and is about to pick it when the door opens, Harriet comes in but remains standing by the door, Andrea ignores her and picks the call anyway

“Hi love”

“Love, tell me you’re free right now” Blake says from the other end, Andrea checks her watch

“It’s already lunch time but I am not really busy, the appointment flopped”

“That’s why I’m calling you, the designer is meeting us over lunch and the three of us will discuss this”

“That’s even better…where are you”

“I’m coming over to pick you, you aren’t going back to the office, we have some where to go after this”

“I’m all for this love, thank you”

“Love you, I’ll be there soon” they end the call and Andrea finally raises her head up to meet Harriet still starring at her but they both say nothing, Harriet then moves to take her previous seat

“About what happened a while ago”

“Harriet! You don’t have to explain anything to me, you owe me nothing”

“Oh please let’s not pretend Andrea, this has been the best thing that happened to you this morning…this is so beneficial after all” Andrea sits upright and smiles

“Why would it be the best thing if I have my wedding to plan, with or without your affair with Michael”

“What Michael and I had was all in the past, don’t hold up your breath for that”

“Well it didn’t seem like that, it’s non of my business any ways”

“You can’t act all smart with me Andrea, I know you too well, I know you’re dying and itching to run over to Blake and tell him this”

“Is that how you really think of me Harriet? I can do better”

“Oh come on, we all know this benefits you the most, at least you have everything to gain with this information, like Brandon’s approval, turning my children against me and completely throwing me out of the picture so you and Blake can push through with your wedding”

“Were you even in the picture? Were you in any way planning to stop our wedding Harriet? Sorry I’m asking because when I came in, you were already totally and completely out of the picture so I don’t need to use your relationship with Michael to win what I have already won….. Your son is loved, all he needs is time not some brainwash but if you ask for my honest opinion, I would rather you tell the kids this before they find our another way”

“What other way? Are you…”

“Relax” Andrea cuts her short

“You saw how determined Michael was a while back, a man in love is capable of anything and the last thing you want is for him to walk to your children”

“Thank for your advice but I don’t need it”

“It’s you secret to tell them anyway, I know you have a lot at stake, the perfect mother title, it’s going to blow off once they find out you have been having an affair all this while”

“Not all this while, Michael and I are done”

“It doesn’t matter, what are you so afraid of anyways, you are a single woman after all…. Is this really about your children because they may not be my children but I know those kids very well, they will be hurt but eventually understand everything and accept your relationship just like with their father”

“My children have hurt enough and I’ll not disappoint them the second time around, I can’t do that and you better keep your mouth shut too” she gets up

“I have to be on my way Andrea but I mean it, you and I can try and get along just for the sake of what we talked about but my children should never find out about Michael” the door opens and it’s Blake

“Love” Andrea calls and gets up to give him a hug and kiss, he’s so surprised to see Harriet around

“Hello Blake” she greets him before he could ask her any question, Harriet looks back at Andrea and smiles

“Love, I called Harriet here because we agreed to work together for for the kids, we are starting with Brandon’s school project” Andrea says and Blake nods

“Well then Andrea, thanks for your time, I have to be on my way” Harriet says

“Thanks Harriet, we shall talk” Harriet walks out leaving the two love birds all by themselves

“How have you been love” Blake asks

“Today’s hasn’t really been busy like it usually is”

“That’s good, you don’t have to over work yourself, your day is around the corner”

“That’s right…. So shall we?” Andrea asks and he takes her hand leading her out of the office, they hit the road right away and drove in silence for a while

“What did Harriet really come to do at your office love… There was something about her earlier, it didn’t seem right” Blake asks and Andrea sighs

“This time believe me love, she really came because of the kids, I finally somehow agreed to put our difference aside for the kids, we are going to do this together” Blake doesn’t say anything else again he kisses her cheek

“And I love you”…… He finally concentrates on the road ….

The day for the project has finally arrived and every one is so happy for Brandon including his father with who me he really doesn’t get along with till date, Andrea has been juggling through his insults and Harriet’s insensitivity to everything that’s happening, she’s put her all in making sure Brandon gets exactly what he wants…. She’s been played for a fool by Brandon countless times but she takes it all in for the very fact that she wants them all to get along well…. Brendon has been playing smart with her, only smiling when he wants her to run some errand concerning the project but totally sidelining her in every other thing reminding her constantly that she’s not family and he will never accept her, sometimes this happens in front of Harriet who doesn’t do anything about it and she actually enjoys it, she is having fun at Andrea’s expense….

Being the day of the project, Andrea wasn’t really part of it at school, she was invited by Linda and Clair but Brandon texted her saying he didn’t want her around, instead he asked she to fix the party venue, this was the perfect reason for him and she took it all painfully in because she wants him to see that she doesn’t really mean any harm, she was really hurt so much by this the last thing she wanted was to make father and son fight over her so she keeps it all cool, Blake has no idea such business is going on….. She did a good job fixing everything back at the venue and made sure it all came out just the way Brandon wanted or even better…. It was around 6pm when she came out waiting all anxiously for them, she was called earlier by Linda and Informed that Harriet was present something she knew was going to happen but still she felt hurt…. Leaning on the door, she watches their car drives in with Harriet tagging behind with her own car…Her face lit up when she sees the children emerge from the car…Clair just took to her heels running to embrace her

“Mum Andrea”

“How was it?” She asks

“You missed a lot… The teachers talked so well about Brandon”

“Really baby! You’ll tell me all about it when we have some time later” she gives her a kiss on the forehead, Linda walks to them next

“Hello Andrea”

