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7 impressive health benefits of shrimp

Not enough people consume shrimp, and seafood overall for that matter.

But why? It could be because people do not fully appreciate the health benefits they may get from regular consumption of these foods, or just because they don’t know where to get them.

But, given that you do not have an allergy to shrimp, you stand to gain a lot from them nutritionally, as they are packed with healthy goodness just waiting for your consumption.

Adding to that, the ease in which they can be included into numerous meals makes their consumption an easy task, whether you prefer frying grilling or even baking.

It should be noted that wild shrimp is best, as farm raised varieties tend to have much higher levels of toxins, presumably from substances fed to them. Regardless, shrimp has multiple health benefits that you can take advantage of. Let’s explore them:

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1. Shrimp May Stop Hair Loss
In particular, zinc deficiency has been found to be a strong contributor to hair loss which may promptly retreat once the deficiency is fixed. By increasing the consumption of shrimp in your diet, your zinc requirements should be met quite easily, since seafood is among the richest sources of zinc on the planet.

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