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7 Days With My Crush🔞 – Episode 8

7 Days With My Crush🔞

7 Days With My Crush🔞

Mia’s POV.

I just stared at him not believing a thing he said.. But I felt as if he wanted… no! he won’t think of that because he hates me.. I look at his face and I burst out laughing which made him more embarrassed and confused…

you need to see your face right now” his face was crimson , it literally amuse me how the whole Mr lucifer will feel this way… he couldn’t even look at me as he continue driving hiding his face of which I kept giggling till we reached our destination..

I was beyond nervous, I haven’t seen the Brook’s family before or even heard about how there are to commoners like me. We alighted from the car and made our way inside…

“look , we have to pretend that we are so in love in there even if it means been lovey dovey before we leaves” He said while I nodded anxiously..

” Don’t be scared my family don’t bite ” he held my hand and squized it to give me comfort ..

“I’m home everyone” he announced raising up his hands then a middle-aged couple came running from the stairs.

oh my! Kay how are you” the woman I guessed was his mother said hugging him. I was shaking, like scared to death.. what if there doesn’t like me, what if there humiliate me, what if there make mockery of my background? I shook my head and dismissed the what ifs from my head facing them once again..

“son how are you” Mr Brook said giving his son a side hug..

I’m fine mum and dad , meet Mia and Mia meet my parents” Lucifer introduced

good evening ma’am, good evening sir” I greeted bowing my head ..

“ow my daughter come here” Mrs brooks said while I took a step forward and she engulf me in a very tighting hug , soon the father join the hugging. oops I can’t breathe, what’s up with this family and hugs?

“mum , dad she can’t breathe” Kayden groan loudly before there could release me …

At least there didn’t hate me. that’s a relief. pheeew!

come sit” she took my hand and sat me on the couch and kayden sat beside me putting his hand on my shoulder. ..

“Dinner will be ready very soon so tell us how you met” My heart jumped immediatetly she said that, we don’t have any story cooked up that I know of…

“erhm mum we met at the mall after which we chit-chated we got along then I collected her number , two weeks ago I proposed to her and she accepted, I truly love her” he said and gave me a quick kiss on my cheeks . jeez ! what a fabricated lie.. I haven’t heard in a long time , I only nodded and put on my best smile …

“Big brother” a girl called descending the stairs she should be a 15 year old girl..

oh yeah I guess it’s Sophia his younger and only sister…

hey cat how are you?” Kay replied as the girl came hugging him …

“stop calling me that Kay ” she whined ..

“you are my one and only cat you know” he said with a wink receiving a punch from her ..

“ouch that hurts ” he said feigning tears. I just sat there watching their drama, I love the way there are close although… She turned to me with a questioning look and said ..

“Mia , I guess?” it was almost inform of a question I only nodded and smiled broadly …

in no time , she was all over me… wait how did she know me self? or Maybe her brother told her about me …

“you are my best friend already, hope you won’t mind ? how did you fall in love with this asshole of a brother, I must say that you are lucky for at least among his numerous mistresses, you are the only one he has ever brought home and again I pity you because he’s really a pain in the ass” she said grinning while Kay throws daggers at her , if looks can kill she do be dead by now . But he’s really a pain in the ass truly , the few days I spent with him was hella hell ! .

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come let’s go to my room we have a lot to catch up anyways I’m Sophia but you can call me Sophie I prefer that” she said taking me off the chair as I passed a smile to her .. She’s a pretty talker and she’s beautiful too..

“no soph! till after the dinner you ain’t taking her anywhere yet” Mr Brooks said sternly while she sighed and we sat down back..

” on the long…” Mr Brooks was caught off by the cook announcing that the dinner is set …


we ate in silence as I continuously seeing Kay stealing glances at me and he will look away whenever our eyes met …

” your wedding is in two days ” Mrs Brooks said while I choked on the food I was eating..

“hunny are you okay?” Mrs Brooks said passing me a glass of water and I nodded I looked at Kay who has the same expression as mine . I mean who does that? my own wedding in Just two days ? impossible! I gave Kay a pleading look so he can talk to his father .

“Dad! we aren’t prepared for the wedding, I mean nothing has been done yet” he said frowning..

“you don’t have to worry about that son , all the preparation has been made before hand” he replied going back to his food

“but dad.. it’s too soon ” he complained again..

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“did you have any problem with that? like I said the wedding is two days and that’s final” God! what type of problem is this , no one can object now but I can’t do that when my father is not even aware of this whole thing… So help me God …


I followed Kay out after the dinner was over , it seems he’s damn angry. I don’t want this either….

you have to make your father understand that I can’t conduct my wedding in just two days, I understand it’s just a contract wedding still I need to look fancy on my wedding day” I said blocking his way as he ran his hand through his curly hair…

“are you daft ? didn’t you hear him say all the preparations have been made? ” he replied frustrated..

