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A Man And His Price – Season 1 Episode 2

Reverend Amos Njenga had risen up, the last
knight in the crusade against the vices, the
virus that had infected every pore if the
country. He stood on a platform of political
reform and religious revolution-he urged
citizens of all faiths to stand for their beliefs
and call for an end to the chaos.
At first he had been ignored, the same way a
horse ignores a mosquito buzzing around its
ears, or perhaps warns it off with a lazy flick
of its tail; but his movement had picked up
steam, and now was the main threat to those
keen on maintaining the status quo in the
country. He was popular among the middle-
class, educated professionals who were
disgusted with the state of affairs in the
country, who were tired of paying bribes to
obtain even the most basic of services…and
also among the low income earners whose
backs were breaking under impossible taxes
and were forced to pay exorbitant protection
fees, and who lived under constant fear…
Secret contributions from like-minded
individuals had enabled him to set up a pirate
T.V station whose location had bamboozled
the authorities. It broadcast his stirring
speeches twice a day across the country, and
the viewing of ‘Truth T.V’ became a felony
throughout the land.
Numerous assassination attempts had been
made upon him; once his vehicle had been
rigged with a bomb, and had gone off one
morning as his driver was warming up the
engine. Another time a bullet had grazed his
temple as he gave a speech at a university.
He had stooped to read from his notes just as
the shooter fired – if he’d stayed still just a
millisecond later his head would have had a
hole blown through it. The shooter had
inexplicably escaped police custody. It seemed
as though providence itself was protecting
him, but he was not about to test how far this
protection extended. Now his very location
was kept secret by his small but dedicated
security detail. He soldiered on, unblinking in
the face of insurmountable odds. He remained
a constant thorn in the side of the country’s
power brokers, like Hannibal, who threatened
the power of mighty Rome. He was just
waiting for his Cannae.
The General Election had come around again,
and Reverend Njenga had called for a boycott
of the polling stations, denouncing both
presidential candidates as puppets of the drug
lords and crime barons. Finally his supporters
had pressured him into throwing his own hat
into the ring. He didn’t campaign publicly, but
used ‘Truth T.V’ as his platform after the
police had ‘failed’ to contain a riot at one of
his rallies which had almost seen him killed.
Deep down, however, he knew there was
absolutely no way he could win. There had to
be another way to restore sanity to the land…
that was why he had agreed to this secret
meeting with one of the candidates, Glen

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