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A Man And His Price – Season 1 Episode 6

Muia laughed once more. “Does it matter?
Talk is cheap. No, that’s a lie. That’s why I
pay a speech coach two million a month to
teach me how to do it. Let’s cut the crap,
Reverend, I want your support. It will look
good – to the citizens and the international
community. I want the credibility your support
will give me. You know this. Now the question
is, what do you want?”
“I want,” Njenga said, his voice rising as he
lost patience with this cocky, smiling
politician. “All the things you talked about! An
end to hunger! Disease! Corruption! Injustice!”
“Under my government,” Muia replied calmly.
“Healthcare, food distribution, infrastructure
and law enforcement will all undergo
wholesale reforms. All these needs will be
Njenga shook his head in disbelief.
“I want an end to corruption and crime!” he
“All corrupt officials will be dealt with to the
full extent of the law.” Muia replied in the
same calm, assuring voice. “The police will be
deployed to protect our citizens. Better
equipment, better pay. Trust me; I want
nothing more than this. The people are
suffering, and they are my people too, you
“What do you know about the people’s
suffering?!” Njenga replied hotly. “What do you
know about the woman who has to work four
different jobs to feed her family as her
husband was shot dead for standing up to the
local crime boss?
“What do you know of the pain of a single
mother who watches her daughter get hooked
on drugs, drop out of school and forced to join
a prostitution ring?
“What do you know of the anguish of the
family that watches their brother, their son,
evolve from the sweet, caring young man they
once knew and loved, into a hardened,
bloodthirsty criminal that they now tremble
before? Eh? What do you know??!!”
Muia remained silent.
“I want all crime barons, and government
officials guilty of corruption, imprisoned and
stripped of their assets! And the resources
redeployed into nation building!” Njenga was
standing up now, livid, shouting, disbelieving
as the man sat there coolly and tried to force-
feed him these lies.
“They shall be pursued to the full extent of the
law,” Muia repeated, without batting an eyelid.
That was the final straw.
“Really?” Njenga was bellowing at the top of
his voice now, laughing like a madman.
“Really? Hahaha! Wallace Kabogo; drug baron
and racketeer, principal funder of the Muia
campaign? Festus Muia; Minister for
Agriculture – who has embezzled billions,
while the people starve; your uncle? Marshall
Muia; former Minister for Finance, your
father?! And countless others?”
Muia just sat, looking at Njenga, even a bit
bemusedly, completely unfazed. Looking
Njenga straight in the eye –
“People must eat. But even so, they eat, and
get full. And they realize the granary only
holds so much grain.”
Muia almost struck him. It took all of his self-
control to force his hands to his sides; it took
all his concentration to keep from calling
Muia all the names that were running through
his mind. Somehow he managed it. Finally, he
sat and dovetailed his fingers, and fought to
control his voice.
“I see.” He said. “Unfortunately, I have come
to the conclusion that our ideologies are
incompatible, and the proposed partnership
cannot, in good conscience, proceed. Thank
you for coming. I have nothing more to say.”
Muia didn’t budge.
“I will advise you to rethink that.” He said
“My mind is made up. Don’t bother making

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