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A Prince In Disguise – Season 1 Episode 8

“Your highness,you have to understand that my daughters are quite in haste to see the prince.
Hope he won’t stay too long again?”,Mrs Andrea said on phone.
She was talking with the king.
“No,Andrea…you don’t have to be in haste at all.
The prince will be back very soon and when that happens,a party will commence at your house immediately for the bride choosing”,the king said on the line.
Minutes later,Mrs Andre left the house with Clarissa to the market while Anita sneaked out to visit her boyfriend.
Eve and Jasmine as usual stayed together.
While Jasmine watched movie,Eve chatted with her boyfriend.
It was almost midday.
Philip was busy trimming the flowers b side the gate.
He was lost in thought of how to go about Antoinette.
He looked up at the kitchen.
She must be inside there,he thought.
Antoinette was sitting down on the counter inside the kitchen,lost in her own world.
She still had some laundries to do but she was tired and weak that she could barely move.
She was still thinking when Eve shouted her name from the living room.
She quickly ran to answer her.
“You called me”, Antoinette said.
“Get me a glass of cold juice from the big freezer”, Eve commanded.
‘And me too, get me cold wave ice cream and be fast about it”, Jasmine said as
Antoinette walked away to bring it.
She went back into the kitchen again, thinking..
She took the required items to the girls.
“Come back here.” Eve commanded.
Antoinette walked back. “You called me.”
“Oh yes,of course I did. I’m not a dunce like you. So,what are you doing in the kitchen since morning?
Can’t you see we are starving?” Eve asked.
“My friend please hurry up with the cooking ” Jasmine replied.
Antoinette turned and quickly walked away.
“Oh God..what type of thing is this one self,en?
Am I the only one in this life to suffer like this?”, Antoinette asked and just then,the door opened and Philip entered slowly.
“I can make your life better”,he said, coming in.
Antoinette looked at him, confused.
“What do you mean you can make my life better?
Have you made yours?”,she asked.
Philip smiled and looked at her.
“Don’t be so ignorant and listen to me.
Just because am like this doesn’t mean am poor.
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, isn’t that the saying?
I will make you very rich only if…’,he said and walked closer to Antoinette who quickly jumped down the counter.
“What are you doing?”,she asked,shifting back.
Philip stopped.
He needed something to make her believe.
He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a bunch of money and waved it in her face.
“This is part of my money…not all.
Now you believe….follow me to my room and only if you can obey me”, Philip said.
He stood in front of her and pushed her hair away from her face in order to see her face clearly.
She was a beauty.
Philip was fascinated as he saw her clearly today.
She really took his breath away. He could hardly hold himself from telling her the truth right now and proposing to her.
He grabbed her face and brought it closer to his. His lips nuzzled her neck. Her breath quickened and he felt her stiffen.
“Do you want the money so you can stop complaining and live a better life?
Here….take it”, Philip said and put the money on the counter for her to take it.
Antoinette looked at the money on the counter.
It was so tempting…very tempting.
Antoinette remembered her mother’s advice.
The good training she had…she remembered them all and closed her eyes.
She waved her head indicating no and pushed Philip away.
She opened her eyes and looked into his shoocked expression.
“As much as I need this money….I won’t be taking your offer.
What do you think I am?
An helpless maid?.well,no…I will have to disappoint you m
Please stay away from me”, Antoinette said and made to rush past him but Philip grabbed her hand and tried to kiss her.
Amazed at his action, Antoinette struggled with him and gave him a very hot slap.
Philip left her hand immediately,amazed.
“Don’t you ever touch me again!
Do you think am one of those you can deceive and sleep with?
Let me tell you something,am still untouched and I will remain untouched till the very end.
Don’t you dare mess with me again or I will report you to madam”, Antoinette threatened and stormed our of the kitchen.
Philip stood and laughed while rubbing his fingers on the affected cheek.
He walked back into his room and picked up his phone.
Amazed,he laughed again.
It is time to end this game.
He laughed again. He could barely control himself from bursting out loud.
Oh my God….she passed….
Congratulations, Ann 😋😋😋

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