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5 ways to deal with push-pull relationship cycle

First things first, what is a push-pull relationship cycle? It is when one person craves intimacy and the other actively avoids it.

It might start with the avoided starting to cool off the passion and enthusiasm that they originally expressed for their partner.

The avoided starts to spend more time alone and demanding for more independent time in the relationship. This leaves the person craving intimacy feeling confused and upset.

Now, it’s common to have a little bit of push and pull in a relationship. But it can very much define the entire relationship dynamic if it gets out of control.

Both people in the relationship are unaware of their own behaviours that drive the push-pull cycle. They continue to bounce back and forth between short periods of discontent.

This brings us to talk about how you can reduce the negative impact it can have on your current as well as future relationships.

1. Be more understanding of your partner
Understanding in a relationship is essential for empathy. And empathy is crucial in changing the way you act and react. If you’re in a push-pull relationship cycle, you might fear intimacy and abandonment. Knowing how this feels, you should be able to empathize with the way these fears can consume your mind. Hence, always be extremely understanding of your partner to make the situation better.

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