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A Prince In Disguise – Season 1 Episode 9

Philip left the room and went into his own room.
He sat down on the bed, smiling.
He took his phone and dialled Naida’s number.
“Hello Philly….how is it?”, Naida asked from the other line.
“Well well well…it was so interesting I had to collect three slaps within two days”, Philip said, laughing.
Naida was shooked.
It was evident in her voice.
“Who did that?
Are they insane!?’,She shouted.
“Shhhhhhh…you don’t have to bother yourself too much.
What I came here do is actually not in vain because I’ve seen that person who has really captured my heart.
Am grateful for the wisdom that cane into me…if not,I would made the biggest mistake of my life.
All I want you to do now is to meet me at sixth valley before getting to the river.
Make sure you come along with the car…I want you to bring me some clothes I’m to change in then we can go to the palace together.
There,I will tell mum and dad what I’ve been up to.
This game is over”,Philip said as Naida hang up the call.
Philip got up from bed and looked around his supposed took before going out.
He went down the stairs and outside the compound and saw Antoinette spreading some clothes.
He smiled at her and waved.
She looked at him and looked away continuing what she was doing.
Swiftly,he turned and started to walk out of the compound.
He was about going out when Mrs Andrea drove into the compound.
She came out with Clarissa.
They looked at Philip as he stood, looking at them.
“What are you staring at?
Don’t you kniw how to greet?”,Mrs Andrea asked.
Philip chuckled and looked at them.
“I will be back”,he said and went out of the compound.
Mrs Andrea and Clarissa stared at each other.
The king and the queen were both suprise and amazed at what their son told them.
They were most especially suprised at the comments he made about each girl.
“Are you serious with all this that you have been saying?”,the queen asked.
Philip laughed.
“Am serious about every damn thing that I’ve said here.
The Davis’s daughters are not only bad mannered….they are all little devils walking about in day light.
They don’t work…they don’t care about what goes in the house.
They leave everything to the poor girl,Ann.
And their so called mother sits around and watch things go wrong in her house.
How…how do you expect me to marry someone who’s going to give me headache in the future?
The only person in that house who has captured my heart is Antoinette,their house help who has shown me she has been brought up well”, Philip said as they all breathed in.
The king looked at them all.
“Get ready people for we are going to the Davis’s compound to pick the bride”,the king said and called in one of the guards.
“Get the town crier…everybody should be here in the palace first thing tomorrow morning”,the king said as the guard bowed and left.
That night,they got the news that the prince was back
The girls were all in ectasy at the news.
They could not contain their joy a d could not sleep that night as each prayed that the prince would choose her.
The next morning,the girls woke up early and the house became a beehive of activities.
Antoinette had to prepare a lot of food.
They hired some nen to set up the tent.
Antoinette worked like a slave as she makes up for one sister and the other.
By the time every was settled,she was so exhausted and fell into a deep sleep in the kitchen.
Clarissa and her sisters wore their native attire and sat down impatiently in the living room for the royal ones arrival.
“Oh my God…I can’t believe it is finally happening…”, Jasmine said, fanning herself with her hands even though the A.C was on.
The villagers had a arrived and were all outside sitting under the tents while they get entertained by the traditional music band group.
“What’s even keeping them waiting?
I don’t think I can wait o”,Anita said, adjusting herself in her seat.
She looked at her sisters.
“And I wonder where that palace guard went since yesterday…. has he gone back to the palace?”,Anita asked.
“I thought mum said she called the king about him and the king said he gas returned.
I wonder what happened and why he left.
The guy acts so dumb”,Clarissa said.
They were still talking when the gates were being thrown opened.
They all rushed up and rushed to the window to see the royal family car, driving in.
They all screamed in jubilation.
Mrs Andrea opened the door and rushed up to them.
“Hope you girls are ready?
Oh….I can see that.
You all are looking very beautiful”,Mrs Andrea said as the girls smiled in anticipation.
“Where is this girl?
Let her come and start serving people…. Antoinette! Antoinette!!”,Mrs Andrea screamed.
Antoinette jerked up from sleep and stood up,rushing outside.
The girls all came out from the house, dancing to the tune of the band as they followed themselves at the back respectively.
The king and queen were already sitting with the princess .
The prince was still inside the car.
Antoinette was serving the guest while the sisters danced,culturally waiting for the prince to come out.
The music stopped and the king stood up as the villagers hailed him.
After a brief prayer and a brief explanation,the mc was asked to call out the prince.
“Now… let’s welcome…prince Philip!”.
Clarissa, Anita,Eve and Jasmine all stood with anticipation and ecstacy as they waited, watching whom they were about to see.
The villagers hailed and bowed as the car door opened and prince Philip stepped his feet out and started coming out of the car.

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