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9 life lessons most people don’t learn until it’s too late

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how they’ll view their life or what life lessons they will learn when they’re old.

However, if you never stop to consider how you’ll appraise your life story, you may miss key facts about happiness and personal fulfillment for a long time and only stumble upon them when it’s almost too late to act.

Here are nine significant life lessons to incorporate into your thinking today, along with reasons why they’re so important:

1. You can’t please everyone

Don’t drain your resources trying to ensure that everyone in the world likes you. There’s no way to make everyone happy; the things that attract you to one person will likely be the very things that preclude a friendship with some other person!

Everyone you encounter brings their own baggage, insecurities, and assumptions to their interactions with you, so you’re not reasonable for all their reactions to you. Focus your attention on the core group of people who know and love you, instead of trying to please everyone.

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