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9 Nigerians Share Their Experience With Foreign Food

How do Nigerians cope with the food abroad? That’s a question I have always been curious about. In this post, 9 Nigerians across Kenya, North Cyprus, Kenya, America, England, Ghana share their struggles with the food over there.

1. Jimi

The first thing you should know about North Cyprus is that there are African restaurants, but they sell at ridiculous prices. It’s like they’re trying to make a living off people that can afford them. If you decide to make traditional food yourself, the price of the raw food items will scare you into common sense. Fish and meat are expensive, the only cheap and affordable thing is chicken.

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Over here, they don’t have Nigerian rodo but all these long green pepper that only aspire to be like our red pepper even though they could never. I had to bring my own grounded pepper from Nigeria. The vegetables are so similar that you have to be very careful before you cook something you don’t know. It’s not like in Nigeria where we have ugu, soko, and the other popular ones. Garri and palm oil is expensive. Too expensive, and it’s annoying because the palm oil doesn’t even taste or look like palm oil.

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An advice I would give is this: When you’re buying foodstuff in their local supermarket, shine your eye and check every label before you buy something that looks like packaged raw beans but isn’t raw beans. That was how I saw a picture of oats on a package and bought it. Premium tears when I finished cooking it. I had to pour plenty milk and sugar to compensate for whatever it was I was eating. Anything you do, stock up on rice, bread, spaghetti and noodles. Rinse and repeat. It’s the only way to go.

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