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7 bad relationship habits you should ditch in 2021

Wonder why you are always nursing a break up, well, it could probably be because you have some traits that affect your relationships negatively.

Before pointing an accusing finger, you really need to sit down and check yourself, and evaluate the role you play in your relationships.

And for that reason, It would be nice if we honestly looked deep down ourselves and pointed out some of the bad habits we bring to our relationships, no matter how close to the heart it hits.

Here are some bad relationship habits we need to ditch in 2021:

1. Getting into relationships when we are not ready
Some of us have a bad habit of dating someone as soon as they are single or just for the sake of it. Don’t get into a relationship because of family pressure, loneliness or just because you are scared of saying no.

Getting into relationships when you are not ready will make you give your least and consequently lose the relationship. You wouldn’t want the same to be done to you so don’t waste someone else’s time and energy. Look for someone who shares the same views as you or better still, wait.

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