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7 myths about marriage that are totally untrue

Spending the rest of your life with one person is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Each new day does not come with its own special box of rainbows and unicorns. There are so many things we were led to believe about marriage that turned out completely different when I finally said “I do.”

Here are 7 marriage myths that are totally untrue:

1. Marriage will make you make you happy

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For the longest time, I was of the opinion that getting married would bring happiness and fulfillment to my life like nothing else ever could. That is so untrue. Sure, being with someone you love will make you feel good and accomplished, but that feeling isn’t always going to be there. You’ll learn things about your partner that will make you like them less. You’ll get on each other’s nerves. You’ll feel like they’re holding you back. You’ll actually have to find a way to be happy by yourself.

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2. Your spouse will be everything you need

I always laugh when people say your husband or wife should be your best friend. Sure, it’s amazing if they are, but you still can’t count on them to meet all your needs. That’s just not how people work and you’ll just be putting too much pressure on them. No matter how wonderful your marriage may be, you’re going to end up disappointing each other a few times and you’ll definitely need things outside of your relationship.

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