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A Prince In Disguise – Season 1 Episode 5

Prince Philip told his sister about his plan,after sending Gideon to his family for the time being.
“Isn’t that dangerous?”,Naida asked.
“I know it sounds dangerous but it’s for the time being…I won’t stay there forever.
Am telling you this because I trust you very much… don’t tell even a ghost”,Prince Philip said as Naida nodded.
“But where do you tell dad you are going to?”,Naida asked.
“Am going to tell dad I have some urgent things to do before coming back to choose a bride.
I will have to make it sound very urgent… don’t worry”,Prince Philip said.
He told the king and queen he had urgent matters to attend to before coming back to do the right thing.
The king asked him to come back on time in order not to keep people waiting.
“I’ve heard you dad.
I will be back as soon as possible”,Prince Philip said.
A loud knock was heard on the gate early in the evening.
The gate man quickly opened the small gate annoyed.
Standing there was Philip, looking so common and poor.
He was wearing a khahi slacks and bathroom sleepers.
He carried a Ghana must go bag and put on a very meek and gentle expression.
He disguised himself entirely.
“Do you want to break the gate?
Don’t you have a gate at home?”,the gate man barked at him.
“Oh…am sorry.. pardon me”,Philip said, adjusting the Ghana must go on his shoulder.
“Who are you and what do you want?”,the gate man asked.
“Am from the palace.
The king has sent me to Mrs Andrea”, Philip said.
“Okay….you are the palace boy madam informed me is coming in the evening.
Ok,you can enter but next time, don’t knock on a gate like that”,the gate man said as he opened the gate for him and
Philip slowly entered.
He looked up at the building as the gate man led him under the shade where Mrs Andrea and her daughters sat, talking.
“So,as I was saying girls.
You a should get prepared and make a good impression so I will also become one of the royal family in this town”,Mrs Andrea said to the girls.
Carissa was sitting beside Mrs Andrea while the rest of this girls sat side by side in front.
Just then,the gate man arrived with Philip.
“Ma,this guy says he is from the palace and that the king sent him”,the gate man said and all of them turnrd to look at Philip.
Philip greeted them and quickly observed the four girls sitting down.
This must be the Davis girls.
They are really beautiful.
He thought…
“….Mr Man,I said what’s your name?”,Mrs Andrea asked loudly, knocking him out of his thought.
“Oh…am Phil…..oh sorry…my name is Gideon…from the palace”,Philip said.
The girls stared at him and laughed at his nervousness.
“Why are you… anyways,hope the king told you your work here?
All you have to do is assist in the chores,okay? Nothing else”,Mrs Andrea said and Philip smiled, acting do nervous.
“Yyesss…ma”,he answered and followed the gate man as they left.
As soon as they left,they all burst into laughter.
“What a guy!’,Anita exclaimed.
“I wonder if this one self is actually from the palace”,Carissa said and hissed.
“So,as we were saying….”,Mrs Andrea continued.
Philip was given a room downstairs, beside the back yard.
He put his Ghana must go back which was full of Gideon’s clothes into the room and sat on the bed, looking around.
He smiled at himself.
“Wow…. helping out with house chores?
You better get ready,Philip”.
The next morning, Philip woke up early and went downstairs to wash the car.
He wasn’t quite good at it but he tried his best.
When the sun came high up in the sky, Clarissa came out of the house, dressed in an expensive short gown.
It was obvious she was going out.
She sat at the cushion outside the veranda and caught Philip looking at her.
She went closer to him.
“What do you think you are looking at?”,she asked him, folding her arms.
“Nothing… nothing…am sorry for staring”, Philip apologized, stammering.
Clarissa hissed.
“Please be fast with the car because I will soon go out with it”,Clarissa said and turned to go.
Philip thought of what to do to see her reaction.
He picked up the plastic he was using to carry water and scooped it with water.
He then supposedly splashed the water on Carissa to see how she was going to react.
Her reaction shoocked him.
Clarrisa turned around sharply,her eyes red with anger and before Philip could say anything,two hot slaps met with his cheeks..
“How dare you!How dare you ruin my dress for the day!!
You fool!’,Clarissa shouted at him and walked angrily away into the house.
Prince Philip held his cheeks,mouth wide opened with shook as he stood, dumbfounded……
Abeg Clarissa go sit down.
You are already out of the picture.
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