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10 Reasons Why Foreign Women Love Nigerian Men

If you’re here wondering the secret to the appeal of Nigerian men, welcome:

1) Sweet mouth

Nigerian men open a conversation with “you look familiar” and end with “I can’t live without you.” When Nigerian men give their sweetness attack, you defend. Or reset your defense.

2) Dress sense

Ice on their neck. Ice on their wrist.

3) Nigerian men cook the most fire noodles


4) Don’t try their spaghetti

Alfredo Pasta and Penne Ayo are shaking.

5) Or is it their beans?

The recipe was forged in the annals of boys hostel and passed down from generation to generation.

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6) They are proficient in both excel and in the bed

Read the sixth entry on this list if you don’t believe us.

7) Good taste in music

See how many legends we have in Nigeria now. We learnt from the best, you get?

8) Ability to spoil women with gifts

Fried rice is shaking.

9) And attention

Nobody loves you more than a Nigerian man who you haven’t said “yes” to.

10) Sex appeal

Or maybe he’s trying to sleep with all your friends and accusing them of moving to him.

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