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A Man And His Price – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 8]

A man and his price

A man and his price

Reverend Amos Njenga sat at his desk beside
the window, deep in thought.
Outside, darkness had fallen, but he could still
see as the moon was full in the sky, and the
stars were shining like the headlights of so
many cars stuck in a celestial traffic jam. The
moon’s strong light filled his heart with
gladness, and the myriad twinkling stars that
still shone through the darkness inspired him
with hope. For darkness had fallen thick on
the land, and he wondered if the few shining
lights in its midst were enough to drive it
Corruption, like a virus, had infested the body
politic and the Government was rotten through
and through. The Treasury had become the
Ministers’ personal bank account, financing
their flashy Ferraris and paying for illicit
‘diplomatic delegations’ to Paris and Milan.
Rich men committed murder in broad daylight
without a care, as they knew they had the
Judiciary in their back pockets. Right next to
their wallets.
Organized crime was rampant – gangs battled
for control of the streets, exchanging fire in
broad daylight. The police force was
understaffed, poorly equipped, and underpaid.
Crime lords didn’t even bother bribing them
any more – they just ignored them. They
organized themselves into triads and mafias
and syndicates, dividing up the country among
themselves and waging turf wars of almost
civil-war proportions.
Everywhere the citizens were crying out in
anguish; vigilante groups sprang up daily,
only to become one more cog in the
juggernaut of anarchy and lawlessness in the
country. Leaders were either a part of it, or
bullied and intimidated into submission…or
assassinated for their resistance. They had all
fallen, one by one bowed before the Ba’al of
power and wealth that the whole country
worshipped, or been thrown into the furnace
for their refusal. All had been incinerated. All
but one.

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