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A Prince In Disguise – Season 1 Episode 10 [Completed]

Philip came down from the car and looked up as their eyes jamed together.
The girls all looked at him and slowly stopped dancing with their face squeezed with shook and confusion.
The music stopped abruptly at the sudden change in the atmosphere.
“What….wha…. what’s the meaning…. what’s the meaning… meaning of this?”,Mrs Andrea asked, facing the royal couples who were smiling.
Philip removed his cap and moved closer to the girls and stood in front of them.
He felt like throwing up and laughing at the looks on their faces.
“What?Why are you girls like that?”,he asked pointing to their faces.
Clarissa slapped away his hand in anger.
“Gideon…. what’s the meaning of this?What!”,she screamed at him.
“Can you just imagine this…. this one”,the girls said, looking at each other and staring around.
“You still don’t get it!?”,somebody said from under the tent which has been set aside for the royal family.
They all turned.
It was the princess.
“Standing there before you is the prince whom you guys have been waiting for to come back from the states”,Naida said and sat down again.
The villagers nodded their confusion away as they all wondered about what was going on.
The girls all turned sharply and looked at Philip who stared back at them.
“You…you are the prince?”,Anita asked and opened her mouth in shock as she remembered all what she had done to him and worst still,he had heard her talking with her boyfriend on phone.
Antoinette on her own part was shivering under the tent.
She had stopped serving people when things turned around.
She could not believe she had actually turned down a prince and also slapped him.
Her next agenda was to run but her legs failed her from doing so.
“But…but.. why did you do such a thing…”,Mrs Andrea stammered.
Philip smiled and looked at her.
“Well…it’s was for no other reason but to see things myself.
To see what’s going on in the family am supposed to choose a bride from”,Philip said.
The girls all turned away their faces bitting their lips in shame and regret.
“And it was a total disappointment. I’m one lucky guy you know. I would have ended up in trouble.” Philip said, smiling.
“Heeeeh…”. Clarissa winced, banging her fists on her laps. She remembered how she slapped and called him names.
She prayed earnestly that the ground would open up and swallow her.
“So..I guess now…it is time for the prince to choose that person who is worthy to become his bride”,the mc said and the villagers jubilated while the music continued.
The girls could not dance again as prince Philip went around them.
He started from Clarissa.
He stood before her and remembered her harsh treatment.
How she had slapped him all because of a drop of water.
“From your looks dear….I know you know I can never pray to have a bride like you. You are not only hot tempered. You are a spoilt lazy brat.”, Philip said and walked past her.
Clarissa’s face filled with tears as she tried to hide it.
She had always thought she would be the bride the prince would choose.
He went over to Anita and stood before her.
The first he remembered was what she told her boyfriend on phone concerning him.
He laughed and looked into her eyes in a State of mockery.
Good bye,Anita and tell your boyfriend that your little plan did not work”, he said and went over to Eve and Jasmine.
He only looked at them and shooked his head then turned away, looking around.
He stared around looking for his heart desire.
He saw her standing at the Corner behind the tent and walked slowly to her.
Antoinette was really scared now.
She quickly bowed as he stood before her.
Philip smiled as he remember all what she has done.
Ranging from her hard working spirit and her tolerant behavior.
Her patience and contentment and also the way she slapped him in self defense.
They were all wonderful.
Prince Philip offered Antoinette his right hand and everywhere became quiet.
The sisters stared dumbly at them,daring not to believe what was about to happen.
Antoinette was confused as she stared down at Philip’s palm.
“My….my prince…please forgive me ..I know I’ve done what is supposed to bring death upon me…please forgive me…my prince”, Antoinette stammered,almost kneeling down.
Philip smiled again.
“Your rudeness towards me has brought you breakthrough”, Philip said as Antoinette stared at him,trying to make out the meaning of what he was saying.
Philip took her hand in his and brought her out of the tent.
He faced the king and bowed before turning to the people.
“My king…my people…this is the maiden who has won my heart”,Philip announced and there was jubilation among the people.
Clarissa and her sisters stared, dumbfounded.
One by one,they turned and ran inside ashamed and chattered.
“Aaaaa!!Oh my God!Gideon….prince Philip whom we have been waiting for since all this days was actually in our custody?
I even slapped….oh my God!”,Clarissa shouted,tears coming out of her eyes.
“Can…. can you see whom he picked?
He picked Antoinette…the ordinary maid over us!”,Anita cried.
“Yes… because she has been the only one working tooth and nail….oh my goodness….I even insulted him!”,Eve said,less concern because she wasn’t really interested in the prince.
The girls all sat down silently as the celebration outside continued.
“My king….this…this can’t be happening!”,Mrs Andrea said to the king when everything was over.
Antoinette had already been taken to the palace by Princess Naida.
“Well….the prince made a choice…I can’t choose for him.
It was all your fault that you could not bring up those girls properly in order for them to be wife materials.
So….am not to be blamed.
The prince made his choice”,the king said and entered the royal car while the queen stared at Mrs Andrea before following her husband.
Soon they were out of the compound leaving Mrs Andrea and her loser daughters.
At the palace, Antoinette was dressed by the maids.
They made her up and wore her the best clothes embroided with fine beads.
Prince Philip could not believe his eyes when he saw how beautiful she looked.
She looked like a queen.
Antoinette on her own part still thinks she is dreaming.
Does this mean all my problem are over and now I can take good care of my parents?
She thought within herself.
The celebration continued and she was married to the prince.
Mrs Andrea and her daughters shamefully returned to the city with bitter lessons of their lives.
Antoinette brought her parents over to the palace and the king got them a very large house there in the village.
A year later, Antoinette gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and they lived happily ever after.

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