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A Music Producer vs A DJ – Who Makes More Money In Nigeria’s Music Industry?

The music industry is a very robust industry with so much opportunity to make money.
Disc Jockeys and Music Producers are important players in the music industry as their craft is always needed to make activities in the industry smooth.

While producers are always needed in the production process of songs, DJs are needed once the song is ready to be consumed by music lovers.

How Producers Make Money

Producers make their money mostly from working hand-in-hand with artistes in production of beats and recording of songs.

They get paid-off most times when they are done with the job and build their profile to attract more jobs if the song eventually make hits.

In develop countries, producers earn part of royalties of a song for life but I don’t think that happens in Nigeria.

However, a music producer can employ the service of an artiste to make a song he will own and make money from the royalties of that song.

How DJs Make Money

Disc Jockey‘s make their money in various ways.

DJs make their money from performing at any kinds of events and apart from that they are always useful for radio stations, clubs and other entertainment outfits.

DJs are also very important when it comes to music promotion, in most cases artistes pay them to play their songs on their mixtapes.

From your knowledge of these two career paths in music, the question is 👇

Between A Music Producer And A DJ – Who Is Likely To Be Making More Money In Nigeria’s Music Industry?

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