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8 foods that can boost your blood levels

Low blood levels can put you at the risk of various health ailments. A balance blood circulatory system and level of blood leads to both physical and mental harmony.

And the only way you can ensure you have balance blood levels is if you eat right. You need foods enriched with vitamins and minerals that support the production of red blood cells.

Iron is also an essential nutrient that can do the job for you. It is considered as a vital factor that promotes the functioning of cells throughout your body.

A recent study has revealed that you need to consume 8mg of iron on a daily basis to steer clear of iron deficiency and increase your blood levels if you are above 19 years.

Also, women are expected to consume more iron enriched foods as they need around 18mg of the nutrient every day. Nutritionists state that if you incorporate foods packed with iron and folic acid, you will less likely be fall prey to lower blood levels.

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1. Dates
Dates are a delicious food source to give your blood levels a quick boost. These are a powerhouse of nourishing nutrients such as magnesium, potassium; calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B. Dates are highly energetic. Additionally, you can incorporate 2 – 3 date pulp into various smoothie recipes to balance out blood levels in your body. However, refrain from eating them in excess, especially if you are overweight or obese, and consult with your endocrinologist before consuming dates if you have diabetes.

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