“How are you Linda” they hug briefly

“Good, hope you were very fine back here…I’m sorry we left you all alone”

“Don’t worry I was fine and everything has been fixed, just the way Brand wanted”

“That’s good…we’ll just be inside”

“I’ll follow, I have to talk to your Dad first”

“Alright” Brandon walks up next but as usual he doesn’t say anything, Andrea doesn’t either…… Meanwhile Harriet has lingered long enough to wait up for Blake who is still packing his car properly, Andrea can see she’s doing this on purpose as she keeps glancing at her but Blake doesn’t seem to see what it is, he finally comes out of the car and Andrea walks to them

“Love” he calls her and she gives him a kiss right away, Harriet is watching with a sly smile from the side as she stood there, Andrea breaks off from him and Harriet comes to give her a hug

“Andrea, thanks a lot, I can’t really thank you enough for all this help” Andrea forces a smile

“We have talked about this Harriet”

“Can I have a word with you Andrea, I mean here and it won’t take long I promise”

“Sure! I actually was going to ask for the same thing Harriet” she turns to Blake

“Love…I will be with you shortly”

“Alright…I’m actually tired” he gives her a kiss again and walks away now it’s only Andrea and Harriet standing

“How was it Harriet”

“Beautiful, I couldn’t be more proud of my son”

“I’m not surprised” Andrea smiles but it’s not a genuine one

“Andrea, I’m so sorry Brandon still treats you like this, I can see you’re doing a lot just to win him over and you’re doing well actually” she sounds sarcastic

“Actually Harriet, I’m not doing this just to win your son over, I don’t want to do that, I want your son to know that I mean no harm that’s why I’m putting up with his behavior, it’s my nature I’m not trying to impress anyone too”

“No no Andrea don’t get me all wrong, I can see you’re really in a fowl mood today that’s why I wanted to talk to you but all I’m saying is why don’t you try winning Brandon over first”

“Why?” Andrea asks folding her arms and stepping closer

“Do I really have to win him over? To make him feel what?”

“Calm down Andrea”

“Harriet your children are loved and they’ll always be loved by their father no matter what, I’ll love them too”

“I don’t like how you’re twisting this Andrea, you act as if everything that has to do with my children is not important but you’re forgetting one thing, you’re just Blake’s fiancé”

“And you’re his ex wife” Andrea emphasizes this last part with so much authority that all Harriet could do is open her mouth

“Mum” Linda calls from behind Andrea and Andrea takes a deep breath, she turns, Linda walks to them

“Miss Andrea, are you okay?”she asks

“I’m fine bab ….excuse me, I’ll just use the restroom ” she walks away, Linda look at her mother and just shakes her head before walking back inside….. Andrea gets to the restroom and locks herself she just melting down on the floor in tears, she pours all her bitterness there before collecting herself, washing her face and going back in there….
Michael pulls up in front of the tall building, he’s looking, calm,fresh and handsome as always, he isn’t in a rush, he takes his times and gives Harriet a call…. Meanwhile back inside, Harriet is sitting with the kids, the few guests they invited are arriving and the party has began, Andrea slowly makes her way back inside and walks to Tom and Suzie who have just arrived… She’s relieved at least she has some one she can talk to…. Harriet makes her way to the hallway to receive the call, she is irritated and visibly mad at this point but she conceals it

“Michael what do you want”

“Relax Darling, can we just talk calmly”

“No we can’t, I’m in the middle of something so important and the last thing I want right now is for you to ruin my evening” she cuts the call on him

“Well then, since you aren’t giving me a chance, I’ll take it by force” he walks in and makes his way to the room, Andrea who was by chance looking at the door catches a glimpse of him and her heart skips, she stands up right away and walks to him making sure no one else sees him

“Hey” she’s so nervous as she greets him halfway through

“Hello Andrea, how are you doing” he’s just calm and smiling

“Does Harriet know you’re here?”

“Actually she just canceled a call on me but no one is going to change my mind about what I’m about to do” he wants to walk in but Andrea stands in his way

“No…. You can’t do this Michael”

“I can Andrea, stay out of this because just like you I’m also fighting for the love I feel”

“I know but please not like this, not now, this is so important to the child” Andrea holds him back and at this point, Brandon has seen them, he loves what he’s seeing

“What if little miss perfect has a dirty little secret huh! This is good, I must find out and it’s going to be such a pleasant surprise for Dad” he gets up and walks to them, Linda too gets up and follows him, Harriett has been busy talking to a guest sitting next to her and she turns to talk to her children only to find Linda and Brandon gone

“Baby, where are they” she asks Clair

“They just walked over there” Harriet stands up

“I’ll just follow them” she walks away

“Miss Andrea, is he your guest?” Brandon asks from behind and Andrea is all so terrified, she turns with all the muscles in her neck so tight and visible

“Why don’t you bring him in” Brandon continues as he walks past Andrea who is now all defeated, Linda stands next to Andrea

“Hello” Brandon is ready for a handshake

“Hi I’m….”

“Michael” Harriet cuts him short just as he was about to say more, she runs and enters in between them, now Andrea steps aside with Linda, Blake and Tom are walking to them too, Brandon turns to his mother

“Mum, do you two know each other?”

“Son…let’s go, don’t listen to him” She pulls his hand but Michael holds his other arm back

“Yes Brandon, you should know the truth, I’m here to tell you the truth… your Mum and I know each other….. I’m her boyfriend” Harriet wants to faint, she just hopes for nothing but for the earth to open up and swallow her as her son, her only pride turns to look her in the eyes with all the surprise disappointment he could show in his face… be continued

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