” what of my hair , my dress and the make over ” I questioned ..

“mum and Sophie will do get that ready now let me pass” he demanded..

no! not until you promise me to tell your dad to extend the wedding” I stubbornly replied…

“leave” he yelled pushing me outta the way but I refused moving..

“no, I…..” before I could finish my statement , he took me by surprise kissing me hungry, I was

shocked that I couldn’t kiss back but regained my senses I started kissing him back of which I don’t know why! my first kiss! oh my ! I wanted stopping but couldn’t as I was loving it. The kiss was getting more intense when someone cleared her throat and we jerked away from each other only to see a laughing Sophie …. I hid my face in my palms immediately..

“oh my God you two are blushing , Mia your face is red like tomatoes and you Kay , your ears have turn pink ” she said laughing

“I came to call Mia to my room but I guess she’s busy now I’m going back already” she winked at us ..

no you can go with her, I was about heading to the garden ” he replied and rushed out… this is disgracing.. wait! why did I kiss him back? is it that I. ….. no no no! . it can’t be what I’m thinking…

Sophie dragged me up to her room as she kept talking non-stop….

Her room was beautiful and girly too ..We sat down on the king size bed as she told me about her childhood and the little she knows about Kayden . Seriously? you won’t believe she’s just 15 because she was so mature and talk like a 25 year old lady … But I like her thou , she’s a good company to keep… we where still discussing like almost an hour when Kay announced that we will be going home…

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“mum dad we are going home ” he said to his parents who were watching TV as he wrapped his hands around my waist..

“not this night Kay , you both will sleep in your old room tonight and go tomorrow it’s already late” Mrs brooks said ..

“No no! we are okay ma’am it’s not that late” I said because I can’t bear sharing the same room with Lucifer for a whole night…arghhh…

“dear , you can call us mum and dad okay you are part of our family , and I insist you stay for the night , alright good night sweetie” she said a wink standing up with her husband who gave me a sheepish smile ..Kay just sighed and start going back upstairs while I trail behind him, I don’t wanna get lost in this big mansion… it’s going to be a long night !

” what was that for?” I asked him ..

“why was what?” he asked innocently as if not knowing what I’m talking about. ..

“the kiss, why did you kiss me huh?”

“to shut you up” he replied and sat on the bed…

“is that enough reason for you to take my first kiss just like that? ”

“damn woman, but you kissed me back! don’t disturb me this night, I really want to have a peaceful sleep, what now?” hmm. it’s true I kissed him back too I don’t know why I was having a tingle feeling inside me.. I sigh and climbed the bed ..

“what shift, you are occupying all the bed” Kay Sid throwing my legs while I refused answering him…

you know what! you stay at this edge while I stay at the other side , don’t dare come near me unless you want me to have you” he said smirking..

“gross! fine” I muttered and shifted while he climbed his side too his back facing me… I’m sure I’m not gonna sleep tonight…


Like I predicted, I couldn’t sleep through out the night crap ! how could I have slept when this

guy driving me home right now was snoring softly ….

yeah we left the Brook’s mansion after breakfast and we are on our way to my house now….

I no time , we arrived at my apartment without saying a word to each other..

I can’t believe my own wedding is tomorrow, I yeah Mrs Brooks and Sophie will be coming over later in the day to prepare me and we go for shopping too…Like women’s stuff only . We came down from the car and entered into my apartment, it’s really the first time Mr lucifer is coming in.. though he told me he will be going back soon…

I saw a familiar figure that I have seen for almost 3years now sitting on the couch.. ….

“Henry” I squealed and jumped on him .

“hey cupcake , you don’t want me to die now do you?” he said as I released from the hugging .

Have missed him so much..

“aww looks like my cupcake has grown in just this 3years” he teased while I glared at him. Henry is our 3rd friend but he left to California 3years ago to complete his program.. Don’t mind him he calls me cupcake, we ate used to giving each other names….

“I have missed you so much” I said ..

“now don’t cry cupcake I’m back now” he said dramatically while I laughed.. and oh he’s a gay and he equally has a boyfriend so no worries .. oops! I totally forgot Lucifer, don’t blame me I have missed this guy here so much…

“Henry meet Luci… I mean Kayden and Kayden meet Henry” I said smiling only to see Kayden gritting his teeth..

“oh my pleasure meeting you Mr Kayden, the popular star in Korea” Henry said reaching out his hand to Kayden who was staring at him with hatred… why? I don’t know!

“and you are?” he finally asks…

“oh yeah I’m Henry the one and only, Mia’s boyfriend”. he said ..

“what” we said at the same time but the next thing that happened was really surprising Kay punched Henry to the floor… jeez!!!

7days with my crush .

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