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A Night Before Her Wedding – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 2]



She ran until she couldn’t run anymore. Gasping, her sides hurting, she stumbled into the tall grasses. Got up again.
Her shoulders heaving with sobs, her face streaked with tears, she opened her mouth to call out to Jesus but her trachea was blocked.
She thought of saying it in her mind, but her mind seemed numb.
Tired and
running short of breath, she fell down again.
Then, she rolled and rolled until a large stone forced her to come to a stop.
With bruises rejoicing all over her face, she lifted up herself to see if the old man was still coming after her. He was nowhere to be found. She sat back.
Why does this old man look so much like my dad?
Is it a sign that he’s still vehemently not in support of my marriage to Kelvin?
But had he not given us a go ahead?
This questions and more ran through her mind while she sat.
As she thought of the next line of action, she remembered that the word of God could come her rescue. As she thought of how to get hold of her Bible since it was no where to be found, she opened her eyes to reality and discovered it was all a dream.
Wiping her face with her hands, she sat up and threw her hands to pick up her Bible from the table. She flipped it open without having any particular place in mind.
Disoriented, she kept it back on the table as she could not contain the fishes of thoughts swimming in her mind.
Words of anxiety were written all over her face.
‘Why on my wedding night?
Why can’t my Dad let me go finally? I know he really doesn’t like Kelvin for anything but he gave us the go ahead.
He did!’
Tears began to flow down her eyes.
‘Why now?’
She lay back on the mattress but could not sleep.
Just as she was about getting up again from the mattress, Catherine her best friend who was going to act as her best lady coughed seriously till she rolled towards Sarah.
Her eyes opened slightly. She’d have gone back to sleep but was taken aback seeing Sarah awake.
Wiping her face with her palms, she said,
“you’re awake?
I thought I told you that you’d have to get enough rest so as to be very active on your big day?
Please, go back to
She was about going back to sleep when she thought of playing a little before that.
“By the way, this night is very cold. It will do me more good having an extra duvet.”
Words kept running outta her mouth like a running tap without control.
She didn’t even observe the morose face of Sarah.
Jokingly, she drag her duvet and covered herself.
Sarah would have, as usual, thrown a punch at her friend kept mute.
While Catherine was all covered up with Sarah’s duvet. Smiling and waiting patiently for the punch. Preparing to take her revenge that’ll lead to a playful fight. Nothing happened.
She waited. Waited. Waited. It was getting longer than usual and the smile began fading from her face.
She turned slowly, looked Sarah in the eyes and noticed two tears falling off her eyes.
“What’s the matter, my dear? This is unlike you.”
you’d not be cautious of me, how’d you know that everything is not fine. Just live me alone.”
“Ahnahn, my baby girl, I’m really sorry. What’s the matter, please talk to me.”
Now the tears had began to flow profusely.
“Why? Why on my wedding night? Why would I have such a bad dream when tomorrow is meant to be a great day for me?”

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