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A Night Before Her Wedding – Season 1 – Episode 2 [Completed]

Sounds of music and drums gaiely drifted through the window.
Friends and church members were seen assisting the cook to get assorted dishes and drinks ready for the engagement ceremony.
Even with inhaling the smell of the air around the kitchen you’d almost get satisfied. What would be the condition when you get to have a taste?
It was a great day indeed!
Sarah could not contain her joy. She couldn’t wait to get dressed completely. Her body was already moving slightly to the Yoruba music flowly gracefully from the loud blaring speakers…
Then she thought,
‘Kelvin thinks I can’t dance because of how stiff I seem to appear. I’ll blow off his mind today.’
She couldn’t wait.
The end.
Isa.8.20 – To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
You know, sometimes, in the midst of excitement and rejoicing Satan would want to interrupt. He enjoys it when we all attention is thrown on him, so he usually devices means by which he can cause sorrow even in the midst of celebration.
But Isaiah 8: 20 says, if your situation does not speak in accordance to the word of God, it’s because there’s no light in it. And if there’s no light in it, why would we as children of light walk in darkness?
It might
come in form of a dream as it did for Sarah.
It might be the statement of someone, maybe a so-called Christian.
But remember, if it’s not according to the word of God, it’s because there’s no light in it.
This implies that we must know the word of God by heart else we would not be able to discern if the situation is in line with God’s word.
Satan wanted to disrupt Sarah’s mind with that dream but because it wasn’t according to the word that God gave them, they didn’t accept it.
If it’s not in line with God’s word, reject it.
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Much love, from Omeiza Deborah.

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