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A NEED YOUR ADVICE! My Boyfriend Has Stopped Calling And Picking My Calls (What Should I Do?)

I am really in need of your advice at this point because I can not take it any longer.
I’ve been with this guy for close to four years now, and it’s not really been a perfect relationship.

Lots of ups and downs due to what I can term insecurity. At some point we’re cool and the next minute issues arise just like every other relationship.

He’s a good guy to some extent as he showers me with love ( my thoughts)and a lot of times he gives gifts not money though.

I’ve had to give financial assistance to him a lot of times, he returns some if he deemed it necessary and doesn’t return if he so wishes.

I’ve never complained about this and still always willing to help him out whenever he is in need. Please note that we’re both financially OK.

This gesture of me offering him financial help stopped when I realize he doesn’t do the same to me.

I’ve had to test him on several occasions that I needed financial help, and he has never for once helped out on those request despite knowing he has.

I never needed the money though, I made those request to know if I could actually fall back to him if I’m in need.

Last year October, I told him about my plans of getting a new car as I got tired of the one I was using.

Please note that I did not request him to buy for me neither did I ask for any support whatsoever.

I contacted my source in the US with my budget and spec, was able to find one in a short time and I paid for it.

All of these moves were known to him. By December, the car arrived and cleared accordingly with every expense incurred paid by me. He gave some moral support though.

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A week after getting the car, he called me one morning and started apologizing for not supporting financially in getting the car which I told him I had no issues with that.

I told him I wasn’t expecting more than moral support from him since I could afford to get the car on my own.

I also made him realize he doesn’t owe me no apology as I wasn’t his responsibility since we weren’t married and that even if we were married, ill always want to get my stuff myself as long as I can afford it.

The next I heard was him ranting on the phone that he doesn’t expect less from me, said I’m a proud and that he knew I wasn’t going to be a good wife.

He said he has always known I wasn’t going to be a submissive wife and a lot of other derogatory words despite not having issues whatsoever prior to that time. I ended the call as I was so surprised he could say those mean words to me.

All through that day he didn’t call back, and I did not as well cos I was expecting him to realize I was hurt by his actions.

A week pass and still no call from him, so I decided to call him, and he didn’t pick. I’d sent a lot of messages to him and has not replied to any. I’d gone to his house to check up on him and not met him too.

It’s been three weeks now, and we haven’t spoken and seen despite all of my effort to talk to him and or see.

Guys Please I’m Confused And Do Not Know How To Handle The Issue. Please Advice.

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