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A Prince In Disguise – Season 1 Episode 6

“Gosh!!Can you just imagine that commoner…pouring water on me… destroying this beautiful gown that I found so hard to select for my outing?”, Clarissa shouted as she came into the living room.
Her sisters were watching an early morning program.
They all stared at her.
“But Clarie….the water is not much as am seeing it….”, Jasmine said.
“Oh please shut up.
Do you ever see!”,Clarisa shouted furiously and matched away angrily to her room for a change.
Her sisters looked at each other and sighed.
Mrs Andrea was in her room when she received a call from the king about the prince.
He told her he might be back by next week.
When the girls heard,they were a bit disappointed.
“Does that mean we have to wait till next week?”,Eve asked.
She was heavily annoyed.
She could not wait to be done with the whole thing and return to her normal life.
Antoinette was taking some refuse to the gate where the environmental vehicle would come to carry it when Philip sighted her.
He was trimming the flowers beside the gate when he saw her.
He stared at her as she walked.
Who is she?
He asked himself.
Antoinette was going back to the house when Anita met her on the way.
“Wait…why are you this slow?
Can’t you understand the simple language…hunger?
Somebody is hungry…please be fast with the cooking”,Anita said rudely.
Philip watched the girls.
He expected Antoinette to retaliate but you his suprise,she only ignored Anita and continued walking.”And you…what do you think you are looking at?
Did you come into this place only to stare at people? Please,face your work”,Anita said, walking away.
Philip stared at her as she left and blew out a sigh full of wonder.
Philip finished trimming the flowers and entered the house through the back yard.
The first step lead to the kitchen.
He heard some noise inside and entered.
Antoinette was in, cooking.
She turned around and stared at the intruder.
“What do you want?”,she asked softly and tiredly.
Philip’s heart felt for her immediately.
“Nothing…you must be the maid here,right?”, Philip asked.
“Isn’t it obvious?”, Antoinette asked, slicing some red tomatoes.
“Do you mean to tell me only you alone in this big house does all the work here?”, Philip asked, amazed.
Antoinette looked at himq
She stared at him for a while.
“Well…what else am I good at other than serving people?
I guess I was born for it”, Antoinette said and breathed in.
She continued what she was doing while Philip stared at her.
He watched her as she conducted her cooking.
She was just too perfect.
Philip supposedly walked towards the zinc and pretended like some one who wanted to carry water.
The sliced tomatoes were on the zinc.
Philip raised the zinc and turned the tomatoes on the floor.
“Oh my God!”, Antoinette shouted and bent down to start picking it when Clarissa came in.
Wide shook plastered her face immediately.
“What!”,she screamed as she saw Antoinette packing the tomatoes.
“Wait wait wait…what do you intend to do with that?”,she shouted and slapped Antoinette immediately.
Philip was shooked.
The urge to stop this girl was so over powering and tempting.
“If I had not come in…do you intend to pour it back into the plate!”,she shouted again, risking another slap.
“No….no… aunty”, Antoinette sobbed.
“Now take that and throw it into the waste basket then slice fresh tomatoes.
Stupid girl”,Clarissa hissed out the words and walked out of the kitchen.
Philip stared at Antoinette, expecting her to turn her anger on him and accused him of the cause but no such thing happened.
“Am…am sorry”,he said.
Antoinet looked at him and nodded.
“It’s not your fault…am the clumsy one who kept it there”, Antoinette said and continued what she was doing.
Philip could not believe his ears at what Antoinette said.
She even blammed herself.
Wow…what a girl.
Philip quietly watched the happenings in the house.
He watched everyone’s behavior and also observed how the fours sisters he was supposed to pick a wife from sit idling around.
During afternoon time,Philip took mop and bucket to Jasmine’s room to clean her room and of course he had a reason for doing so.
As he wanted to knock on the door,he heard her talking on phone.
“Oh really?
Of course,I enjoyed myself.
The way you entered me was so marvelous.
I feel like a woman already.
Thanks so much sweetheart…oh about that prince thing?
Don’t you worry dear…even if I get choosen,I will only marry him for us…in order for us to live in more wealth…”,Jasmine stopped for sometime and laughed.
“Yes of course…am coming by in the evening for more pleasure honey…love you too…”.
Philip again was dumbfounded as he stood there.
Wait…is this the family he was supposed to choose a bride from or did he come into the wrong house?
“And what do you think you are standing there doing?”,a voice asked from behind.
Philip flinched and turned back to see Mrs Andrea staring at him with a look that spelt something else entirely….
Oya,Jasmine..follow your sister for back.

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