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A Prince In Disguise – Season 1 Episode 7

“I thought I asked you a question?
What are you doing there?”,Mrs Andrea asked again.
“I was about…. going into the next room for cleaning when I heard someone on phone so I decided to wait….”.
“The rooms are already cleaned up.
You can go back downstairs”,Mrs Andrea interrupted Philip.
He looked at the woman and looked back at the door before heading back downstairs.
He went into his room and sat on the bed, smiling,amazed.
“God….how could…”,he asked himself wondering.
Just then his phone rang.
Oh yes…am still there.
I will tell you everything when am back…right now…they must not even see a phone with me to avoid to any suspicion”, Philip said and after a brief discussion,he switched off the phone before hiding it.
Just then,a knock came on the door.
He quickly stood up and opened it to see Antoinette standing there with a tray of food.
“Oh…. come in”, Philip said, moving aside to allow her enter the room.
She placed the tray on the floor.
“I brought your food….sorry,it’s coming late”, Antoinette said kindly.
“Oh…it’s nothing…I know it’s my fault too for knocking the tomatoes over”, Philip said as Antoinette only smiled.
“Ok….. I will be leaving now”,she said and as she was about to go, Philip held back her hand.
“Can you at least,allow me know your name which is going to be as beautiful as you”, Philip said.
Antoinette laughed softly and released her hand from Philip.
“My name is Antoinette but you can call me Ann”, Antoinette said and left the room,leaving Philip staring pleased after her.
Clarissa and Anita sat outside the upstairs veranda, discussing.
Eve and Jasmine already left the house.
“I was thinking what life in the palace will actually be like.
Oh my,it will be so much fun with maids and entourage bowing for you everywhere and there”, Anita said as Clarissa nodded.
“You aren’t lying about that and I can’t wait for the prince any longer to come back from the states”, Clarrisa added.
“Wait…why not we call Gideon…let’s ask him somethings about the palace”,Anita said as Clarissa nodded.
They sent for Philip.
Philip left his room and went upstairs to them.
He put his two hands behind him as he stood before them, smiling ignorantly.
“You sent for me?”,he asked.
“Oh yes… Gideon…we wanted to ask you something”,Anita said”No problem.
You can ask me as long as I can answer”, Philip replied.
“How…how us life in the palace like?”,,Anita asked, moving forward in her chair.
Philip thought about his answers first.
He must be very careful at whatever he was going to say.
“Well…life in the palace…is just like life here…it’s nothing special really… nothing…”, Philip said and looked at the girls, trying to put words together but they kept shut, expecting more from him.
“Is that all?
Gosh,you are really so boring”,Clarissa said.
“Okay…so how does the prince looks like?
Is he handsome?”,Anita asked again.
Philip smiled at this one.
“Yes…he is definitely handsome”,he answered as Anita jubilated.
“So,can I go now?
I have something doing’,he asked.
“Oh yes…yes”,Anita said and Philip left quietly.
He was descending the stairs when he met Eve and Jasmine, coming up.
He tried walking past them but Jasmine pushed him back.
“Don’t you know how to say hello?
Come on,will you carry this bag into my room?
What a dunce!”, Jasmine said, flinging her bag to Philip.
The two girls laughed as they continued their journey to the stairs.
Philip stared at the bag in his hands,and laughed silently.
He walked down the stairs and traced Jasmine’s room.
He got there and entered.
Then put the bag on her bed.
He looked around the room, smiling in bewilderment.
If only they knew he was the prince they so much wanted to see.
Now all the girls have been tested.
They are nothing but spoilt brat and crazy whores.
Thank God he cane in to see things fur himself.
But Antoinette…. Antoinette.
She is the wife material.
Respectful and full if tolerance.
But still yet,he had to test her again.
The money part…
Philip thought if how best to see Antoinette’s full character.
An idea occurred to him.
I pray you don’t fail Ann because you are the only one who has captured my heart do far.
Philip thought to himself.
He will try to seduce her,and promise her alot of money and that will be the end of the little game….

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