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De9jaSpirit Talent Hunt is a show organized to discover and showcase amazing talents in the country Nigeria. We are looking out for the next set of Global Superstars. Participation is open to all. Come showcase your talent on a global stage.
Whether you are a singer, contortionist, magician, lip syncing, acapella group, dancer, actor, comedian, whatever talent you feel/think you need to show to the world out there, De9jaSpirit Talent hunt is providing a solid platform to actualize your dream of being on the global stage and taking over the world.
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Participants Registration

The first step to get started after indicating interest is visit the registration portal of DTH to Get Started

Screening DTH

Participants Screening

Participants who have successfully completed the application process will be screened upon selection. The screening process will ensure all successfully registered applicants are eligible for th DTH experience.

Audition DTH

Participants Audition

Successfully screened applicants will then undergo the auditioning process. Applicants who pass the auditioning process will go through to the main event and stand a chance to win the mouth watering prize and also become a global superstar

Main Event DTH

Show Proper

All successfully auditioned participants will stand equal chances of winning the golden prize on the DTH global stage.

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You think you've got what it takes to conquer the big stage? Bring your A game on!


Season 2 Finalists

It just got better in season 2. Catch all the amazing performances on our mobile app. Download the DTH Mobile App on Playstore or App Store.

Winner - Season 2

Ugee Royalty

Winner - DTH Season 2


First Runner Up

Masterseb Comedian

Second Runner Up
DTH Season 2 Winners

DTH Winners

DTH Season 1 & 2 Winners

Season 1 Finalists

It was a tough battle between several talented individuals, at the end of the day your votes and golden talent won! Meet the winners of DTH season one.

Winner - First Position


Winner - DTH 2021
Comedian Slim Saint

Comedian Slim Saint

2nd Runner-up - DTH 2021


First Runner Up
DTH 2021 Winners

DTH 2021 Winners

DTH 2021 Winners

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If you think you have what it takes to be on the world stage, to be on the spotlight, DTH is offering you a chance to get a big shot at your dream. Book a spot in the global stage NOW!

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