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7 Nigerians Discuss Choking During Sex

According to Healthline, choking falls under erotic asphyxiation, a relatively risky form of sexual activity which involves “intentionally cutting off the air supply for you or your partner” with the intention of heightening sexual arousal.

So, I decided to ask Nigerians how they feel about choking and getting choked during sex. From someone who saw their life flash before their eyes to someone who says it’s an essential part of sex, here are seven of the most interesting answers we got.

Ebuka, 27/Male/Straight

Choking is essential. If my hands are not wrapped around the babe’s neck during sex, what the hell am I meant to do with them? The azonto? In my experience, most babes are really into it as long as the sex is good. Sometimes they even choke me back, and that’s hot as fuck.

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