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A Journey Of Love – Season 1 – Episode 11

A Journey Of Love

A Journey Of Love

Doctor John and Mike was seen standing in doctor


office as one could see doctor john turning a book

over and over again.

“That is a fascinating case. She has no one to take


of her” Doctor John said pitifully handing the book

to doctor Mike.

“Have you heard from”

“The woman and her son?” Doctor John completed


question and shook his head negatively.

“This girl,

I feel very sorry for her. For her to be involved in such


fatal accident and then, her father comes to visit


in the hospital, and collapses and die there. And now,


has no one to look after her. it’s so sad” doctor mike said


doctor John feeling very sorry for Ella.


is sad,but, what do you suggest?” Doctor John asked

doctor Mike.

“To tell you the truth.I want to take that girl to my


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So that I will have enough time to treat her. I need to


use of great facilities that I know you do not have

in this hospital” doctor mike answered.


it’s okay by me. But, one thing worries me” Doctor John


“What is it?” doctor mike asked.


mike. she has already in cured a handsome amount

here and then”

“You know what?” Doctor mike said taking his sit.


nothing to worry about. My own bills, let’s say, I’m doing


for humanity” doctor mike said. Doctor John stare at

him surprisedly.

“mike, you surprise me” Doctor john responded still surprise.


me shock you further, all her bills here, I want you to


them with my fees. and if they do not cover that, please


me” Doctor mike said.

“For the bills, let’s also say, it’s for humanity” doctor


responded with a smile. He started walking to the exit

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“John” doctor mike called making him to stop

and turned backward.

“Thank you” Doctor mike said. doctor John nodded his


gently stunning out.




There was a total silent in Daniel’s hospital room as

both Cynthia and

Mrs. Emily was watching at Daniel sadly. Daniel has


sleeping all this while without opening his eyes.


stood up and kissed him on his lips. Daniel didn’t


his eyes nor make a move. Cynthia went and take back

her sit.



Ramo and Shekina was seen entering the hospital


on a white garments claiming to be one of the nurses.


started searching for Ella’s ward until they finally

found it.

they opened the door to see a lady laying on the

hospital bed.

meanwhile darkness has already covered the whole


as there was no power supply. they quickly injected


drugs on her and ran out.

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